By Sandhya Jeremiah Dung

Shopping is a basic skill, that is often used almost every week. Some of us might execute this adventurous task very smoothly, while some of us, is indecisive and might be a complete mess when it comes to shopping. A lot of us might even shop in bulk, during the sale period and then regret the bad buy in the hindsight. We’ve all been in this position, none of us are born with the mastery over shopping. To resolve all your shopping problems here are some of the shopping tips that you could utilize to avoid even a single bad buy day at your shopping spree. Here goes your list of tips :

Plan a Budget

Planning a monetary budget about your expenditures is really important. Why? If you don’t have a budget, obviously you’ll keep on buying things that you lay your eyes upon and that is not right. To limit your spending, the best way is to plan a budget and most importantly stick to that budget.

Execute a list prior to your shopping spree

Another important aspect with regard to shopping is to plan a list of items you require, prior to your visit. This helps you to avoid buying unnecessary items while your shopping. Just brainstorm all the necessary items you urgently need and pen them down on a paper, along with your planned budget. Executing the prepared list will simplify your shopping experience.

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Don’t fall into this trap of “Sale”

SALE SALE SALE; We all are familiar with the prevalent sale offers in the market. Ideally, it appears as the best period to shop in bulk, but on the other hand, it isn’t. Behaviorists say, people, tend to buy way more unnecessary items during Sales than in any normal circumstance and then regret buying loads of items later. Although, no doubt the sale period offers us discounts over items, yet it is not beneficial to shop much during sales, as there is a tendency to shop more and more (and usually there’s no end to this).

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Think and Buy

So if you happen to go on your shopping adventure without any budget plan or any prior list, the only tip that will prevent you from creating blunders is using your presence of mind rationally and logically and decide what is necessary and what isn’t.

Have a good Company

Experts observed, that when someone accompanies us while shopping we are bound to make some mistake. Shopping alone is suggested in order to prevent these mistakes that might lead to a bad buy day. Be it shopping expensive things just to reflect on the other person about your lifestyle and forgetting the items you yourself required to shop, to even buying items that the accompanied person might have convinced you to buy. So the best option is to buy alone and be satisfied with it.

Set a time limit

One of the most useful methods, to avoid having a bad buy day is to set a time limit whenever you go shopping. Just set a timer on your phone as per your convenience but with lesser leniency. This will help you balance your shopping experience and even save your time while preventing you from lurking around the food departments.

Don’t buy when you are in a rush

Summing up all the above-mentioned tips, certain precautions can be taken to avoid your shopping experience to end on a bad note. Avoid buying when you’re already in some hurry. You must be acquainted with the popular phrase ‘HURRY MAKES CURRY’. Take that into consideration and prefer a suitable time when you can shop comfortably with ease. Besides this, you should also avoid shopping when you’re feeling the negative emotions such as when you’re upset, angry, stressed, etc.

Although certainly, it may relieve your stress or anger, in turn, your shopping experience could become complete havoc.

Hence, try to avoid these tips and follow the tips mentioned above, to kick off any bad buy day.

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Written by  Vardhini Mohan | Updated: September 9, 2020 02:55:02 pm 

Online Scams !

A scam is nothing but a dishonest scheme or a fraud. With the continuous advancement of technology, it has become way easier for people to make scam calls, etc.

Types of Online scams!

Online Scams can be through texts, calls emails, and even through online shopping. For example, SMS that pretends to be from your bank who try to get your details or money transfer. In such cases, check if the new text from the bank has any link, if there is a sense of urgency, or even if it isn’t secure. Also, there are Online Loan Scams, Online Banking Scams, Online University Scams.

So many online scams take place through online shopping websites. Check if the website is secure, is the payment method is secure. Again, if there is a sense of urgency and if the deal/doffer sounds too good to be true, it is mostly a scam.

Mails nowadays are a very easy platform for scammers. Mails that have spelling mistakes, a sense of urgency, that ask for any unnecessary details, etc, stay away from them. Remember to check and confirm the information about the sender.

One of the most popular ways of getting scammed is through phone calls where people pretend to be from your bank provider and collect sensitive information like your card details, address, etc.

What to do?

