Intense weight training or Yoga?

This a question that leaves many fitness enthusiasts clueless. If your goal is to get lean, build muscle, and boost your physical and mental performance, both of these are great options. But if you’ve already settled into your fitness routine, choosing between these two options can present you with quite the dilemma. In general, young people find yoga exercises to be boring since it’s therapeutic and not exciting. From the point of view of age alone, yoga is ideal for older audiences while the gym is perfect for youngsters. But we think making use of both is the sweet spot you should aspire to hit.

When you practice yoga and work out, you get the cardiovascular benefits of one and experience the whole-body detox benefits of the other. In addition, if you do yoga as well, then your organs go through a cleansing process which means your performance will also improve. Any toxic or emotional blocks will also get removed, so if you’ve been struggling mentally in some aspect of your life, you’ll find it disappearing soon enough. And when that goes away, you’ll naturally perform better in life with more enthusiasm. It’s a win-win situation and that’s why we recommend doing both.

Benefits of Doing Yoga:

  • Therapeutic and de-stresses the mind and body
  • Easy to pick up for beginners
  • Requires just a yoga mat for practice
  • Improves joint flexibility and mobility
  • Stimulates positive thinking and mental relaxation.

Benefits of Weight Training( Gym):

  • Boosts your blood circulation and purges toxins from the blood
  • Burns plenty of calories and helps you lose weight
  • Stresses your body and pushes it to perform at higher limits
  • Keeps you healthy and disciplined and prevents the onset of several medical conditions.
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Weight Training or Yoga? Which is better for Weight Loss?

Yoga and weight training, of them, will stimulate your metabolism and will have positive effects on your body. But if you’re asking which of the two yields results quicker strictly in the weight loss department, the latter will win. This is because yoga isn’t designed to push you and burn belly fat or tone your body. Where the gym is concerned, you raise your heart rate and stay in a fat-burning mode, something that yoga isn’t designed for.


Personally, we don’t recommend doing either yoga or going to the gym; instead, we recommend a combination of both. Yoga is a great start if you’ve been sedentary for a while since it’ll train your mind and body to ease into difficult and challenging moves. As you make gains in flexibility and mobility, you’ll find that hitting the gym gets much easier. However, if you are into fitness and go to the gym regularly you can jump straight to yoga and still yield the benefits it has to offer.

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