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TWS !?

True Wireless Stereo has set the world on fire considering its portability and easy to use functionality. Even though it has some disadvantages, we can clearly say that the technology is in its initial stage and yet to develop. These are the future of headphones or earphones, whatever you call, and this post will give you an insight into what has happened to date and what to expect in the future!

First TWS by Apple

Apple Airpods were the first officially launched earphones in the TWS segment in December 2016 and everyone liked it. These are one of the most sold TWS worldwide but something innovative and new comes at a cost. The first-gen Airpods were sold at around Rs. 20,000.

TWS through the years

The year 2020, besides coronavirus, has seen a rise of TWS in the budget segment. Like any other tech purchase, the choices we have at every price range is remarkable and tough to choose from. These now have Active noise cancellation (ANC), touch controls, customizable controls, and more. Moving forward, we’ll now discuss some options at the budget segment.

Budget Segment

Tws have become more affordable since its launch in 2016. The budget range for the aforementioned tech would be around Rs 1500 as the neckbands which also use Bluetooth are priced at around Rs 1000. The growth that the neckbands have seen is what the TWS are to experience in the near future. Let’s start the comparison and a quick of these in ascending order.

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Redmi Earbuds S

It is the rebranded version of Redmi AirDots S (as launched in China). This was launched on May 26th by Xiaomi with aggressive pricing of Rs. 1799. You get the Redmi Earbuds S with a charging case, small and large spare earbuds, and a user manual in the box. These have a great build and designed to perfection as some say. The charging case can be charged via a MicroUSB which is a slight disappointment as these cables are not found inside the box. Most of the Smartphones we use today use Type-C cables as they support fast charging and better transfer rates.

These are IPX4 rated which means you can use them during workouts and in rain (to some extent). The Matte Black version is appealing and the tiny design makes it easily portable. The sound quality is descent which is ok considering the price range and comes with a multi-function button with pre-assigned controls. Talking of the connectivity, these come with the latest Bluetooth 5.0, and just by taking these buds out of the case, you’ll be connected.

Editors pick :

Xiaomi claims 4 hours of listening time and upto 3 more times charge from the charging case giving them a total battery life of 12 hours. The dedicated gaming mode here provides very low latency which is quite handy for PUBG players out there but only SBC Codec and 7.2mm drivers are present which is the downside here.

You can buy them here.

Realme Buds Q

A month after the release of Redmi Earbuds S, this was released more of a competition to the latter. These TWS buds are designed by French designer Jose Levy who drew inspiration from soft, round black pebbles and it does not have any straight lines but rounded edges.

The buds just weigh 3.6 grams each and with the charging case they weigh around 35 grams. In comparison with the above, These also have IPX4 certification, Super low latency mode (119 ms), Bluetooth 5.0, and the major advantage to choose these are for its touch controls. Yes, these support Touch controls and can be customized using the Realme Link app.

Realme promises 20 hours of battery life in total and 4.5 hours for the earbuds on a single charge. For a price of Rs 1999, a Rs 200 difference from Redmi’s, these offer more battery life, touch control, low latency, and 10mm drivers (larger the better in terms of sound quality) but no Fast pair support which is not a disadvantage considering the above.

Buy these budget TWS here.

The Mid-range segment of these will updated in further posts. Do check them out too as I update the links as soon as they are finished. Thanks for the support!

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The Amazon Prime Day 2020 sales event is scheduled to begin in India from August 6 this year. This is the first time Amazon’s annual sales event will not go live in all countries where the company’s presence is due to a coronavirus epidemic. Amazon’s Prime Day 2020 sales in India promise great deals across all major categories, including smartphones, wearables, laptops, clothing, speakers, and more despite the COVID-19 situation. Amazon has already started secretly offering one of the major upcoming Prime Day 2020 deals.

Amazon Prime Day 2020

Today we will tell you how you can get the best deals and save your hard-earned money during the Amazon Prime Day sale in India this week.

