The top Twitter “Bitcoin” hack described in the original article below includes some of the biggest politicians, entrepreneurs, and other celebrities on stage. Now, a 17-year-old Florida man has been arrested for hacking these Twitter accounts (via the Tampa Bay Times).

Graham Evan Clark, 17, was arrested in Tampa today in connection with the crime. He faces more than $ 50,000 organized fraud, 17 bad communication scams, one bad identity theft count, ten counts of identity theft, and one count of hacking and illegal access to a computer in the course of a plot to commit fraud.

Bitcoin transfer

As a result of the hack, Clark is said to have earned over $ 100,000 in bitcoin transfers in just a few minutes.

Since the hacking event, we have seen more and more Twitter accounts being hacked, including the pages of Kanye West, Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg, and Jeff Bezos.

There is no word on who can hack these accounts. CNBC contacted Twitter, saying it was looking into the issue. Later, the official Twitter support page released the word “investigating it and taking action to fix it”. Also, some owners of verified accounts have been disabled for a short time, but most of them have since been reset.

In the meantime, if your favorite Twitter account starts posting these types of posts, it’s best to report it to the company. Also, do not click on any of the links provided in these tweets.

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