Written by  Vardhini MohanUpdated: September 13, 2020 08:29:02 pm

Who doesn’t want glowing and clear skin? Let’s see some simple yet effective skincare tips for healthier skin!

Washing your face

WASH YOUR FACE! No one can emphasize more on the fact that washing your face is one of the most important factors in helping you maintain your skin.

Washing your face removes all the dust and bacteria from your face and prevents most of the occurring skin problems like acne, rashes, etc. So, make sure you wash your face at least twice a day.

Being Hydrated

Drinking lots of water is extremely important for your skin and your body overall. It helps the skin to be hydrated and helps get rid of toxins.

Exfoliation is an important step which most of us don’t do on a regular basis. But make sure you exfoliate at least twice a week to get rid of toxins, dead skin cells, etc. One of the basic exfoliation mask that you can do at home right now is by mixing brown sugar with olive oil or grapeseed oil and apply it on your face in circular motions.

Lessen skin care experiments

Minimize your makeup products and any sort of experimentation. I understand some of you cannot stop it completely. So, just make sure you try new products on in small quantities to avoid any sort of allergies just in case. Also, remember to ALWAYS remove your makeup before you go to bed using wet wipes that not only removes all the makeup products but also hydrates your skin.

Choosing your skin care product

It is definitely required for you to maintain a good and mild (based on your skin type) face wash. Do not use anything other than that to cleanse your face. Make a habit of using a cleanser if necessary. There are many cleansers available in the market that work wonders. A cleanser is very similar to your face wash and both do the same job of getting rid of dirt and dead skin cells.

Natural face pack remedies

Another important weekly routine to include in your skincare routine is face packs. Do not assume parlor face packs! I am just referring to the healthy, herbal, and natural packs that you can make at home. One of my favorites is made with honey, turmeric, yogurt, and gram flour. It helps remove suntan, dead skin cells, etc for dry skin.

There are so many based on your skin type and skin problems like Lemon and honey face pack for oily skin, turmeric, and gram flour for sensitive/normal skin, Honey and milk mask for blackheads, Aloe vera, and turmeric or green tea face pack for acne, etc.

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