How to find the best offers and deals?

Amazon’s Prime Day sale will begin on August 6 at 12 noon (midnight) and will be available by the end of August 7. Its exclusive for Amazon Prime members and the deals lasts for 2 days. While we will scan through most of these to bring you the best deals during Prime Day sales this week, there are some tips you can use for yourself as well.

Fill your wish list before Amazon Prime Day 2020

This is a golden rule that we keep repeating every year. Know what you’re buying. Also, fill your wishlist beforehand of the sales so that you’ll know if the product is a part of the Amazon Prime Day 2020 sales Lightning Deal. If you make a wish list keeping in mind a tight budget then it will help you to plan for the sale.

Be quick, Shop fast and early

The Amazon Prime Day 2020 sales event will include both regular and Lightning deals. The latter usually contains a small number of products, which are offered at high discounts. The best deals will run quickly during the Amazon Prime Day 2020 sales. So, try to be online when Amazon Prime day sales are going live. This will be your best chance to get great deals.

Know your product – Compare and analyze

Flipkart and other e-commerce sites will also drive its sales during the Amazon Prime Day 2020 sales event. Compare the prices between various e-commerce sites. There are times when you can eliminate better overall deals (considering bundled exchanges and payment offers) on other online platforms. A simple Google search will help you compare prices before checking out.

Bundle offers are more targetable

If you’re buying high-priced items such as smartphones or laptops during Amazon Prime Day 2020 sales event this week, make sure you check out the available bundle offers. They are mostly the exchange offers, credit and debit card offers, no-cost EMI payment options, Amazon Pay cashback, and others. These will help add more value to your shopping.

And lastly don’t forget to Sign up for Amazon Prime!

Amazon prime day sale event is exclusive to the Amazon prime subscribers. If you haven’t already signed up, and plan to make a bunch of purchases during this year’s Amazon Prime Day Sale, you should sign up for it now. Finding a free trial is a bit harder now, with some mobile operators also offering free limited-term subscriptions on Amazon Prime with select plans. Amazon Prime Membership Price Rs. 999 per year, and Rs. 129 per month.

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Here is a list of deals offered on smartphones and accessories of the Prime Sale 2020

The company is offering discounts on various product categories that are in demand due to the emergence of work from domestic culture. Smartphone sales have also increased since the lockdown was lifted.

OnePlus Nord 8GB / 128GB Blue Marble and Gray Onex and 12GB / 256GB Gray Onex Go On Sale

Samsung Galaxy M31s (Mirage Black, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

Honor 9X (Sapphire Blue, 6+128GB Storage) -Pop up Front Camera & 48MP Triple Rear Camera

Best deals on Apple iPhone 11

Up to 40% off mobile and accessories from top brands

No cost EMI will start from 65 1,665 / month only on premium smartphones

Up to 13,500 off-exchange on top brands

Up to 4,000 discounts on OnePlus

Up to 10,000 off on Apple with offers on iPhone 11, iPhone 8 Plus

Buyers will also be able to get discounts on electronics during prime day sale:

  • Up to 60% off on electronics and accessories
  • Up to 70% Off On Cameras And Accessories
  • Up to 70% off on headphones
  • Up to 30,000 on laptops
  • Fitness trackers start from 999
  • Up to 60% Off On Smartwatch
  • Up to 50% Off On Printers
  • Up to 40% off on tablets
  • Up to 40% Off On Gaming Accessories
  • Up to 60% Off On Speakers
  • Up to 70% Off On Data Storage Devices
  • Up to 60% off on high-speed routers
  • Up to 60% Off On Computer Components
  • Up to 60% Off On Soundbar
  • Up to 50% Off Monitor
  • Up to 60% Off On WiFi Smart Home Security Cameras
  • Up to 70% Off On Musical Instruments And Accessories
  • Up to 60% off on stationery, school supplies, and office products

Planning to build a PC rather than spending a huge amount on those fancy Computer stores in your locality? Then this is the much-needed post for you. Here, one of my friends has built a PC for casual gaming and heavy editing. Let’s check out what we have got!