  • 1. Check if the number has already been reported as a scam by anyone else using an application like True Caller. Also, doesn’t mean that all the spam callers can be identified using such services.
  • 2. Spot the imposters when they try representing a Government agency, Trusted bank, or anyone you trust.
  • 3. Do not pay upfront for anything through one call or text. Research about it first.
  • 4. Do not give any sensitive information to the person through text, SMS, or mail for that matter. Keep your details to yourself until they confirm if they are who they are.
  • 5. Do not always fall for free offers, or discounts and give away your details. They pretend to take your details for formality purposes but mostly end up scamming you.
  • 6. Check if it is a recorded call. If yes, then they can cause more trouble than you think.

Lastly, I would suggest you sign up for free scam alerts from the FTC(Federal Trade Commission) to know any details or how to report online scams to police at ftc.gov/scams.

If you experience any scams, make sure to complain at ftc.gov/complaint.

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“Let’s go for shopping”, I think this one sentence can drive some people crazy. You can make your wife or girlfriend, children even your friends ecstatic just by offering them this idea. Everyone loves to shop, their choice of the shopping stuff can be different but the excitement can be common just with a difference in levels of excitement. But we sometimes resist ourselves from shopping just after realizing the prodigious amount of bills. So in this blog, you are going to find how you can save money while shopping for your favorite clothes and utensils.

So here are some super tips which can actually help you in saving money

Tips to save while shopping for clothes.

If you are brand obsessed but it costs you so much that you can’t buy many things at the same time then the best time to shop is to wait for the end of the season sales. You can buy those things really at a cheaper cost because the discount offers are really good at these times.

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Image by A_Matskevich from Pixabay

You can also try local markets, it’s a myth that the material and quality of clothes in local markets are cheap but that’s not true at all. You can also find clothes for your desire there.

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You can save money on clothes also by getting your clothes stitched by local tailors. These will cost you really nothing as compared to simple tops, shirts, and kurtas at outlets. You just have to select the fabric of your choice and design for your attire.

shopping clothes accessories money market
Image by Kasjan Farbisz from Pixabay

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Tips to save money on Accessories.

The best way to save money on accessories is to avoid buying them in pieces, try to buy utensils in bulk or sets. You can also try buying them from a person who makes utensils himself. You can get an extra benefit here like you can customize them accordingly and it is usually cheaper than that we buy from retailers.

Talking about the best time to buy accessories in India is to buy them at Diwali time. The shops’ offers are really good at that time. They launch different kinds of schemes and discounts.

In order to save money, you can directly buy accessories online from the manufacturers. Here, in this case, you don’t need to pay extra money that you pay to the retailers, and also the traveling and handling cost can be saved.

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Digital marketing is the use of the Internet, portable devices, friendly networks, research engines, and different carriers to contact customers. The purpose of digital purchasing is to assist you to make extra traffic, guidance, and deals for your enterprise by relinquishing somebody who is scanning for your merchandise and services. On its own, web marketing is the process of marketing your online business to high-value prospects and consumers.

Is it easy?

Yes, digital-marketing is incredibly difficult. Most paid digital ads don’t work. SEO optimized pages can generate a lot of traffic, but the traffic is often irrelevant and users don’t need or see the value of your offer. Common ads remain valuable and various operations do not produce ROI.

What is an example of digital-marketing?

Digital-marketing is the buying and promotion of a corporation, physique, commodity, or pottery that practices online sounds, photoelectric materials, and digital technologies. Amazing parts of digital shopping combine social media, email, give by click, search engine optimization, and more numerous.

Is digital marketing the future?

The future of digital marketing. From standards to big data, digital-marketing has continuously modified to satisfy the requirements of shoppers and labels alike. With a predicted 46 USD billion allocated for programmatic promotion, 86% of all digital announcements are inferred to be separated throughout automation by 2020…

Can digital marketing make you rich?

Yes, I am pretty sure that digital-marketing has a good option to enrich your business. But it depends on the type of entrepreneurial business. Digital-marketing will give you a wing to reach and attract specific customers and easily follow them in a very profitable way.

Which country is the best for digital-marketing?

