Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher is a reporting solution for authoring, managing, and delivering reports and documents. Oracle Analytics Publisher primarily consists of an HTML interface that can be used through a web browser.

Oracle BI Publisher is a strategic enterprise reporting product from Oracle that provides the ability to create and manage highly formatted reports from a wide range of data sources. Oracle BI Publisher is available as part of the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Suite and also as a standalone reporting tool.

Oracle BI Publisher Best Practices for SaaS environments

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher is an enterprise reporting solution for high-format, pixel-perfect creation
reports. Provides a single solution environment for authoring, managing and presenting a variety of business documents.

Oracle BI Publisher is available today for customers who have Oracle BI Suite Plus and Oracle BI Foundation, while they exist. Also available independently as Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise. More than 90 Oracle products are integrated with Oracle BI Publisher for their enterprise reporting requirements. These reports are often required for significant processing.

The amount of data and therefore it is very important that all products, applications and even end customers
Must know Oracle BI Publisher best practices. This white paper provides a detailed list of best practices that
Recommended by Oracle while creating reports using Oracle BI Publisher at Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

BI Publisher Best Practices Benefits

  • More flexibility and reuse
  • Fewer reports and improved maintenance report
  • Improved data extraction and document creation process
  • Easier to implement

Why is BI Publisher used?

BI Publisher is a product within the Oracle BI Foundation that enables the creation of highly formatted reports and documents. BI Publisher is not just a tool but a complete reporting solution. It makes reporting simpler, easier, and faster than most traditional reporting tools provide.

What is a BIP report?

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher is an enterprise reporting solution. BI Publisher reports can be generated in many formats (PDF, RTF, Excel, HTML, etc.) in many languages ​​from a single template.

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Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle HCM Cloud enables organizations to effectively hire, onboard, compensate, and manage the welfare of their workforce. This cloud service will be used by employees, managers, and HR specialists in an organization, and therefore, provides a complete HCM solution.

So why is Global HR important?

Globally HR is crucial in the development and process of all the other products within HCM Cloud. Global Human Resources allows your employees, your managers, your administrators to effectively manage a global workforce. You plan, manage, and optimize global people processes with a single common data source, make better decisions, and personalize your employee’s experiences and leverage highly configurable workflows that offer scalability and localization support.

There are some key features within Global Human Resources, starting with on demand information. Give your workers, your managers a secure, self-service, mobile responsive option to manage their personal data, their absence information, their pay information, and more from any device, whether it is their phone, their tablet, or their laptop or desktop. Global local industry and union coverage stay compliant across more than 200 countries and jurisdictions with legislative functionality built for global requirements. Use rules driven workflow to simplify management of unique industry, union, collective labor, and contract agreements.

Position management manage headcount and budgets with a complete picture of open and filled positions, including global assignments. Connections- integrate your employee’s directory and organizational chart with personal employee profile pages, making it easier to find your peers and foster cross functionality collaboration. Enable managers to easily access information about their team’s backgrounds, interests, skills and aspirations from any device. Digital Assistant conversational user experience, a skills library, multi-channel, and multi language support. Get the answers and information you need by simply asking the Digital Assistant in your own words via text or speech.

And the Experience Design Studio your data, your way. Personalize the views of your workforce. No coding is required, and you can create rules based on your best practices for different displays of employee pages or manager pages based on different security roles, business unit, country. Design a personal experience for your organization.

Managers will discover how they manage their employee’s related tasks associated with their team and accomplish their own manager self-service tasks as well. And your HR specialist or HR team members will learn how to simply complete their day-to-day activities, managing workers’ assignments, health and safety information, and help desk information. So this learning path is for you. This learning path is helpful to any users who are new to HCM Cloud- your employees, your HR team members, your line managers, your administrators, your implementers, and your power users

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Popular video app TikTok announced on Saturday that it had signed Oracle as its U.S. technology provider and Walmart as a business partner, which US President Donald Trump called “fantastic.”

“We are pleased that the proposal by Tiktok, Oracle, and Walmart will address the security concerns of the US administration and resolve questions aboutTiktok’s future in the United States,” said AFP, a spokesman for Tiktok, which owns China’s Fight Dance.

