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The basic unit of any organism is a Cell. But there are certain specific aspects that describe what makes an organism alive. An amalgamation of all the ideas of various Researchers has been done, to enlist Eight Aspect of Life. But with these characteristics as well, there isn’t any compulsion, that all living organisms have to necessarily abide by all these aspects to be called a living organism. These Characteristics are as follows :


We all know that an organism is formed out of cells, these cells divide and organize themselves to occupy more space (Growth). So for instance, the Cells in a human body gradually form Tissues and tissues make up the Organs of the bodily system. These organs function, in order to maintain a status-quo inside our bodies. All of this happens, precisely because of a well-coordinated organization of Cells at the root level. This is the same for both the Unicellular and the Multicellular organisms.


Reproduction implies, reproducing a new offspring or organism either Asexually (Involving a single individual) or Sexually (Involving two individuals). This results in the continuum of the species. A living organism mostly has the ability to create a new organism through Reproduction.


This aspect of life can be described through a very simple example. When we hear someone calling us, we respond either verbally or do some movement. Secondly, when our fingers touch a hot cup of coffee accidentally, we immediately pull it back because it is hot. Thus, in simple words, it means Responding to any given stimuli in a situation or any environment which is a part of the enlisted characteristics of life.


Whenever any living organism takes in energy or nutrients, through food, they tend to grow in size. This can be measured in terms of the height and weight of any individual. But Growth also involves the Growing of Cells. For example, We were born through one or a few cells, as we grew older the number of cells also grew through cell division, so now your body might consist of trillions of cells.


A living organism works with the help of a well-performing complex structure, through which chemical reaction takes place inside of our bodies. From Respiration to the Digestion of food, substances are converted into energy and are utilized by the body. All these processes involving all the Biochemical reactions in totality can be clubbed under the heading of Metabolism. It often includes Anabolism and Catabolism and is very crucial for the proper functioning of the living organism.


aspect of life - cells - organism

As the heading suggests, our life doesn’t remain constant, it keeps on changing with time. With this change, we are exposed to various stimuli and different environments. Adapting to these changing environments and stimuli is considered important as if an individual doesn’t adapt, the process of Evolution might get stuck or get affected adversely.


The population of any environment might see a significant change, be it an increase or a decrease in the size of the population. In both cases, Change is prevalent. This is simple words is Evolution. A significant factor in Evolution is Natural Selection, which lays emphasis upon certain hereditary traits that might help organisms to survive better, which might become common and might pass down to the further species. Such as the light brown shade of a predator, which might help them in camouflage and eventually help them find their prey.


Homeostasis refers to the total balance of the equilibrium or the stable maintenance of the equilibrium in a manner, that the status-quo is ensured. It involves the stability of the internal mechanism of the living organism while the external environment might keep on changing. The maintenance of our Body Temperature is a prime example of this.

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Slim women

All are beautiful in their own way. One should have self-satisfaction with their own appearance. But, when it comes to clothing, the way you wear a garment is more important than the one you wear. Very often, something that suits one particular person may not be for others. Whether specific clothing suits a woman or not will depend on various factors such as her age, complexion, and body shape. Dressing up is more crucial for skinny girls, as not everything looks good on them.

Things like horizontal stripes look good on slim women. Pants and skirts are a preferred option for such women. In fact, those women also look beautiful in salwar kameez, churidars, and saris.

While wearing jeans, slim women advise staying away from classic cuts and opting for slim ones. Cropped clothing, like cropped shirts and pants, also looks good on slim women. You can also opt for jackets, thick sweaters, sweatshirts, and other heavy clothing. The article talks about the different dresses that are suitable for a slim girl and goes on to explain some dress tips that apply to them.

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Put on shirts and wear shiny shoes to change the focus

While dressing formally, try looking for shirts that you can fit into your pants or jeans. Having the top wear inside the bottom will make the hip appear brighter and change the focus of the slim upper body. Wearing precious colored shoes also does the same and is therefore recommended for slim women and girls.

Don’t show your skinny legs

slim women girls clothing wear beautiful
Photo by @thiszun from Pexels

While most girls look sexy when they flaunt their legs, understand that since their legs are slim, it won’t look good if they do the same. However, you can still look beautiful by wearing long dresses and long skirts. This type of clothing fits snugly at the waist and then flows down loosely, flaunting your figure at its best.

Go for bulky sleeves

Slim women and girls look slim in sleeveless dresses. Therefore, try to opt for long-sleeved dresses. Volume sleeves will allow you to balance your silhouette and therefore create a fuller look. In addition, dresses with larger prints or embroidered on the sleeves help change the viewer’s focus on skinny hands.

Opt for tight-fitting flared pants

Make sure you don’t make the mistake of going for loose pants at the waist and thighs. Doing so will make you appear slimmer than you are. Instead, go for tight-fitting pants with flared pants. These will not only give you a better shape but also make the right work clothes.

Go for padded blouses

The idea of ​​wearing padded blouses is applicable when you wear sari or lehenga. If it is the winter season, try to choose the very padded ones. They will give you the necessary volume in the right places and make it difficult for people to take their eyes off you. However, in the summers, try to stick to the lightly padded ones as they don’t make you sweat.

