TikTok star Sachin Tiwari, who had grown furious on social media over her strange resemblance to the late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, has been cornered to play the lead role in the production adventure of Vijay Shekhar Gupta, Suicide or Murder: A star was lost.

Gupta said the film will go on sale in mid-September and will be shot in Mumbai and Punjab. Also added that they expect a Christmas 2020 release.

The creators also revealed Sachin Tiwari’s first poster as “The Outsider”. The film is not a biographical film of Sushant Singh Rajput, but it is inspired by his life.

suicide or murdered sushant singh rajput 2020 sachin tiwari

Suicide or Murder

The director added that he intends to “expose” Bollywood with his film. More about showing how prevalent nepotism is and how the lobbying machinery works within Bollywood, where opportunities are taken from those who deserve it and given to those with connections. Also, Maulik said, “I want to break this gang. My story will show everything that went wrong with Sushant. That boy was forced to end his life. He was bullied by people and boycotted and even fired from several movies in a row”.

Although the story of the film is essentially based on the life of Sushant, it will show the injustice committed to other actors. The director said, “Suicide or Murder is not a biographical film, but is inspired by Sushant’s life.

It will spill the beans on many secrets of the film industry.”

Many actors who come to the industry to fulfill their dreams of succeeding here do not end up working. Many take this route, and some go on fighting their whole lives. So we wanted to tell a story of how small-town actors who thought they were godparents in Bollywood fight. We will reveal other characters one by one. I can assure you that this film will definitely unmask the true face of Bollywood connoisseurs. “

Suicide or murder: Vijay Shekhar Gupta conceives and produces a lost star under his VSG Binge banner. It is directed by Shamik Maulik. Singer and music director Shraddha Pandit will compose music for the film.

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