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Coming to the conclusion…

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Disclaimer: This content is full of assumptions and possibilities..


So coming to TENET. Christoper Nolan, the director previously acclaimed for his films like Dark night trilogy, Inception, Interstellar has given a trailer that just keeps you thinking about the mystery of this film’s theme. Many people jump on the conclusion that this film is on the concept of Time travel, but Nolan has already rejected the concept of time travel in the film Interstellar by keeping the parameter as a relative idea that cannot be reversed or manipulated on the real time frame. Even Hulk speaks about this Time tunnel in avenger’s end game. Even the trailer rejects the concept.

Nolan is known for keeping his concepts close to theoretical physics and possibilities rather than illogical fantasy architectural frames.

So if not Time travel then what is the concrete in the film concept..

The trailer begins with Martin Donovon and John David Washington having a conversation on a high tech boat ( Military purposes). The boat is moving reverse and both of them continue to carry on their normal conversation. John seems a little surprised, maybe it’s his first-time experience with “TENET”. He is supposed to be the chosen one for this operation.

The conservation involves Martin saying that this TENET can open the right doors as well as the wrong ones (A multiple output portal with certain action bringing certain output, Similar to Dr.strange’s dialogue, 14,65,000 probabilities in end game). Well, that’s a wild guess, but why not…

Then moving further, the protagonist is surrounded by certain people all in suits. Suddenly they start a fight over him and the protagonist is capable to beat them all up( definitely the reason for his selection for this mission). Elizabeth Debecki seems to be the leader of this operation and she moves out of the building exactly when the fight is about to get over. John is in shock. As if already she knew he’s going to win.

Then the trailer moves with some fast clips and random characters and hyped dialogues about the TENET.

Finally, the protagonist being selected for the mission. Is brought to a building full of basic tools and armory. He speaks to women who handle this stuff and she says that the operation involves the prevention of World War 3. Woah!! That came really quick.

So the most common assumption here would be World War 3 has already occurred and here some Science guys are trying to reverse the timeline to prevent this with the help of a Time Inversion portal called TENET. But we should not jump to conclusions so fast.

Meanwhile the mission pairs up John and Robert Pattinson for further operation..

The inversion:

The protagonist picks up a pistol and shoots it at the shooting target. He thinks that he was spot on..but wait for a second the lady says that bullet just came back into the pistol. The protagonist is shocked. His thoughts must be I am just in this building right now I never touched the pistol before, I never loaded the gun, Them how come the bullet flies back with such accuracy. But even applying inversion how come the exact time of shooting be defined earlier. The moment the trigger was pressed the bullet came flying back.

The protagonist pulled the trigger and not even ejected it out..And

When he pulled the trigger an empty shell out of the shell box came flying back to the gun just milliseconds before the bullet came back. The in-charge casually says you are not shooting but catching the bullets.

So let’s just focus on the inversion details in the trailer. In another scene, the protagonist is fighting with some fully suited armed guy, when suddenly a gun lying on the floor comes flying to his hand and he uses it to kill the guy. Well, how did the gun work properly this time by not pulling in bullets rather than shooting them out? Logically according to the previous scene bullets must be coming out of this guy’s stomach back to the gun. Maybe the behavior of tenet is mind-controlled, only certain people can decide what object should undergo inversion, and the rest of them should be as usual.

This concept reminds me of Inception where only the user of a dream machine knows that they are in a dream and act accordingly, the rest of them behave only according to the host’s subconscious mind.

The protagonist is accompanied by a teammate played by Robert Pattinson. He asks the question of time travel but the protagonist says this is inversion. So basically one thing is clear, nothing is happening in any one’s mind. Everything is happening in reality but a reality that is controlled by TENET.

The main inversion chunk of the trailer occurs at the point where John and Robert are looking at a glass with bullet marks. Robert asks what happened here and John replies that this stuff is going to happen. Some seconds later the protagonist is fighting with a similar guy he previously fought and now a gun comes flying to his hand. The bullets on the glass start to fly towards the gun and the hero saves his head from them.

So wait a minute even that guy knows about this inversion or he is just a mere event like the rest of the other common people. Maybe someone else should have been there instead of the protagonist, but pre-information about the event made the original guy out of the scene and they came in there…Sounds promising.

So basically they are trying to chain some events which are going to lead World War 3 and trying to witness these events in their shoulders so that they can change the result. Interesting. Yet, that can’t be called off as a solid conclusion.

“A car topples and comes back to its original state. People jump off high buildings in reverse directions. Man, this trailer is a head spin.”

Nolan, you proved that you can create hype just with the element of confusion. Hat’s off.

Our conclusion

TENET being a time inversion solution is capable of inverting the chain of events compared to its original flow. This TENET is mind-controlled or active only for a few seconds of action and is applied only on certain materials of reality. Even at the beginning of the trailer, The protagonist is asked whether he aware of some Russian nationalist, so the entire movie might revolve around conflicts between Russia and America. They also talk about survival so this war might lead to large scale depopulation which might bring in concepts such as nukes and biohazard weapons.

Some people might think this is too simple an explanation..well we don’t claim that this 100% true. We would be more than happy if our assumption aligns with 10% with the true TENET film. After all, it’s a Nolan movie.

Expected release of movie July 17 2020

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