Ruffled saree

slim women girls clothing wear beautiful
Photo by Kaushik Borah from Pexels

Ruffled saris are now the most popular, and many of the celebrities were also spotted in ruffled saris. These saris are so beautiful, and after wearing them they also give you a classy look with a western touch. No need to worry as the appearance here will change due to the sari. You can check how our Bollywood divas wore such a beautiful sari, and from that, you can also get an idea of ​​the makeup and what kind of accessories we should wear.

Try and follow the above tips. If these points worked for you, let us know in the comment section

We as a whole make a solid effort to get tons of chances that this world brings to the table, for the accomplishment of assignments as well as to keep up our regular ways of life. What does a lifestyle intend to the present world individuals?

Lifestyle poor rich
Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash

What is Lifestyle ?

It’s fundamentally when an individual can purchase his attractive number of vehicles, costly garments, and is constantly refreshed with this ever-changing pattern of the way of life and obviously naming his prosperity with the expense of vehicles and costly things he purchased. These lifestyles just depict our noticeable quality and offer comments to our greatness throughout everyday life.

Check out the world, the poor one will scarcely have anything called a way of life, who might work each day throughout the day to fill his and his family’s hunger and you could never discover them longing for enormous vehicles, costly adornments, extravagant dress, abroad outings, and so on.

This is Lifestyle

That is the main explanation that we never observed poor individuals at large shopping centers and costly cafés while then again, affluent individuals they’re failing to get enough way of life as their lone wellspring of satisfaction. Indeed, even in the Bollywood motion pictures, it had been demonstrated that poor people’s well-deserved cash could just manage the cost of their multiple times’ food however not the way of life and they work each day testing to assemble one for their kids to make due in this world.

Since in this day and age, food isn’t just acceptable for endurance in this ever-requesting world. We as a whole win to manage the cost of ourselves and our family longings which are only a way of life to appreciate life more. Today, way of life has become a trademark of accomplishment not for an individual however practically 99% of individuals living in this world. It’s not corrupt to have a standard of living but rather we ought not to check our bliss just to this failure to get extinguished way of life and stressing over the requirement for additional.

Making people to like you isn’t strange. We all manage around what others reflect on us and it is not probable. The ABCs of profit, which resembles you, is manifest: be fine, be deliberate, be a well-formed human being. This is all real. Though, there are too much smaller also further reasonable things you can do that can have a huge demonstration of how others intuit you.
Most of these fees are negligible techniques that you can perform at all ages. They may seem trivial or even brainless, but give them a try and you might find yourself exponentially more public.

Call the person by their names …

call like love
Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

We are all colossal narcissists and we all love cuttlefish of our own name. Learn race and kill their interest. A defined name is always useful in a chat. An attic of Dale Carnegie’s remarkable Bible How to Win Friends and Influence People, this proven and unwavering technique is sure to increase its useless value.

Smile – with feeling!

Although we spend in a digital life that ever-increasing apology technology for Christian interaction, we are still in our memory of very familiar creatures. As humans, we are interested in cordial interaction as a use for the Larsen effect, and we become a fortune of felt and subconscious mental choices supported by how others hold and respond to us. Basically, we like people when they give a soulful smile.

When someone undertakes an excessive gin overflowing with authenticity, they rub themselves into their receivers. There have been many occurrences of meditation on how style, whether dominant or counter, diffuses among individuals. If his determined posture improves another person’s age, that man will hug him for it.

Listen (not just with your ears)

It is most likely obvious that you will probably like it better if you listen to them. You can show that you are listening to someone through quantitative wording (put your consistency to witness someone and their old stanza), see the terminal (an abundant gift), and a literal seal (we’ll talk more about this below).

Use verbal confirmation

Most psychology books count this technique as “quick listening.” Actively listening to the roll shows that you hear reason by repeating something that you have definitely intended. I say to you.

While in the elegance of the theme this seems like a wacky talk, in the direction, this snap-cut indulgent can actively go to a belonging street to force a community similar to you. It requires the other special test as if it really was a defray consideration. In addition, the related engagement to attend their own speech returns the favor, since it gives a touch to their egos.

Remember the conversation : Show that you are paying attention.

People like attention. We have already shaken how serious it is to show them the relationships that are hurting them. Snoring during a chat or acquisition that a glazed down payment on your supervision does not increase in the strong promoter.

In fact, to show someone that you have received a compensable notice, a tension occurs that the body counts before. Did your coworker consult Helter-Skelter with your son on an open instructional plan last night? Follow up and question how your path is.

Was your approver sample leaving to describe your sink as a recent excuse over the weekend? Ask him how he looked like the unused species on Monday. The signer has to be a major league, substitute vigor events. Actually, sometimes it’s more about that you can revoke and show interest even in the negative events of another pastor’s energy.


This is not an attraction to give the crowd to your coworkers. However, highly refined natural attack companion individuals have been shown to prove more attached to you. A huge representation is gently uniting someone’s forearm (with its sinister side) while the workforce trembles (with its single act): it is a huge journey to end behavior. Not everyone will be happy with these tactics, and if not for you, it is beautiful.