Written by Vardhini Mohan | Updated: September 4, 2020 11:03:02 am

Even with the WhatsApp’s End-to-End encryption, do you think your data is safe? Let’s talk about some known flaws of the app!

Did you know you as a user can receive malware threats via any link or file through Whatsapp?

It can be served to be ad revenue for them and also allows them to send the money back to the hackers. Just try using applications and files from trusted sources to avoid such situations.

Do you depend on personal backed-up messages?

As WhatsApp talks big about its End-to-End encryption, they never mention that this is not the case with the backed up data. 

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Media accessibility

Hackers can alter the photos and videos from your media to any extend through Whatsapp. Sounds like Whatsapp isn’t safe after all!

Fake news

This is a huge deal across India and worldwide. Most of the fake news we hear, read, or see is through WhatsApp. Even if WhatsApp is trying to forbid the amount of forwards possible per forwarded text, it kind of makes no difference after all.

Do you enjoy posting WhatsApp status? 

The status you post is not private. I mean, anyone in your contact can see it unless you specifically forbid the unwanted ones voluntarily.


This is known to be a difficult and rare situation but it is possible. Hackers can hack your WhatsApp through WhatsApp web or in case you have logged in your WhatsApp through others’ phones, pc, etc.


In the recent past, as everyone knows, Facebook bought Whatsapp and we can post data on WhatsApp that can be posted on Facebook. But, the recent privacy policy does not tell in detail about all the details available to Facebook through WhatsApp like our phone number last seen, maybe even texts. 

Think before you use it. If it is too extremely necessary for you, avoid it completely to stay safe.

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