IPL (The Indian premier league) is the game of millennials and popularly winning the hearts as twenty 20 cricket league in India. It is termed to be the fifth season in India after Summer, Spring, monsoon, and autumn and it is being contested during march or April and May every year. It is the short- version of entertainment for the busy people to overcome monotonous in their life So we are here to review and explore the futuristic journey of IPL in the coming decade.

Women empowerment

Cricket India IPL

In today’s era women is showing keen interest in sports and moreover gaining popularity among masses due to their excellent performance, So in the coming years they could become the faces of IPL and make this a reality and it would help in tapping the national team to do wonders at a global level. It will also give growth in chances for females umpires, Referees, and commentators to grace the ground.

Franchise generator

The IPL is termed to be a cash cow for the economy and will always remain in boom state so, in this case, companies would be competing for their franchise hard as no player can ignore the direction for their ad and promotion with this the new companies will tap the market in this digitized world.

Night matches

IPL Cricket India money

The way the global warming is making its way in the coming years it won’t be possible to conduct day match and due to lack of audience on the ground, more preference would be given tonight matches and with that, there would be significant changes in the techniques and equipment that focus on the precision or another option is air-conditioned spaced with a top covered could be a possibility for the same.

International influence

After a decade IPL will no longer be an affair of the home country, it may travel to countries overseas and a lot more increase in the number of teams could be witnessed, and there are chances that it is being conducted into two-part like winter and summer Olympics.


The technology is gaining popularity these days, so there could be more advancement in the field like -health monitoring devices will be there for the protection of the players, AI devices will be used intensively for the smart and better training purposes. The advance judging system in terms of making a decision would be given more importance.

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