Share market is a mysterious island, where only a few people survive who are pro in taking risks. Short-sighted and low confident people get lost on this island easily. The only way to conquer such an island requires techniques and a pro-active approach. This is the very long journey which is full of adventure and thrill, so pack your bags and To guide you with the directions we are here with seven facts that would help you to move easily that nobody would ever tell you about

Invest only your surplus money

Share market is highly prone to risk factors, So always invest the surplus money that you won’t be requiring to fulfill the future need, and the value of money keeps decreasing if you don’t make a suitable investment in relation to your future goals. It is important to have realistic expectations in relation to returns that you get from investing in the share market.

How to pick the right share ???

To be able to survive the market, a good decision in term of share has to be made and for that proper analysis has to be done Factor responsible for the shares of good company are systematic track records, growth of asset, Balance sheet checked, dividend prospects, stable financial performance, independent from govt policies.

Timing of the stock market ???

Indian stock market is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and moreover, on the holidays which are being listed by them Timing is being divided into three slots:

  • Pre-opening session-9:00 AM TO 9:15 AM
  • Post -closing Session-3:40 PM TO 4:00 PM
  • Normal trading session- 9:15 AM TO 3.30 PM

Best age to start investing??

The best time to start investing is around your 20s after you complete your graduation because you make yourselves aware of financial patterns and discipline. The little pocket money will turn out to be a huge asset in the future and it will improve risk-taking ability.

Recovery time for the stock market ??

Statistics show that if stock market crashes within the range of 5% to 10% generally it will require a month’s time for the recovery. The biggest market drops were more than 40% which lasts 22 months and recovered about 60 months.

Depiction of Bull and Bear market ??

The bull represents long term climb in the market and optimistic behavior of the investor. And the bear represents the opposite of the bull market i.e, long term decline, and the investor believes that the market is not in favorable condition.

Most expensive stock of Indian share market ?

The most expensive stock is MRF in the Indian market that cost more than 65000 of Indian rupee for the quantity of one share.

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