An area of ​​the business that has witnessed a notable improvement in demand for digital marketing experts and professionals in Australia. As the Australian economy drifted away from traditional means of economic growth, such as manufacturing, digital services are becoming the forefront of its economy.

Is there a career in digital marketing?

Exceptional Career Options, Digital marketing offers a wide variety of roles with many fancy names and exciting projects. 

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So what are waiting for, life is all about experimenting. Give it a shot.

The world is facing the terror of coronavirus which has dismantled several domains. The stock market all across the Globe is going down. The COVID-19 has impacted 210 countries, infecting 7,598,803 people worldwide with death rate mounting up to 423,868. With the emergence in Wuhan, Hubei province, China COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be the greatest challenge that human civilization has ever faced since the 2nd world war. Proliferating in a rampant way to every corner of the globe, with no approved treatment or vaccine, it poses a big threat to the entire human population.

COVID-19 and economy

Apart from the massive loss of life due to this pandemic, COVID-19 has severely dismantled the global economy with developed and developing countries facing the threat of increasing unemployment. With the implementation of lockdown, several companies fell into the state of crisis and lack of productivity. Lockdown will directly impact the GDP of countries with an estimated reduction of 2% from annual GDP.


Acc. to the World Trade Organization(WTO), coronavirus will reduce world trade by a third. If compared, the repercussions of COVID-19 are daunting and more intimidating than the Great Depression of 1930. It’s only when countries act together that, we can expect a faster recovery than if each country acted alone.

Black swan event for stock market

The environment in the stock market across the globe is low-spirited. Black swan event is an uncertain event with unprecedented consequences and is characterized by extreme rarity and the impact of COVID-19 on the stock market is one such example.

stock market
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There are instances where stock market crashes have been accompanied by a sudden surge in recovery. 

  • During 1992 Indian Stock Market Scam, Sensex dipped by 53% and recovered by an unprecedented 127% within 1.5 years.
  • The 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis, which emerged in Thailand had severely impacted neighboring economies, facing a setback of 40% in four years. Strangely enough, it leaped with a recovery rate of 115% in one year.
  • It was during the “Tech Bubble” crash of 2000 that the Sensex dipped by 56% in 1.5 years. But, it emerged with a recovery rate of 138% in 2.4 years.

Regardless of the examples, it’s quite reasonable that the economic setback due to COVID-19 is unfathomable and will take a long time before it’s restored to its normal state.

The scuffle between Russia and Saudi Arabia over oil supply and prices is one example of international factors impacting the stock market. With a sudden surge in the price of oil by Russia, Saudi Arabia triggered a response in order to keep the oil price under moderation. 

sharemarket economy

In this period of turmoil ,what can we learn from the stock market ?

During this period, we can learn about investor psychology and behavior. Such time provokes investors to speculate the upheavals of financial markets, estimate what’s going to happen with the market on that day.

Share market is a mysterious island, where only a few people survive who are pro in taking risks. Short-sighted and low confident people get lost on this island easily. The only way to conquer such an island requires techniques and a pro-active approach. This is the very long journey which is full of adventure and thrill, so pack your bags and To guide you with the directions we are here with seven facts that would help you to move easily that nobody would ever tell you about

Invest only your surplus money

Share market is highly prone to risk factors, So always invest the surplus money that you won’t be requiring to fulfill the future need, and the value of money keeps decreasing if you don’t make a suitable investment in relation to your future goals. It is important to have realistic expectations in relation to returns that you get from investing in the share market.

How to pick the right share ???

To be able to survive the market, a good decision in term of share has to be made and for that proper analysis has to be done Factor responsible for the shares of good company are systematic track records, growth of asset, Balance sheet checked, dividend prospects, stable financial performance, independent from govt policies.

Timing of the stock market ???

Indian stock market is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and moreover, on the holidays which are being listed by them Timing is being divided into three slots:

  • Pre-opening session-9:00 AM TO 9:15 AM
  • Post -closing Session-3:40 PM TO 4:00 PM
  • Normal trading session- 9:15 AM TO 3.30 PM

Best age to start investing??

The best time to start investing is around your 20s after you complete your graduation because you make yourselves aware of financial patterns and discipline. The little pocket money will turn out to be a huge asset in the future and it will improve risk-taking ability.