The Dream Setup – PC build

When you have planned to PC build, you’ll need to know what components are required, and that what suits you the most! Starting off, you would need a processor followed by GPU, RAM, ROM, Motherboard, etc.,


As the preference was to build a PC with high graphics, we have decided to compensate with the processor. So we bought an Intel i3-9100F (9th gen) which is completely value for money. It doesn’t have Intel’s UHD graphics though but supports up to 4.2GHz (which is higher than the 3.6GHz support on the i5-9400F). It does outperform AMD Ryzen 3-3200g by 10% which made us finalize this.


Random Access Memory is typically to store working data and machine data. Since the PC build was to edit videos in high-end software like Adobe Premiere Pro, we have opted for 2 units of 8gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 8Gb DDR4 DRAM. Having a dual-channel RAM when the Motherboard supports is always a wise decision and Corsair provides budget-friendly yet powerful components making it our favorite.

The higher the RAM more the multi-tasking.


While involved in a PC Build, choosing the motherboard plays a crucial role. It is the most important unit considering a PC build. It is a PCB (Printed circuit board) that lays the foundation of a computer. We needed a motherboard that supports up to 32gb RAM, 4 USB ports, Intel’s 8th and 9th gen processors with multiple ROMs. Choosing the Expedition series of ASUS motherboards (Asus EX-B365M-V5) fulfilled all the requirements since it has support for all those mentioned above. It also has the smoothest, slickest mouse-controlled graphical BIOS that has been improved to make it even more appealing.


Read-only memory is a non-volatile type memory and the data stored here cannot be electronically modified. These are used to store any type of data be it software, games, office files, etc., There are 2 types of ROM in the market: SSD and HDD. HDDs are cheaper and you can get more storage. SSDs are faster, lighter, durable, and use less energy. For easy comparison 1TB hard disk costs Rs 3250 whereas a 240gb SSD costs Rs 3200. We used a combination of 500 Gb SSD and 500 Gb HDD in this to have more storage (with HDD) and faster booting time (with SSD). PNY is the budget-friendly ones and what we bought was a 2.5″ SATA SSD.

 Tech Tip: Load windows on SSD to have a booting time of less than 10secs 😊


A Graphics Processing Unit is used to alter and manipulate a memory to accelerate the creation of images or videos. Since there is no integrated graphics card, we bought a dedicated one which is AMD’s Radeon RX 580 GDDR5. This 8gb graphic card is more than enough for heavy editing and casual gaming at higher fps (frames per second) which supports up to 4K with H265/HEVC encoding and decoding.

Power Supply

To run any electrical/electronic system, you’ll need a power supply unit and in this field, it is called SMPS. It is always necessary for a PC build to get a Power Supply Unit which is capable of distributing the required power. To power up all the mentioned components with 2-4 additional fans being set up on the cabinet, 500W Smps was required, and to fulfill this we bought SilverStone’s ST50F-ES230 power supply unit which is 80 PLUS certified with a silent running 120mm fan. It also has 2 SATA connectors by which SSD and HDD can be connected.


Last but not the least in our PC build, our choice was to have more fans and PCI-E slots and Antec NX100 was the solution as it supports up to 5 fans and 7 PCI-E slots. This features a full-sized plastic side window panel which is nothing but a see-through window and better ventilation compared to others in this price range.

Total Cost of the DIY PC build

All of these components are bought during lockdown (more demand less supply, so increased price) and after the GST hike announced by the government so it might be a bit costly. All the prices are including GST.

