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Globally, people are fighting against a stubborn virus. Covid-19 pandemic is nowhere around the end. There is no vaccine created to defeat this deadly virus. Joyous life is desirable to everyone. Definitely, the lockdown has screwed up the minds of people. Nobody wishes for captivity. People experienced a huge pressure past few months. They are willing to explore outside and live freely.

travel during covid
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Well, if you are really planning to travel during COVID. Then, in this precarious situation, you need to be extra careful. Covid-19 passes from one person to another through droplets of cough, sneeze, and talks. The World Health Organization (WHO) also claimed that the virus enters the body throw nose, mouth, and eyes. Therefore, we are required to cover them.

One by one let us talk about traveling during COVID – Is it safe to visit the beach? Camp? Eat out?


beaches restriction during covid
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Although beaches are safer than other places. Health specialist says that the virus does not live in saltwater. Covid-19 is not a water-borne disease. So, swimming will not be harmful. Still, social distancing is mandatory. Beachgoers are highly requested to obey social distancing, mask culture, and sanitize their hands. The beach bag essentially contains sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, etc. Now, beachgoers need to carry hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and masks.

Now, Beaches are opened for public. Some restrictions are mainly followed. For instance, no group activities allowed, wear mask, cleaning, closed beachfront concessions. Police will be patrolling beaches to ensure about social distancing among the people. Greek beaches came with new rules like a distance of three meters between sunbeds. A person has to wait atleast 20 minutes before occupying seabed. Moreover, in Miami more than 10 people cannot gather at a particular place. Undoubtedly, these are just safety measures but main safety and care beachgoers have to practice.

Camp Out?

camping tips during covid
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Huge exciting information for campers. It is absolutely safe and secure for camping out. Cities are too busy. People tend to interact more in neighborhoods. Campers can decide on a place away from the city. Therefore, it should be close to nature and necessary items must be available. Also, communication must be clear because in case you find trouble. You can easily contact someone.

Fresh air helps in removing stress. So, pack your essential items like water, first aid kit, clothes, tent, flashlights, lighter, maps, mask, hand sanitizer, etc. Now, you must be wondering why mask, hand sanitizer? Camping is so safe. It is safe but coronavirus is unstoppable. Obviously, you need to follow social distancing norms too. Campers should carry alcohol-based sanitizers, soaps, and toilet seat sanitizer spray. Your safety is in your hand.

Eat out?

Eating out can be risky. If you go out and pick up your order. It will be fine. Remember you transfer your food into home utensils and throw the wrappers, boxes, spoons, tissues into the dustbin. Use your home spoon and wash your hands before eating.

Food does not contain coronavirus but the packets, wrappers may contain droplets. High risk arises when you decide to sit in a restaurant. Always sit on the sanitized table and sanitize your hands too. Visit the restaurant where social distancing is followed well. Outdoor seating is far better than indoor seating. When you are ordering wear your mask properly.

Street food
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Moreover, Subways are also removing temporarily dine-in sandwich baskets and serving trays. Also, sanitizing door handles, dining areas, credit card readers.

Not only this but also a cafe in Schwerin, Germany planned to serve special hats to their guests. In order to maintain social distancing hats with swimming pool noodles taped onto them.

Hence, we can say everything is safe and unsafe both. Don’t be careless. Don’t violate the norms. Covid-19 spreads through close contact. Undoubtedly, if you are unwell. Then, cancel all your plans today. Save them for the future. Life is huge. You can enjoy it afterward. Today, your health should be the top priority. This is good for you and your family.

In comes positive news for the Chennai Super Kings camp, all players and support staff tested negative for COVID-19 in the first of two follow-up tests, confirmed Kasi Viswanathan, the CEO of Super Kings, according to Cricbuzz.

Relief for the Super Kings fans!

Kasi Viswanathan told Cricbuzz, “The first test came back negative, there is one more test,”. The second test will be held on September 3 and if the results come out negative then they will start training from September 4, he added.

The Super Kings are the only team that has yet to start training, and their quarantine period is extended after multiple members, including two players, tested positive. They arrived in Dubai on August 21 and were supposed to start training from August 28. However, the positive COVID-19 cases in the camp forced them to delay their preparations for the 2020 IPL, which will start on September 19.

Although, the 13 members, followed by Ruturaj Gaikwad in the next day, who previously tested positive are in a different hotel undergoing a two-week quarantine. Those members will undergo the two additional tests after their quarantine period ends.

In accordance with Standard Operating Procedures to be followed during the IPL, everyone associated with the tournament will be tested upon arrival in the UAE, and also there will be testing on days 1, 3, and 6 of their quarantine period at the team hotel. If all these tests give you negative results, these players would be allowed to train only after testing negative on all three could the players to train.

The Super Kings will also be encouraged by the arrival of Faf du Plessis and Lungi Ngidi, who joined the team on Tuesday (September 1). They will have to quarantine themselves for a period of six days and undergo tests and, once they pass them, they will be able to join the team’s training from 8 September.

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IPL 2020: 13 members of Chennai Super Kings contingent including an Indian pacer is tested positive for Covid-19 in Dubai. ESPNcricinfo understands that there is only one player among those who tested positive, and the rest of them include members of the support staff and some network pitchers.

Chennai Super kings to postpone their training

Now this made the Super Kings postpone its training starting date to September 1. According to IPL’s Permanent Operating Procedures (SOPs), everyone who tested positive will now need to undergo at least two weeks of quarantining and clearing two more tests before they can rejoin the group.

