Located in the southeastern Canadian province of British Columbia, on the Pacific coast, Vancouver is just one of the places where Canada’s natural beauty unfolds offshore. Once here, you will be surrounded by the contrast between the narrow, snowy valleys of the mountains and the semi-arid desert of the Pacific coast.

Wondering what to visit in Vancouver?

Well, you have a lot of possibilities. A walk on the sandy beaches, with a spectacular panorama of countless boats anchored in the bay, a visit to the Zoo or Aquarium, or wandering on the hidden paths of Stanley Park, necessarily with the photographic “immortalization” of the dominant island “India Siwash Rock”, are a habit of visitors to the city, but also of its inhabitants. You even get a chance to watch the killer whales!

You can also visit the University of British Columbia, another Vancouver attraction that houses the Museum of Anthropology, with the richest collection of traditional Aboriginal art in North America. And, after a visit to the museum, to radically change the landscape, you can immediately go out to Wreck Beach, the only nudist beach in Vancouver, obviously, if you dare!

Food spots in Vancouver

The Chinatown, with its streets bathed in Asian lights and sounds, can be a special destination. Here you will find everything that is specific: pastries with a rich assortment of sweet bakery products, ducks hanging in small shop windows, dried roots and seaweed used in traditional medicine, or Chinese gardens hidden between buildings and crowds.

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Vancouver is famous for its fresh local seafood, especially its salmon. Pacific Northwest salmon, including BC salmon, ships worldwide, but it’s best when you can enjoy it here right off the ship. Local halibut, Canadian saber fish, and BC Spot shrimp are also delightfully popular in Vancouver.

Beautiful 77 km long landscapes

If you want to escape the crowds, you can hide on one of the islands that connect the city with the ferry, enjoying a “marine” kitchen. Or, why not, you can take a trip to Vancouver Island, where the Pacific Rim National Park has a beautiful 77 km long landscapes, with long sandy beaches and dense forests. But be careful! Due to the measures taken by the authorities to limit the tourist traffic on this very fragile island from an ecological point of view, you need a reservation 6 months in advance.

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Shopping in Vancouver

To enjoy your coffee or for shopping, I recommend the starting area of ​​the city, Gastown. You will be delighted by the boutiques, cafes, elegant apartments, but also by the souvenir shops existing here. In the center, you will find the statue of the founder of the settlement – “Gassy” Jack Deighton and not far away, the first steam clock in the world, beating every 15 minutes.

Queen Elizabeth Park, one of the largest parks in Vancouver, occupies the highest area of ​​the city. You can admire the beautiful garden, surrounded by rocks and some rare plants and an oriental style garden, sprinkled with small lakes and fountains. At the top, you can visit Sera Bloedel, with flora from three climatic zones and 50 species of tropical birds.


To discover the history, traditional art and culture of Vancouver, visit the Vancouver Museum. The brand’s attractions include a life-size copy of an 1897 Canadian Pacific Railway passenger train and a Victorian lounge.

In the surroundings of the city, you can relax on Lake Okanagan, golfing, fishing, swimming, water skiing, boating, camping, and lots of other activities.

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