  •                PNY 500gb SSD ——————————————–> Rs 4,900
  •                Antec NX100 Cabinet ————————————-> Rs 2,200

Hope you enjoyed reading the PC build guide, comment your thoughts in the comment section below and we’ll reply you 🙂

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“Let’s go for shopping”, I think this one sentence can drive some people crazy. You can make your wife or girlfriend, children even your friends ecstatic just by offering them this idea. Everyone loves to shop, their choice of the shopping stuff can be different but the excitement can be common just with a difference in levels of excitement. But we sometimes resist ourselves from shopping just after realizing the prodigious amount of bills. So in this blog, you are going to find how you can save money while shopping for your favorite clothes and utensils.

So here are some super tips which can actually help you in saving money

Tips to save while shopping for clothes.

If you are brand obsessed but it costs you so much that you can’t buy many things at the same time then the best time to shop is to wait for the end of the season sales. You can buy those things really at a cheaper cost because the discount offers are really good at these times.

shopping clothes accessories money market
Image by A_Matskevich from Pixabay

You can also try local markets, it’s a myth that the material and quality of clothes in local markets are cheap but that’s not true at all. You can also find clothes for your desire there.

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You can save money on clothes also by getting your clothes stitched by local tailors. These will cost you really nothing as compared to simple tops, shirts, and kurtas at outlets. You just have to select the fabric of your choice and design for your attire.

shopping clothes accessories money market
Image by Kasjan Farbisz from Pixabay

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Tips to save money on Accessories.

The best way to save money on accessories is to avoid buying them in pieces, try to buy utensils in bulk or sets. You can also try buying them from a person who makes utensils himself. You can get an extra benefit here like you can customize them accordingly and it is usually cheaper than that we buy from retailers.

Talking about the best time to buy accessories in India is to buy them at Diwali time. The shops’ offers are really good at that time. They launch different kinds of schemes and discounts.

In order to save money, you can directly buy accessories online from the manufacturers. Here, in this case, you don’t need to pay extra money that you pay to the retailers, and also the traveling and handling cost can be saved.

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Udemy is one of the world’s leading online learning marketplace, where 9 million+ students are taking courses in everything from programming to yoga to photography–and much, much more. Each of the 35,000+ courses is taught by an expert instructor, and every course is available on-demand, so students can learn at their own pace, on their own time, and on any device.

Register for free courses and earn free certificates upon completion of the course. Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for these free courses online.

There is no application fee to enroll in these online courses.

Best sites to avail Coupons

Below are best and finest no scam sites to avail great offers on udemy courses

Register for free in Udemy courses and earn free certificates upon completion of the course. Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for these free courses online.

There is no application fee to enroll in Udemy online courses.


groupon –

retailmenot –

teachinguide –

coupons.oneindia –


Udemy Course links

The best free courses of less than 8 hours, ordered by popularity
You can start and finish one of these popular courses in less than a day, for free! Check out the list below.

Free Courses With Free certificates – July 2020 🔥🔥

Python for Data Science and Data Analysis Masterclass: 2020
Duration: 6.5 hours

Python – A Beginners guide towards Python Programming
Duration: 3.5 hours

Python 3 for Beginners | Learn by Creating a Simple Game
Duration: 2.5 hours

Basic Python Quiz
Duration: 2 Practice Tests

CSS3 and Bootstrap for Absolute Beginners: 4 courses in 1
Duration: 3 hours

Command Line Git

Mastering Agile Scrum Workshop

The Basic Elements of Design
Duration: 1.5 hours

Video Editing with Apple iMovie

Speed Reading
Duration: 4 hours

Adobe Premiere Pro: Video Editing for Beginners

2020 Youtube Hack: Paying For Engagement, Not Only Clicks!
Duration: 3 hours

Video Conferencing Zoom Skype WebEX Tech Presentation Skills

LinkedEnglish: Sound Like a Native in 5 Days

WordPress Plugin Development 2020 and Pro version for selling
Duration: 5.5 hours

Complete C# programming Fundamentals With Example Projects

Practical C# Programming Practices (70 Common Projects)