Now we can understand that the positive test results are from the final round of testing in the United Arab Emirates, which is part of the IPL Covid-19 protocols, which comprise three tests that are mandatory for everyone who is part of the tournament. Under the protocol, all people would be tested at the airport upon landing in the United Arab Emirates, followed by three tests on days 1, 3, and 6. The protocol also requires everyone to undergo a six-day quarantine after landing where they aren’t supposed to even mingle with team members or colleagues. Only after team members pass all mandatory tests can teams begin their training.

According to the original schedule, Chennai Super Kings would have started their training on Friday. However, their preparations are now in disarray. So far, both the franchise and the IPL has not made any public comment.

chennai super kings dhoni squad practice
Chennai Super Kings

The IPL will begin on September 19, but the schedule has yet to be finalized. The development is sure to put the IPL on alert simply because the Super Kings, who finished runners-up in 2019, is expected to face the defending champions of the Mumbai Indians in the first tournament.

Chennai Super Kings underwent a 6-days conditioning camp in Chennai including an Indian contingent and after that, they landed in Dubai. That group included most of the senior Indian players on the team, including captain MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, Deepak Chahar, and Piyush Chawla.

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What happens next?

According to the tournament’s SOPs, those who test positive must be “immediately isolated from the rest of the team.” The SOPs also says that “contact tracing” must “begin immediately.”

If the person is “asymptomatic or has mild symptoms,” then they should be isolated outside the biosecure bubble for two weeks from the “first day of symptoms or a positive PCR test report, whichever is later.”

The individual is also unable to train during the 14 day isolation period and full rest is recommended. If symptoms worsen, you will be transferred to a tournament accredited hospital.

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After involving the isolations, the affected player must undergo two negative PCR test with 24 hours apart and and after that cardiac screening will be held for the player. If he passes all, he will be allowed to resume team activities.

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Coronavirus Vaccine

Russia is all set to launch the World’s first vaccine for the novel coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) with Russia’s Ministry of Defence on August 11, 2020. This makes Russia the first country in the world to do so and they are also planning to start mass production as early as September.

Phases of study

Moscow announced itself to be at the forefront of potential vaccine discovery, which has surprised the international community. With no evidence of phased testing or published scientific evidence, Russia claimed that it began experimental coronavirus shots less than two months ago and was “tested“, the news agency reported.

The head of Russia’s Direct Investment Fund, which allegedly launched the effort, said it had completed a Phase III study of the vaccine developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute. He said that thousands of people joined in the last phase and were tested. The experimental vaccine is safe and actually works, he added.

Ready for public?

A news agency reported that experts claimed in a television meeting of Russia’s leading leaders in the presence of President Vladimir Putin, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, that the potential vaccine would approve conditional registration in August this month. Officials announced that the vaccine was then ready to be delivered to citizens within 3 to 4 days of completion of the procedure.

coronavirus russia president
Russian President Vladimir Putin

The key requirements for a vaccine are its proven effectiveness and safety so everything needs to be done very carefully and accurately. Our confidence in the vaccine must be absolute.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

According to reports, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said the vaccine needed a pending trial on another 1,600 people before final approval. She further called the vaccine dose “safe” and was probably administered to the public for the first time in the world.

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova

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The world is facing the terror of coronavirus which has dismantled several domains. The stock market all across the Globe is going down. The COVID-19 has impacted 210 countries, infecting 7,598,803 people worldwide with death rate mounting up to 423,868. With the emergence in Wuhan, Hubei province, China COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be the greatest challenge that human civilization has ever faced since the 2nd world war. Proliferating in a rampant way to every corner of the globe, with no approved treatment or vaccine, it poses a big threat to the entire human population.

COVID-19 and economy

Apart from the massive loss of life due to this pandemic, COVID-19 has severely dismantled the global economy with developed and developing countries facing the threat of increasing unemployment. With the implementation of lockdown, several companies fell into the state of crisis and lack of productivity. Lockdown will directly impact the GDP of countries with an estimated reduction of 2% from annual GDP.


Acc. to the World Trade Organization(WTO), coronavirus will reduce world trade by a third. If compared, the repercussions of COVID-19 are daunting and more intimidating than the Great Depression of 1930. It’s only when countries act together that, we can expect a faster recovery than if each country acted alone.

Black swan event for stock market

The environment in the stock market across the globe is low-spirited. Black swan event is an uncertain event with unprecedented consequences and is characterized by extreme rarity and the impact of COVID-19 on the stock market is one such example.

stock market
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There are instances where stock market crashes have been accompanied by a sudden surge in recovery. 

  • During 1992 Indian Stock Market Scam, Sensex dipped by 53% and recovered by an unprecedented 127% within 1.5 years.
  • The 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis, which emerged in Thailand had severely impacted neighboring economies, facing a setback of 40% in four years. Strangely enough, it leaped with a recovery rate of 115% in one year.
  • It was during the “Tech Bubble” crash of 2000 that the Sensex dipped by 56% in 1.5 years. But, it emerged with a recovery rate of 138% in 2.4 years.

Regardless of the examples, it’s quite reasonable that the economic setback due to COVID-19 is unfathomable and will take a long time before it’s restored to its normal state.

The scuffle between Russia and Saudi Arabia over oil supply and prices is one example of international factors impacting the stock market. With a sudden surge in the price of oil by Russia, Saudi Arabia triggered a response in order to keep the oil price under moderation. 

sharemarket economy

In this period of turmoil ,what can we learn from the stock market ?

During this period, we can learn about investor psychology and behavior. Such time provokes investors to speculate the upheavals of financial markets, estimate what’s going to happen with the market on that day.