TikTok back with Oracle as Tech Partner

Oracle will become “a trusted technology provider that will be responsible for hosting all U.S. user data and securing relevant computer systems to ensure that U.S. national security requirements are fully met,” the spokesman said. “We are also currently working on a business partnership with Walmart.”

He went on to say that the companies were “maintaining and expanding” Tiktok’s global headquarters in the United States and creating 25,000 new jobs.

Trump has previously praised the deal as “fantastic.”

“I have given this contract as my blessing,” he said. “If they do it, that’s fine. If they don’t, that’s fine too.”

tiktok trump
Trump – Announcement

Trump’s Allegation on Tiktok

Trump has been claiming for weeks that Tiktok has been collecting user data for Beijing, never providing evidence for his allegations.

In early August, he gave Bite Dance until September 20 to hand over Tiktok’s U.S. operations to an American company.

Also on Friday, the Trump administration ordered a ban on downloading the video-sharing app, as well as China-owned news site WeChat, escalating tensions with Beijing over technology.

Following Tiktok’s announcement, the United States delayed downloading the app until September 27.

Trump said “security will be 100 percent” and that companies will use separate cloud servers.

The president said the deal would lead to the creation of a new company headquartered in Texas, which has “no ties to China” but will still be called Dictok.

Trump also said that the companies involved would contribute $ 5 billion to the “education of American youth.” He had previously said that the federal government deserved the cut to recognize the deal.

TikTok’s spokesman only confirmed the creation of new jobs, and the company’s global headquarters will be in the United States.

Oracle confirmed its role in the deal, saying that Dictok’s decision “had greatly affected Zoom’s recent successes in moving most of its video conferencing capabilities to the Oracle public cloud.”

Walmart did not immediately respond to AFP’s request for comment.


WeChat, owned by Tencent, will lose operation in the United States from Sunday, following a Friday U.S. order against Chinese applications.

wechat tiktok trump
Wechat ban by President Trump

Following the announcement of the Tiktok-Oracle-Walmart agreement, Digtok users will be barred from installing updates from September 27, but they will have access to the service until November 12.

That deadline is likely to tie the deal with Walmart and Oracle to address Washington’s security concerns, protect data for popular use.

The brand of dictatorial short, humorous phone videos has become very popular, especially among young people, with over 100 million users in the United States alone.

As Trump faces a fierce re-election campaign, US officials have described the steps needed to protect him from Chinese intelligence through platforms.

But in response, China’s Ministry of Commerce on Saturday denounced the United States as “bullying”, saying it violated international trade rules and had no evidence of any security threat, shortly before launching a mechanism to allow foreign companies.

China accuses the US of 'bullying behavior'
Xi Jinping and Donald Trump

China’s long-awaited list of “unreliable companies” is seen as a weapon for Beijing to retaliate against the United States, which has used its own “list of companies” to expel Chinese telecommunications company Hawaii from the U.S. market, in addition to recent moves against TikTok and WeChat.

Trick critics say that while the dangers of dictatorship are not clear, the embargo raises concerns about the government’s ability to restrict free expression. The ban exacerbates the war with Beijing over technology, which, some analysts say, is a security concern.

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On August 6, Trump signed an executive order banning U.S. companies from doing business with ByteDance, alleging that the application presented risks amounting to a “national emergency.”

The order states that the app, which has reportedly been downloaded 175 million times in the United States, captures “vast areas” of information and “threatens to allow” Chinese government officials to track Americans.

TikTok has repeatedly denied the allegations. He said his US user data is stored in the US and there is only one backup in Singapore. It also said its data centers are located outside of China, which suggests the data is not subject to the Chinese authority.

TikTok Oracle

Microsoft has said it will not acquire part of TikTok’s operations after the owner ByteDance rejects its offer. After weeks of public talk and back-and-forth involving the Trump administration, Microsoft has ultimately failed in its attempts to acquire the app.

TikTok has entered into a partnership deal with software giant Oracle, a landmark deal that could redefine how the United States and China manage the reach of their local tech companies.

As part of the proposed deal, Oracle will be ByteDance’s technology partner and take over the management of user data in the United States, the sources said. Oracle is also negotiating a stake in TikTok’s assets in the United States, the sources added.

It’s unclear whether Trump, who wants an American tech company to own a majority stake in TikTok in the United States, will approve the proposed deal.

ByteDance and Oracle did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The White House declined to comment.

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