Practical C Programming Practices (130 Common Projects)
Duration: 15.5 hours

Complete C Programming Fundamentals With Example Projects

Practical C programming practices (100 common projects)

Web Development Fundamentals: HTML5 and CSS3 for Beginners
Duration: 5.5 hours

Kariyer-in: CV Hazırlama Linkedin Mülakat İş Bulma

Manage Stress at Workplace
Duration: 40 mins

WordPress Plugin Development 2020 and Proversion for selling

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, eating well food stays a significant piece of keeping up your wellbeing. While there are so many places to eat, WordPress is one of the best platforms to start a food blog. There are no particular nourishments that can help shield you from the infection, a nutritious eating regimen can support your resistant framework or assist you with warding off side effects. You will most likely be unable to impart dinners to companions and friends and family. However, there are heaps of different approaches to eat well and bolster your wellbeing at this troublesome time.

Are you passionate and enthusiastic about cooking and cuisines?

Need to turn into a food blogger in India? 

Don’t have an innovative idea of how to begin a food blog in India? How to turn into a food blogger and get paid in India?

Well, when all these ideas pop up in your mind and you’re confused about what to do, where to go, how to do it??? Then, don’t worry you’ll get all your answers here. 😊

In this article, we will figure out how to begin a food blog in India and acquire earning as an Indian food blogger. Here are simply the fundamental strides to make a facilitated WordPress food blog that makes you resemble an expert food blogger. 

Here are the 7 simplified Steps to start any Blog:

1) Purchase a domain name for your blog:

Domain names are short, paramount web tends to, for example, As an Indian food blog, you can likewise or .in domains. ( 

Best and Trusted Domain Providers are:-

Cost: Free with Web Hosting or around $5-50/year. 

2) Find great web hosting:

Web hosting is where all your site records and information are put away. Along these lines, your site hosting service is the home of your site. The Security and Speed of your site partly depend on Hosting. So it is of prime importance to look for better hosting. There are quite a number of sites that provide good hosting at a reasonable price.

Best and Trusted Domain Providers are:-

Cost: Starting from $10/month

3) Install WordPress: is the most well-known blogging programming, which is additionally utilized even by numerous famous Indian news sites.   WordPress is anything but difficult to utilize and oversee in any event, for beginners.

Cost: Completely free! 

4) Install WordPress theme: 

Your WordPress Theme determines the structure and feel of your food blog site. WordPress offers thousands of themes in various Categories. All you have to do is to search for a theme that suits your Niche and start customizing it as per your wish.

Best and Trusted Sites are:-

Cost: Free 

5) Install WordPress plugins:

For a food blog, you will require some additional capacities that are no worked in the blogging stage. WordPress plugins include explicit highlights and expand the functionalities of WordPress.

Make sure you don’t flood your Website with Plugins as they might slow down your Website

The Plugins that I use in my Website are

Cost: Free 

6) Set up website admin instruments 

As a site proprietor, you have to monitor your site guests and furthermore the soundness of your site. Google offers invaluable devices and administrations: Google Investigation and Website admin Instruments. 

Cost: Free 

7) Begin blogging

Share your views, thoughts, Survey, Stories and Photographs. Make sure too keep it interesting, it should attract the viewers and make them stay.

Cost: Hard work and time 

food blog wordpress
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

‘Start Your Food Blog in India: Bit by bit’

Since you know about the essential advances involved in creating a food blog (or simply any blog site) using WordPress, let us talk about each progression involved in creating a food blog in detail.

Be careful, it will be a protracted article. Nothing troublesome, however. For this article, I am assuming you as of now have a smart thought about the kind of food blog you are going to make.

On the off chance that you haven’t arranged your blogging subject, specialty portion, and substance procedure, start with a pen and note pad. Make an unfinished copy of what kind of food blog you need to begin. Is it going to be a vegan formula site? Will it be a food touring blog? Will it be about geological cuisine?  When you recognize what you need, think of appealing names and scribble them down.