Recovery time for the stock market ??

Statistics show that if stock market crashes within the range of 5% to 10% generally it will require a month’s time for the recovery. The biggest market drops were more than 40% which lasts 22 months and recovered about 60 months.

Depiction of Bull and Bear market ??

The bull represents long term climb in the market and optimistic behavior of the investor. And the bear represents the opposite of the bull market i.e, long term decline, and the investor believes that the market is not in favorable condition.

Most expensive stock of Indian share market ?

The most expensive stock is MRF in the Indian market that cost more than 65000 of Indian rupee for the quantity of one share.

Have you ever heard of sustainable fashion? It’s a hot topic that becoming more and more popular nowadays, thanks to the pollution problems that the fashion industry is creating.

Sustainable Fashion

Over the past few decades, consumers are buying and discarding considerably more outfits. Between 2000 and 2014, clothing production round the world doubled, with shoppers purchasing approx. 60 percent more garments.

The apparel industry is liable for 10 percent of the total carbon emissions and 20 percent of its wastewater production which is the second-largest polluter of water. And in the end, only a few of these clothes are recycled, most of them end up in landfills. The important thing is that we should take small steps.

There’s plenty to cover when it comes to sustainable living, so just by taking a small step will make a difference in the long run. You would possibly be thinking, how do I start doing this? Well here’s just a very broad view of the small step which you can take and start a sustainable capsule wardrobe.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of items that never go out of fashion. If you begin shopping with a capsule wardrobe frame of mind, you will always be on the right path in starting a sustainable wardrobe. Here, I am providing some of the things you can do to lessen your effect on the environment when it comes to clothing:

Buy Natural Fibre – Being Sustainable

The most harmful fabrics within the apparel industry are made up of synthetic materials (polyester, nylon, acrylic, etc.) and use/release thousands of toxic chemicals during production. Synthetic textiles are oil-based products and are basically a derivative of plastic, meaning they’re not going to biodegrade. Always buy clothing made up of natural fibers (like wool, cotton, linen, silk, hemp, etc.) and not synthetic fibers.

Quality over Quantity

Giving preference to quality over quantity will help your items last longer so, choose items wisely and invest in quality. Thus quality material sustains for a long time thereby indirectly helping in Sustainable development.

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It is estimated that only 15% of unwanted clothes are recycled and approx. 10 million tons of cloth ends up in the landfill every year. Now a day’s people think that material things are a souvenir to prove certain status in your life. Delete that from your mind. If you had some dress in your closet for more than one year and you never used it, give it to somebody else who needs it.

Listen to the audio version of the blog here

Avoid Trends, Buy Classic

The most sustainable thing you can do, when it comes to clothing is to buy an item and wear it frequently for as long as possible. Buying new styles is the worst thing you can do. Think about it like this, to make a new garment, a farmer needs to plant cotton seeds. To control pests he will apply pesticides and finally harvest it with large equipment, then ship the material to a processing plant.

The processing plant then uses a full lot of water, chemicals, and huge machinery to treat the material and get them ready for weaving. This treated material is then shipped to a textile mill where it will be treated with chemicals to turn it into a textile. The textile is then shipped all over again to a sewing plant, which then uses more water, oil, and huge machinery to turn the textile into a garment.

Second hand clothes
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

This garment is then hung in stores that flash neon signs so as to draw your attention and convince you to buy that product. You buy it and wear it 1-2 times before the trend is announced as “over”. Then that garment is considered as garbage and all energy and resources that went into its creation are wasted. This is happening each second, of each minute, of each day.

Buying Second Hand Buying

Second-hand outfits are the best way to shop sustainably. It slows down the production of new clothing and releasing of waste and toxic chemicals as well as keeps clothing out of landfills. 6. Size and Alterations One of the biggest reasons behind discarding outfits is its fitting.

Never buy the outfits of the wrong size, even if it’s on a huge discount. You will never wear it. Also, having a basic knowledge of tailoring will help you altering your clothing to fit properly rather than throwing it up. I hope the above-mentioned points had inspired you and removed a few stereotypes about what being sustainable means. If you had read the entire article, you’re already a much better person than the typical online shopper.