TWS !?

True Wireless Stereo has set the world on fire considering its portability and easy to use functionality. Even though it has some disadvantages, we can clearly say that the technology is in its initial stage and yet to develop. These are the future of headphones or earphones, whatever you call, and this post will give you an insight into what has happened to date and what to expect in the future!

First TWS by Apple

Apple Airpods were the first officially launched earphones in the TWS segment in December 2016 and everyone liked it. These are one of the most sold TWS worldwide but something innovative and new comes at a cost. The first-gen Airpods were sold at around Rs. 20,000.

TWS through the years

The year 2020, besides coronavirus, has seen a rise of TWS in the budget segment. Like any other tech purchase, the choices we have at every price range is remarkable and tough to choose from. These now have Active noise cancellation (ANC), touch controls, customizable controls, and more. Moving forward, we’ll now discuss some options at the budget segment.

Budget Segment

Tws have become more affordable since its launch in 2016. The budget range for the aforementioned tech would be around Rs 1500 as the neckbands which also use Bluetooth are priced at around Rs 1000. The growth that the neckbands have seen is what the TWS are to experience in the near future. Let’s start the comparison and a quick of these in ascending order.

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Redmi Earbuds S

It is the rebranded version of Redmi AirDots S (as launched in China). This was launched on May 26th by Xiaomi with aggressive pricing of Rs. 1799. You get the Redmi Earbuds S with a charging case, small and large spare earbuds, and a user manual in the box. These have a great build and designed to perfection as some say. The charging case can be charged via a MicroUSB which is a slight disappointment as these cables are not found inside the box. Most of the Smartphones we use today use Type-C cables as they support fast charging and better transfer rates.

These are IPX4 rated which means you can use them during workouts and in rain (to some extent). The Matte Black version is appealing and the tiny design makes it easily portable. The sound quality is descent which is ok considering the price range and comes with a multi-function button with pre-assigned controls. Talking of the connectivity, these come with the latest Bluetooth 5.0, and just by taking these buds out of the case, you’ll be connected.

Editors pick :

Xiaomi claims 4 hours of listening time and upto 3 more times charge from the charging case giving them a total battery life of 12 hours. The dedicated gaming mode here provides very low latency which is quite handy for PUBG players out there but only SBC Codec and 7.2mm drivers are present which is the downside here.

You can buy them here.

Realme Buds Q

A month after the release of Redmi Earbuds S, this was released more of a competition to the latter. These TWS buds are designed by French designer Jose Levy who drew inspiration from soft, round black pebbles and it does not have any straight lines but rounded edges.

The buds just weigh 3.6 grams each and with the charging case they weigh around 35 grams. In comparison with the above, These also have IPX4 certification, Super low latency mode (119 ms), Bluetooth 5.0, and the major advantage to choose these are for its touch controls. Yes, these support Touch controls and can be customized using the Realme Link app.

Realme promises 20 hours of battery life in total and 4.5 hours for the earbuds on a single charge. For a price of Rs 1999, a Rs 200 difference from Redmi’s, these offer more battery life, touch control, low latency, and 10mm drivers (larger the better in terms of sound quality) but no Fast pair support which is not a disadvantage considering the above.

Buy these budget TWS here.

The Mid-range segment of these will updated in further posts. Do check them out too as I update the links as soon as they are finished. Thanks for the support!

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