It seems very strange yet so satisfying when we talk to someone who is miles away on social media and share our deep thoughts with them but not feeling comfortable sharing the same thoughts to the known ones. Social Media has always been one engaging platform for those who love to make new friends across this globe, love to update their feeds by posting pictures and to learn every day something new.

Social ?

It has successfully connected strangers through its platform but somewhere affected badly the real-life relations too. It made people trust easily on strangers but having trust-issues with their own parents. So many people are unhappy in their respective lives just because they don’t have many followers on their social media accounts or their posts don’t get a satisfactory amount of likes unlike their relatives, friends, etc.

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Connecting the reel-ones at the cost of Real-ones

People have stopped caring to sit with their family members in their free time now rather they are now more concerned to talk to their online friends and update their feed. Where Social Media is connecting different people of different tribes, different countries, different opinions but only at the cost of disconnecting them with their real-life known ones.

Social media people disconnecting
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Several people have lost their lives being a victim to social trafficking and trolling. It’s the only purpose was to make people feel more connected, happier, more successful, and to be updated but it was never to be made as a 24/7 addiction to almost every youngster and elders now.

Stay within the Limit

Anything be it social media should be used up to a limit, people should limit themselves to only enjoy being on social media not by developing a serious addiction towards it where they don’t find a way back to their normal lives and have an abnormal fear of not being updated on that virtual social media world.

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