Below is a example you can refer to

Additionally, make a rundown of articles that you will begin writing once you have made your food blog. Get a rundown with at any rate 50 articles as well as recordings. On the off chance that you are having inconvenience finding points, you ought to consider an alternate methodology for your food blog. 

Like all business and calling, food blogging requires difficult work. You need to invest parcel of time and vitality creating your food blog, earning notoriety in the industry as a built-up Indian food blogger, and furthermore construct your own system in the food blogging network and the Indian food industry.

Some of the best Food blogging Websites in India are:-

The thing about today’s fashion world is that anyone can access anything at any time. While avant-garde looks could only once be found in the country’s top fashion magazines, now you just have to scroll through an Instagram feed to see the same piece designed in 7 different ways. As great as it is, it can also be really overwhelming for people looking to incorporate these looks into their daily wear, how come they even start to choose?

You could be on the Cover Page too

For example, bicycle shorts. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Gigi Hadid has taken advantage of this spandex-induced fashion, but if you’re not an influencer and want to get involved in this trend, wearing tight-fitting sportswear in an everyday situation can be intimidating.

wear hack fashion comfort
Photo by Ali Pazani on Unsplash

However, incorporating this skinny look into your wardrobe is super easy! Do you need a brunch look? Combine bike shorts with a button-down shirt or oversized t-shirt for a crisp redesign of the traditional shirt dress style. Do you want something a little more dressed? Easy. Give 90’s glamour by throwing a knit sweater and blazer over your athletic shorts for Rachel Geller-inspired style.

Strange ball shapes, like hearts, slim ovals, and huge carpet tassels, for all of her accessories are also another flourishing trend that can be difficult to design without a filter. Starting small is the best way to design these looks in the off-camera world. Do you hesitate to incorporate large earrings with tassels of thread in your daily use? Taking a look at those neon heart-shaped sunglasses?

Comfort is the new FASHION

Incorporating these styles is easy if you start small, Using these accessories in a simple set of Jeans and T-shirts or a classic LBD gives even the most uninteresting non-influencers a chance to venture into new styles. The only trend that remains … for a long time is COMFORT.

Fashion wear hack comfort
Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

There is a reason that sneakers, yoga pants, and sportswear are increasing more and more. Because young and old fashionistas are adopting the attitude that comfort is style. Comfort is king (or queen). I regularly tell my clients that if they are wearing a dress or pants, they spend a lot of time pulling on them or if they have trouble walking gracefully because the heel of a shoe is too high, it immediately subtracts from its excess. Everything elegant

Get up to 60% off on Footwear at Myntra – Online Shopping Site for Fashion & Lifestyle in India. Buy Shoes, Clothing, Accessories, and lifestyle products for women & men.

Fashionistas – 2020

Gone are the days of fashion when women got into a pointy stiletto to look/feel sexy and relevant. Farewell days from sunrise to sunset when men need to wear a three-piece suit to get respect. Pointy shoes and three-piece suits are still important to a carefully selected wardrobe, but they are no longer the only options. Today all fashionistas believe that you can be elegant and cozy.

You can easily combine a sharp, soft blazer with knit pants and crisp new tennis shoes (emphasis on crisp new ones). Or you can wear a great pair of yoga pants with a cashmere sweater, a beautiful scarf, and polished flats. Both sets convey sleek, elegant, and smart.

The fit of your outfit, including your shoes, is paramount. Comfortable clothing should fit properly, otherwise, it may appear sloppy.

Get up to 70% off on Women’s Wear at Myntra – Online Shopping Site for Fashion & Lifestyle in India. Buy Shoes, Clothing, Accessories, and lifestyle products for women & men.

