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Windows 11

If you haven’t taken a look at our previous blog on “Windows 11 is here – Things you need to know on this interesting upgrade!!”, Do check it out. The former was based on the leaked developer version which was stable for normal use but digging deep and using it as our daily driver without a backup would have proved costly! So check this thread to know how you can download the official version here!

Step 1: Open Settings

Open Settings

Click on the Search bar found at the bottom left and type Settings. Then go to Update & Security which is the last option present.

Step 2: Windows Update

Update window
Windows Update window

If you are on track with the updates, you’ll see that there will be no pending updates. If there’s anything available, Don’t Panic! Just ignore it and follow the next step.

Step 3: Windows Insider Program

Windows insider program
Windows Insider Program window

The last option you’ll find in the left column will be the Windows Insider Program. Click on it and you’ll see this window. Make sure you are logged in to a valid Microsoft account.

Step 4: Change Insider settings

Change insider settings
Change Insider settings to Dev Channel

Most probably, we’ll all be using a stable version till now, but who knew, this crazy-fresh-new-looking Windows 11 will be the one worth trying. So change your Insider settings to Dev Channel and then go back.

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Step 5: Check for updates

Windows 11 update
Check for updates

Go back to the Windows Update window and click Check for updates! Within a few seconds, you’ll notice Windows 11 Insider Preview is available for your PC and it’ll start downloading!

Kind attention: If you do not have the TPM 2.0(which is usually a module present on the motherboard) or fail other requirements, sorry you cannot do it the official way (yet) 🙁

Step 6: Install and enjoy!

What next, just wait for the download to finish and then install once the Windows prompts to. The boot-up for the first time might take around 20-40 minutes.

Patience is bitter, but it's fruit is sweet

You’ll probably be able to enjoy the features mentioned here ——- HERE ——-. Keep sharing, we’ll be starting the next thread soon!

Windows 11

The much-awaited update from Microsoft is here and this blog gives you some insights on what changes can be seen as a normal laptop or pc user and how it works. To check out the event (June 24) – CLICK HERE!!

Dev version leaked!

In case you did not know about the buzz around this leak, check it out here. A week ago, there was a huge buzz on the internet about this leak which just came in days before the official launch. People were able to download the file from various sites and were able to install and experience it as well. Check out some of the pictures and the experience below!!

Windows setup screen theunblog
Activate Windows screen

Just as you imagine, this screen pops up when you first try to install and we could proceed further by clicking on “I don’t have a product key” option. Then,

Installing windows screen theunblog
Installing Windows

A screen showing the available Windows 11 versions including Home, Educational, Enterprise, Pro etc., appears and choose whatever you want to try. I installed Windows 11 Home Edition and started the installation!

Getting ready screen theunblog
Getting Windows 11 ready

As soon as the installation gets over (takes around 30-40mins), System will restart and this screen appears!

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Choose your country window
Choose your country

The first screen that is interactable allows you to choose the country you are in. Check out the first look at Windows 11!

Windows 11 Home screen theunblog
First look

This is our first look at Windows 11. This screen is visible after some installation as well. Here we can see Edge comes pre-installed (as usual). A major revamp on the taskbar can be seen. The Start menu now pops up in the center and all those icons got a major redesign in terms of location and style.

File explorer windows 11 theunblog
This PC window

This is how the “This PC” window looks like and it’s pretty much fresh and catchy as well. These new icons make it easy to differentiate and for long-term use, these must be better!

Switching between windows
Snap feature of windows 11 theunblog
Major update

One of the most highlighted features is this! The new SNAP feature lets you control where and how the window must be visible on the screen. There’s nothing much we could find out, with less time to experiment, these are some changes we look forward to!

Snap feature on the Windows 11 Pro!

Final verdict

The first look of the screen will look new and fresh to Windows users, but as per reports, Microsoft has adopted certain things from Apple’s macOS. So we would like to tell you that there’s much more this Windows 11 can do and you’ll eventually get to know it!