It has been 25 years since the last Ford Bronco was built. Ford is bringing back the brand, with the unveiling of three new off-road-oriented SUVs under the name Bronco. In an online event on Monday night, Ford introduced the 2021 Bronco, which will come in two- and four-door versions and the smaller Bronco Sport. The new Ford Broncos are engineered for hard off-road driving and include features designed to get away from civilization and even stay for a while. 

The Broncos

The Ford Bronco, which will come in two- and four-door versions, and the smaller Bronco Sport will compete directly with Fiat Chrysler’s Jeep (FCAU) off-road vehicles. The market for rugged SUVs, which Jeep currently dominates, is growing twice as fast as SUVs overall, with Ford officials favoring it.

The larger Broncos will be available with 35-inch off-road tires and will be able to drive approximately 3 feet, 10 inches deep through the water. It has an independent front suspension unlike its main competitor, the Jeep Wrangler. The independent suspension, used on almost all modern passenger vehicles, typically provides a smoother ride and better on-road handling than a single solid axle. It still has a solid axle in the back, although like most pickup trucks, a design that is suited for harsh use.

Like the Wrangler, both- and four-door Bronco will have removable roofs and doors. Unlike the Wrangler, however, the Bronco doors will fit inside the vehicle after being removed.

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The Ford Bronco will be available with the option of a 10-speed automatic or seven-speed manual transmission. (The manual transmission will have six gears for simple driving, plus a seventh for low-speed off-road driving.) It will be powered by a 270-horsepower 2.3-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine or a 310-horsepower 2.7-. Liter turbocharged and V6.

While the all-new Ford Bronco SUV is designed for hard off-road use, the Bronco Sport is not as hard-core in its capabilities. It also has more convenience features than trucks such as the Bronco.  Ford engineers claimed off-road testing that prototypes have been cast, including driving through deep sand, steep incisions, and crawling on boulder-strewn trails.

The Bronco Sport

The Ford Bronco Sport, available only as a four-door SUV, does not offer a removable roofline. It has many features to make it an ideal camping vehicle, such as a standard cargo-carrying roof rail designed to place the tent on the roof. The rear liftgate has strong spotlights to illuminate the rear area of ​​the vehicle at nighttime, and a cargo organizer tray on the back can slide to be used as a table. The rear of the roof is raised high from the front, allowing two bicycles to have enough space with their front wheels.

Inside, there are zipped pockets behind the front seats, as well as cloth straps for hanging gear. You can also use the storage area under the rear seat. 

Ground Clearance

According to Ford Driving (F), the Bronco Sport has independent suspension both front and rear, as for most vehicles on the road, however, it will also be able to drive through about two feet of water. It will have 28.5-inch off-road tires as standard equipment, but the special First Edition model will have 29-inch tires with deep off-road treads.


Buyers can choose either a 181-horsepower 1.5-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder engine or a 2.0-liter 245-horsepower 4-cylinder engine. Both of the engines will come with an eight-speed automatic transmission. In some versions, drivers will be able to select gears using steering wheel paddles.

All-new Ford Bronco models will have selectable driving modes for different terrains. “To move to any type of terrain, they are called GOAT modes.” (GOAT was Ford’s code name for the original Bronco, while it was under development in the early 1960s.) Mods include Normal, Slippery, Mud / Ruts, and Rock Crawl.

There is also trail control, a kind of cruise control for off-road driving. With this feature, the SUV can move at a set low speed while the driver can only focus on steering the vehicle instead of dealing with gas and brakes. These types of facilities are available at many other off-road facilities. 


Ford designers reported that this size offers a real advantage in off-road driving. Drivers can easily see the front fender peaks, knowing where their wheels are, is one thing that is important to know when driving between boulders or around steep drop-offs, a design element that is a classic off. is. – Road vehicles date back to the original Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz G-Class as well as the Classic Broncos. Additionally, an available camera system can provide a bumper view of further terrain.

Ford Bronco sport offroad

The Ford Bronco Sport will be available later this year. The full-size Bronco will not be available until next spring, but Ford is immediately taking a $100 deposit for both the Bronco and the Bronco Sport. Prices for the two-door Bronco will start at around $30,000. Ford has not yet announced pricing for the four-door Ford Bronco or Bronco Sport.

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