So here are the rules for staying stylish, classy, ​​and modern:

  • If you wear sneakers with something (suit, dress, pants, etc.), they must be new and without handcuffs.
  • When you incorporate yoga pants into a set, please make sure your blouse (sweater, jacket, silk tunic) completely cover your torso. If your crotch shows a change to jeans or soft pants.
  • It is okay to combine gym clothes (also known as athleisure) with custom or stylish items. Keep it in one piece (be it your jacket, your sweatpants or your fitted tank). In this way, you will not be confused with the Bikram yoga class that only lets out two doors.
  • Sweats are great. Hoodies and joggers are incredibly stylish if you keep the proportions correct. Make sure if you are layering the first layer is snug so the overlays feel and look good.
  • Comfort does not mean anything, less than cozy can not be used. A study of which brands fit you best, and works to tailor the habit to your structured pieces to balance your otherwise relaxed clothing.

Get up to 75% off on Footwear at Ajio- Shop online for Fashion & Lifestyle in India. Buy Clothing, Footwear & Accessories at best prices. 

Stay Comfy, Stay Classy

Owners and the company are separate distinct entities. The website represents the face for the company, so it has to look it best but, some people find it difficult to make this possible, but don’t worry we are here to solve his problem to give you the direction and how it can help you to fill your big pockets. Let’s get started:

Choose you own Niche

Blog website wordpress SEO
Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

Niche is the interest that defines the website, whether it is about pet shops, bakery, clothing stores, and many more. When you choose the niche you are interested in, you can give the readers a lot more information than they would know. This will attract more and more readers. More focus niche will help to gain more customers in the future.

Domain Name and Hosting are IMPORTANT

Firstly decide the domain name for your website whether it should be .com, .co, .uk. It would more suitable if it is according to the geographical location which you are targeting. If India is your target market, .com, .in will be more suitable. Choosing the Domain name is of prime importance because, if people are not familiar with the name they would never search for it. So, select your Domain name relevant to your Niche and also make sure it is easily reachable

Some of the Best Domain providers in the market are GoDaddy, BigRock, Namecheap, BlueHost

SEO Blog Website
Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

Secondly, choose your host server or rent it so that people could find you on the internet. The Speed and Security of your site partly depend on Hosting. So it is essential to look for better hosting. There are quite a number of sites that provide good hosting at a reasonable price

Choose your Hosting from any of the following trusted sites BlueHost, HostGator, Hostinger, Namecheap, GreenGeeks

Customize your Website – WordPress

After you have purchased your host the next step is to settle your website. If you are using WordPress, then the work is quite easy. WordPress offers millions of themes in different Categories. So all you have to do is to look for a theme that suits your Niche and start customizing it as per your wish. Also, the various plugins can help to customize the website as per your product requirement so that it could attract a large number of customers.

Website blog wordpress
Photo by Halacious on Unsplash

Make sure you don’t flood your Website with Plugins as they might slow down your Website

The Plugins that I use in my Website are

Websites are known to be a great way to earn a large amount of money. They could be your primary source of income if used effectively and efficiently.

e-commerce Website ?

Catering the needs of people through selling a large number of products according to your niche could be a good source of income or you can take franchise for the product also.

Write your thoughts – Blogs

Nowadays, Blogs that are SEO- friendly and full of creativity are gaining popularity among the masses. Rankmath SEO can help you with Search Engine Optimisation. Also make sure that the Blog is made interesting with relevant Pictures and various other media such as videos, audios, etc..,.

Blog SEO Website WordPress
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash, provides high-quality Stock Images for free which I have used almost in all my blogs. Be surer to give credit to the creator. In the long term, it will help you to grow and clarifies your thought procedure as well.

Getting started with a Digital Course

In this digitized era, learning platforms are a great chance to gain goodwill for your company. The skills and experience which will be provided to others will create a great impact on society and knowledge is like a compound interest that keeps on growing. So, If you are good at something and wish to make a living out of it, start making Content and Courses related to it and sell them at a reasonable price with offers and coupons which will attract more customers.

