Top 9 Android Apps

Each and every smartphone user should have somehow come across Android phones. Phones that use Google’s Android OS are all over the world and commits to more than 80% of the World’s smartphone user base. So, the apps that we use in it are very popular. Here’s our take on some Top Android Apps to use in 2020.

Here’s the Top 9 Android Apps:

  1. YouTube Vanced
  2. F – Droid
  3. NewPipe
  4. Open Camera
  5. Blokada
  6. Fake GPS Location
  7. Photo Studio
  8. NotePin
  9. Wallwrap

YouTube Vanced:

How to remove ads from Youtube Android application? (Youtube Vanced) – Aavo Blog
Youtube vanced

 This is nothing but a mod version of YouTube. In simple terms, “Ad-free YouTube”. Most of us would have been frustrated with YouTube’s new algorithm which plays unskippable ads in certain videos. The early stages of YouTube had ads but those were skippable. Months later, they were designed in such a way that the user could skip it after 5 seconds. But ads now can’t be skipped and this frustrates the user.

Using YouTube Vanced means you get to use an ad-free version of YouTube. This is not useful for YouTubers since they push some ads to get revenue.

App link:

F – Droid:

F-Droid's Android App Finally Gets a UI Makeover
F – droid

This is an open-sourced form of Google Play store without its restrictions. Like, using the apps downloaded from the Play store, we are exposed to different kinds of advertisements based on our user data. We would have searched for a smartphone on Google a little while ago and would have closed the browser.

This data is collected by Google and in turn, they push ads from various external sites on the apps that we use. These push ads yield revenue for Google. Apps that do not allow push notifications are mostly deleted from the Play store with some exceptions like WhatsApp. The apps present in this are totally free and certain passionate developers upload their apps here.

App link:

Editors Pick :


NewPipe merchandise for conferences, developer meetings etc. · Issue #1554 · TeamNewPipe/NewPipe · GitHub

This is also a form of YouTube with more privacy as no data is shared with Google. This app is available on F-droid and is free to download. For example, if your friend or sibling is using your phone and they see a video on YouTube. Your YouTube’s homepage will be full of videos related to the last watched video.

In this case, the one your friend or sibling has watched which is in no way related to you. Here comes the savior, NewPipe. The subscription you make in-app are exclusively stored locally and this means you get to see all videos from your favorite YouTuber. You can also download video or only audio in whichever resolution and file size you need. Not only this, but there are also a bunch of customizable features that you can check out yourselves!!

App link:

Open Camera:

Open Camera - Apps on Google Play
Open Camera

Most of our smartphone’s stock camera app does not support Manual mode and this is where Open Camera comes into play. This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Using this app gives us better video quality and customizations are one of its plus points. There are many video shooting options and one amazing feature of this app is customizable bitrate. Increasing the bitrate increases the quality of the video but also increases file size which should be noted as well. Check out the app here:

App link:

Blokada – Ad blocker app:

Blokada - the best ad blocker for Android and iOS, free and open source

I’m pretty sure each and every internet user in the world is fed up with ads being popped up in their browser. This app can be downloaded from f-droid and is free as well. Youngsters would download a lot of videos, movies, etc., from many of those torrent sites. This is where Blokada comes into play. Some frustrating ads that block us from going back or going further can be blocked with this. Most important is that, they claim to be battery efficient. Check it out yourself!

App link:

Fake GPS Location:

We are providing top rated best fake gps apps for android. There could be many reasons that you want to fake your location. | Gps apps, Tinder app, App
FakeGPS Location

Most of us would have used the excuse: I’m out, let me call you later but are sitting somewhere or lying on the bed. Now if the opposite party, let he/she be our friend or relative, gets a doubt, and tells you to share your live location, you feel tensed and have no idea what to do! This is where the aforementioned app comes to the rescue. Just go to developer settings on your android device and allow Mock location. Then go to the app and set the location. That’s it. You are now good to go with your lie 😊

App link:

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Photo Studio: Photo Studio PRO: Appstore for Android

Imagine having Adobe Photoshop in your pocket with all those amazing features, from cropping to editing to duplicating, this is the one. There’s also a pro version available in the Google Play Store which you’ll be able to buy for around $4. This app can do everything that the PicsArt can and a little less than Photoshop can. It is not good to expect full Photoshop features on an Android phone. Check this out and share your opinion:

App link:


Notepin: Best App for Notes and Reminders in Hindi. - HindiScroll

We all forget to do things just because we do not REMEMBER them. Here’s the perfect solution for this. As human beings and smartphone holders, we tend to receive or see notifications a lot and this app lets you pin the notification at the top of your notification bar! Check this app here:

App link:

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Wallwrap for Android - APK Download

Whenever there’s a comparison or Top list of apps, there must be a wallpaper app and this is what we recommend. The Wallwrap app consists of tons of different wallpapers having different colors, shapes, graphics, and patterns. There’s also a menu key where you set that as your home screen wallpaper or just download and use it later. Check this out yourself and there’s a surprise out there!

App link:

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Research has shown that people on average spend nearly three hours per day using mobile apps, and on top of that, we tend to put that time into fewer than five apps daily. We, on a daily basis, spend so much of our time working on, listening to, or playing an app, it better be worth it, right? We all want the apps we use to change our life for the better by doing something no other app can. 


This app, according to your interests be it, cinema, books, politics etc, will create your Cover Stories, which are essentially little mini magazines specifically designed for you. With the world going haywire these days, it’s the perfect way to keep all your news and updates in one spot.

Keeper Security

How often do you have to reset your passwords? If you answered “all the time,” then you need to download the Keeper Security app. It stores all your passwords in a secure digital vault, which you can access via your phone, computer, tablet, etc.

Barkly Pets

When you are stuck in a traffic jam and can’t reach home to walk your dog, hit up Barkly Pets. This is basically is an on-demand pet care app that allows you to search and book vetted and trained dog walkers, create task lists for walkers, and receive live updates and progress reports while your beloved is out strolling the streets.

TripIt App

Traveling, though is a passion for many requires a lot of planning and organizing. So this app makes it easier on yourself with an app like TripIt. All that you are required to do is forward your travel emails to the app, and it’ll organize everything in a beautiful itinerary.


Are you trying to learn a second (or third, or fourth) language? Then get DuoLingo. This app boasts of an adorable interface and fun, interactive lessons. It’ll even send you reminders, if you so choose, that offer encouragement along the way. Thus makes learning languages super-easy.


When it comes to making life easier, that’s never more necessary than when you’re going through a breakup. Designed by Jeanine Lobell and LA-based therapist Jane Reardon, you can get over a recent heartbreak all the faster with a 30-day, three-step program. It will guide you through post-breakup anxieties, and can even help you avoid making similar mistakes in your next relationship.


It can be tough to start running again, or for the first time. Runtastic keeps track of your workouts, offers a group feature so you can chat with friends along the way, and will even offer words of encouragement from a running coach during your first mile.


ToDoist makes organizing your life all the more enjoyable. It allows you to collaborate with your team at work, keep track of important projects, and will even remind you to do things — like pay your rent.


If you’re constantly searching a combo of a notes app, Pinterest board, and bookmark folder for the trove of digital info you create and save, it’s time you try out this app. 



This app helps you to fit meditation into your busy lifestyle. In addition, it even gives you a detailed introduction towards meditation which makes it easier for beginners.

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