A must book to read!! A book that turned over my conceptions over science!! A book that is just out of this world!!..

When searching for “A Brief History of time” on the internet, one might see some reviews which are similar to the above line.. Well they are 100% true.

Stephen Hawking “ A Brief History Of Time”

A book released on 1988 by Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking was not a very anticipated release.

Everyone guessed it as a normal science warmer book which inspires skepticism of your outer world( As Stephen Hawking and Carl sagan where friends …Fun fact the foreword was given by Carl sagan).

But as soon as it released the scientific and the intelligence community did not stop in any way in praising this piece of work. It became a holy bible for Science fiction movie makers and space-time genres.

It became the No.1 New York time best seller for two decades…

What was there in this 185 page Cosmological science introducer and explanatory book..

Lets check it out..

Timeline of Various Scientific events( Initial chapters)

Hawking’s smooth and steady paced explanatory of various scientific discoveries and theories which shaped the belief system of the people from the period of Aristotle to Einstein was just more than engaging. It felt like you are speaking to your neighbor who was a friend of Einstein, Feynman, Laplace, and many more great scientists and he was sharing his experience. This book is a piece of Time Travel in itself. (Common it was a line inspired from a quote of Sagan )….

stephen hawking-cosmos-blackhole stephen hawking movie stephen hawking quotes blackhole blackhole collision

One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person. perhaps someone dead for 1000 years. To read is to voyage through time.

Carl Sagan

How the General theory of relativity changed the course of Classical theory when studying objects of higher mass and greater speed. How the shape of the universe where depicted. How quantum theory evolved from the General theory of relativity, Uncertainty principle( This is a separate chapter).

All these questions where answered in great detail and in words that an ordinary science student can understand.

Black Holes and Worm Holes( 3 chapters)

This was the part that really motivated me to study the book. To be honest it takes a lot of external effort to complete the book. Because at a certain point the concepts run on a thin line of philosophy and pure science that the reader starts to imagine up things which might be not along with the text. Some content takes two or 3 readings to completely give you the meaning. Such a part was the Blackhole concept.

Everyone has an idea that Black Holes are high gravity objects that suck up things like a vacuum cleaner. Honestly, I  had the same opinion before reading this book. But facts like even an ultra-high-density phenomenon like the black hole emits some radiation ..but it might be a  particle whose antiparticle pair was absorbed( Hawking Radiation). It was proved theoretically that near black holes Time travel does occur on the Microscopic scale. (Mindblowing right.. but this is just the gist of the content). Magnetic radiations around the event horizon. (Blackhole hotspots)

Further concepts like the Nonboundary starting condition of the universe( Infinite space-time Curvature), Feynman’s theory of addition of the history of events, Spacetime warping, and their shapes because of the type of energy density near it. Worm Holes, the role of entropy in black holes, Role of thermodynamics in the prediction of Time, Arrows of Time,…. These are the concepts that are so well explained which makes this book out of this world( literally)…

stephen hawking-cosmos-blackhole stephen hawking movie stephen hawking quotes blackhole blackhole collision

Worm Holes( The one you might have seen in the movie Interstellar)..were described as a phenomenon which can be created by humans under certain physical conditions) and proved the condition is achievable with the help of two metallic reflecting plates( Crazy right…)

This book is so fascinating that it might even confuse whether you are in the forward or reverse time chronology when compared to the universe.

Stephen Hawking’s General Idea

The book gave me an impression ( do comment if you feel this is wrong) that Stephen Hawking always wondered and worked on the unification of all the laws.

For instance, Newton’s Classical theory was only applicable on a normal scale. Einstein’s general theory of relativity is applicable to a system whose gravity conditions are not extraordinarily high( Observations on Saggitarius A are going on, but Einstein’s laws will remain intact for another century). But at the times of the creation of the universe Gravity was so high that all law of physics at this point breaks to explain the phenomenon. Concepts like Quantum gravity, the Uncertainty principle, Euclidian Imaginary Time comes into play.

Stephen Hawking wanted to converge all these concepts into a single theory which explained all the phenomenon. He indeed has given a strong foundation on which the upcoming generations can build concepts that Hawking had discussed.

Concepts like Time Travel were teased in this book as it was only possible on a Microscopic scale theoretically and humans as a whole might not be able to achieve that Scientific stunt any time soon…

This Book is indeed no less than a holy book for a inquisitive science student.

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