Summers can be brutal. Especially for your skin. When the temperature rises, heat and humidity can make your already active sebaceous glands hyperactive. Eventually, you end up with itchy rashes, excessive sebum around the T-zone, premature signs of aging and, sunburns. So as a line of defense, you need a proper skincare routine. In this article, we will show you how to care for your skin and keep it shiny during the summer. Keep reading.

Your lips may still crack in the summer

Like the rest of your body, your lips may be more prone to dehydration in dry climates and after prolonged exposure to the sun. While religious lip balm applications may help the cause, humidifiers can address the problem head-on and promote a smooth, smooth, and hydrated pout.

Get up to 50% OFF on Bodyshop Selected Collection Valid only till 30th June. Get your Offer Soon.

Skin care humidifier

Air conditioning also causes dehydration

While air conditioners may be a must in the summer, they can also cause humidity levels in the air to drop, as does artificial warming, and then disrupt the moisture barrier and leave skin dry. This is why some skincare fans are known to keep a small humidifier in the bedroom, and some even have laptops on their desks. The fact that many of us will be spending more time indoors this summer at a social distance is all the more reason to take out that humidifier.

Hot and dry climates

Some parts of the world experience low humidity air throughout the year. If you live in a dry and arid climate, you may experience dry, itchy, flaky, cracked or peeling skin, and a humidifier can help. “Humidifiers add moisture to the environment [and can help] your skin retain hydration much better than it would,” says Dr. Bhanusali.

Also remember that when your skin becomes dehydrated, you may experience an increase in oil production, so a humidifier is beneficial for dry skin types.

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Skin care summer

Models are like you too

Layers and Moisture Layers – they wash, put on oil, put on cream, wait, and then they put on another cream. Once a week, They exfoliate themself twice a week. They also don’t drink alcohol and don’t smoke. they really take care of their skin.

Cleanser or Facewash

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A cleanser is more moisturizing and hydrating than a typical face wash. Face wash can be used as a substitute for soap. Cleansers have been found to be milder than soaps and soaps. Facial rinses are perfect for people with oily skin, as they give you a more matte look.

Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce organization based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. This company was established by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. The company focused on selling books, before expanding into other product categories such as consumer electronics, fashion, household and grocery items, and lifestyle products.

The service primarily competes with Amazon’s Indian subsidiary and national rival Snapdeal. As of March 2017, Flipkart had a market share of 39.5% of the Indian e-commerce industry. Flipkart is difficult dominant in clothing sales (a position that was reinforced by the acquisition of Myntra) and is described as “side by side” with Amazon in the sale of mobile electronic and mobile products. Flipkart additionally owns PhonePe, a mobile payment set based upon the Unified Payment Interface (UPI).

Walmart and Flipkart

With reference to the declaration from Walmart’s dealings, eBay stated that it would trade its Flipkart stick to the company concerning around $ 1.1 billion also relaunch its own actions in India. The company stated that “There is the tremendous growth potential for e-commerce in India and a significant opportunity for multiple players to succeed in India’s diverse national market.” Softbank Group also sold its full 20% stake to Walmart, without disclosing the terms of the sale.


The acquisition was completed on August 18, 2018. Walmart also provided $ 2 million in equity to the company. On November 13, 2018, Flipkart CEO Binny Bansal resigned, after facing an accusation of “serious personal misconduct”. Walmart said that “although this inquiry found no proof to prove the assertions against Binny, it made expose other flaws in the trial, unusually the need of clarity, compared to how Binny responded to the circumstances.”

The breakdown

On March 25, 2020, Flipkart accompanying Amazon announced that they wish to suspend all aids in India. The suspension was recognized as a result of confusion over the details of the country’s strict 21-day blockade amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Big Saving Days

Flipkart is organizing the sale of Big Saving Days on the platform. The sale will be active June 23-27, during which consumers will be able to get smartphones, accessories, and other electronic items at a discounted price.

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