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5G Network: The sphere of technology is constantly evolving, expanding hungrily to coalesce with every corner of our world. So maybe we aren’t living the fantasies of every Sci-Fi author from the ’70s, so we don’t have commercially available flying cars (yet)! Everyone can tell that we have progressed leaps and bounds from the first hallmark invention (the great Wheel). We have in our vicinity an empire of technological devices.

What are you reading this on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop? Either which proves the point. Humankind is pushing the boundaries of automation’s capabilities and 5G Network is only another step in the building of Tech’s integrated palace, albeit a poignant one. It only seems fair that everyone should know what this revolutionary addition is all about!

How 5G Network works

To start off with, let’s look into what 5G Network is and what makes it different from 4G or 3G. 5G is the fifth generation global, wireless mobile network being designed and introduced to connect everything.

Yup, everything.

The possibilities range from intricately linked IoT appliances, like Tony Stark’s apartment, to mission-critical communications- think internet-connected cars, environmental sensors, etc- to über advanced smartphones.

The basis of this super-connectivity that 5G offers are based on its clever plan to use the bandwidths that are currently being unconsumed. There are broadly three categories of the aforementioned- low, mid, and high ranges, with the last being the most lucrative aspect. It uses a technology termed “millimeter wave” which enables a supremely accelerated speed (10 Gigabytes per second) allowing people to download a movie within seconds or stream 10 videos at once. Pretty cool, right? Isn’t it exciting to learn about this? Sorry to burst your
the bubble then, because this major feature of 5G Network has a major flaw that researchers are burning the midnight oil to resolve- it can’t be implemented just yet.

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The Hurdles

The issue with the hyped millimeter wave is that it cannot transmit its potent high frequencies over a large distance. It would probably cover your colony, at the very best. It is also susceptible to interruptions from things like cars, other humans, walls, and even rain. To compensate for this restrictive bandwidth, there would need to be miniature access points installed everywhere, instead of your nominal two or three cell towers in a block.

The race to overcome this hurdle has since the likes of the international drama starring the USA, grappling to come out on top of China and Huawei. The country has imposed several sanctions on Chinese products, citing security reasons and emphasizing the implications of letting China amass colossal amounts of data via 5G, while its own watchdog agency, the FCC, gutted 5G Network’s net neutrality policies to authorize more investments.

How to overcome the millimeter issue

Thus, 5G Network is presently focusing on its release in the low range bands (similar to existing 4G cellphones) and mid-range bands, which are a considerable improvement from the network our devices use today. It provides minimal latency lag (say goodbye to buffering!) and low web congestion, meaning high-speed availability of network connections- this is the phase of 5G being utilized in 38 countries as of now, including the USA, China, Japan, South Korea, and the UK, to name a few.

The future with 5G Network

On the plus side, the promise of this development is essentially the substratum of a future with seamless virtual and augmented reality experiences, empowering breakthroughs in the medical, manufacturing, and countless other industries.

On the flip side, the security concerns being raised over how easy it would be to hack into hardware devices such as IoT appliances and internet-connected cars is not trivial, especially if said gadgets contain confidential and private information, like medical reports. The cost of developing a 5G infrastructure is exorbitant right now and possibly the biggest downside is that most old gadgets are not compatible with 5G, you would have to buy a new smartphone to employ the use of 5G Network.

Maybe we’ll get a flying car on the market before 5G, in all its 10Gbps glory, gets out…!

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Seattle protester Summer Taylor, 24, died in the hospital after being hit by a high-speed car at midnight Saturday during a rally against police brutality in the state. Read Wiki biography Summer Taylor, Seattle BLM protester, who died after Dawit Kelete hit her.

Hospital staff confirmed her death on Sunday night.

The victim of the Summer Taylor Seattle Protester Hit & Run died around 6:30 PM. According to doctors, she was taken to the hospital in critical condition, a spokeswoman for Harbor View Medical Center confirmed.

Two victims were taken to the hospital at the same time, the spokeswoman said. She added: “The other victim is being treated in the ICU with the utmost care after her critical condition.” Read the details of the Seattle protester who died in a car accident, Summer Taylor wiki, photo, family, biography.

Protester Summer Taylor Seattle dies in a Hit & Run accident

The news of Summer Taylor’s death in Seattle came after the Washington State Patrol announced on Saturday night that the highway remains closed and that it would arrest people protesting on Interstate 5.

The state police department identified the suspect as Dawit Kelete, 27, of Seattle, who drove through a closed I-5 highway on the wrong side and beat two protesters at midnight Saturday.

Repeated screams of “Car! Car!” is heard in the video taken by the protesters.

An ambulance immediately arrived at the scene and took the two victims, Diaz Love and Summer Taylor, to a nearby hospital at Harborview Medical Center, State Patrol soldier Rick Johnson told a newspaper. Taylor had received fatal injuries after the accident, doctors reported.

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Summer Taylor worked for a veterinary clinic

“Summer has been there from day one defending the lives of blacks. Stay all day and all night, while continuing to work full time caring for animals, “Hoberecht told the media.

“Summer informed me regarding the protests and how unusual it was to remain a member of something so big. A character of the story. Hoberecht pays tribute to the deceased friend on placing Taylor’s photo as a profile photo.

US Senator Kamala Harris paid tribute

US Senator Kamala Harris took to Twitter: “Absolutely heartbreaking. Summer Taylor was only 24 years old and peacefully protesting BLM when they were hit by a car. Thinking of her family during this difficult time and of everyone in the movement today. ”

Diaz Love, 32, a Bellingham resident, is still receiving treatment at the hospital. Her injuries are not classified as life-threatening, although she received severe bruises and internal organ injuries.

Diaz had been broadcasting the entire protest on a live Facebook feed and titled it “Black Femme March Take I-5” when suddenly cries of “Car … Car” was heard repeatedly in the last 15 seconds. The screeching of car tires is heard along with onlookers warning protesters to stay away from the freeway, all video of the Summer Taylor Seattle hit-and-run accident can be heard.