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Job offer negotiations are an essential and expected part of finding a job because this process allows you to prove the value your experience brings to the company. Knowing your value can help you present your qualifications accurately and secure compensation, benefits, and other elements of a job offer that best match the value of your education and experience. If you are considering a job offer and would like to negotiate pay or benefits, it may be helpful to review this article on how to negotiate job offers.

What is negotiating a job offer?

Negotiating a job offer is the process of negotiating benefits, salary, or other aspects of a potential job you wish to take on. Job offers are extended when the company wants you to become a member of its team. They tend to give you a salary and benefits that they think are fair. However, you may decide that you would like a higher wage or different benefits. In this case, you may try to negotiate with your employer to meet your needs as well as theirs.

What is part of a job offer?

The job offer part is when you negotiate with a company for a good position, benefits, and salary. Negotiate job and role details to get a pay or position that matches your skills and education, or to get more money or a higher position. Other forms of compensation such as benefits can be part of the negotiation during a job offer. These negotiations are important to your career because they can give you a better salary or greater seniority. In order to be successful in a job negotiation, you must know when to leverage your skills, education, and experience for a better position and salary.

How to negotiate during a job offer

7 tips that help you to successfully negotiate your business offer:

Decide how much money you need to negotiate

Evaluate how much money you need to live and how much money you will need to retire. Be realistic about a sustainable budget for your job offer negotiations, and assess how much you need for your current life requirements and retirement savings.

Decide how far you want to go in your career

Your ultimate goal might be to learn enough from your career that you can start your own business or even become a company CEO. A clear idea of ​​your career goals can put you in a strong position to negotiate the start of your career and the salary you earn. Having a good idea of ​​where you want to go in your career and how much salary you need can give you a better career path and a higher salary.

Evaluate the benefits you need and want

Some benefits you may want or need include medical, dental, and vision insurance. Family leave and the flexibility to work from home are also advantages offered by some companies. Some companies offer time off, sick days, and paid time off (PTO). Remember the importance of learning opportunities in your career and the impact they can have on your career advancement. Paying tuition fees is a benefit some companies offer to give employees a career boost and create skilled workers for the company.

Find the average salary and benefits for your position

Research benefits in the context of your job, industry and the region in which you live. Your leadership experience, education level, years of industry experience, licensing or certifications, skills and current job level should make a difference in how you negotiate when discussing your salary and position. Requesting information from other people working in your chosen field can also be helpful. Salary or benefits information is not published in many companies, so industry research is essential. Research can give you a stronger position to negotiate a career start and a better salary.

Present value to your employer

When speaking to the hiring manager, you can demonstrate your value to the employer by coming to negotiate a job offer with a list of the knowledge and skills you have as well as previous work experience related to the position. Connect your knowledge, experience, and skills to the job and company culture when you discuss a job negotiation with the hiring manager. Showing that your knowledge, experience, and skills are relevant to the job and the company can give you an edge in negotiations.

Accept the offer, make a counter-offer or decline the offer

When you accept an offer, ask what next steps you should employ. With a counter-offer, be realistic about how much you can offer based on the salary and benefits offered. Show the hiring manager why you’re doing the counteroffer based on your skills, knowledge, and experience. Be firm and polite about how to add value but be realistic when you hit a dead end because of an offer that doesn’t meet your expectations, goals, or needs. It’s okay to steer clear of job offer negotiations that don’t meet your standards, don’t follow industry standards in general or geographic standards specific to an area, or that don’t reflect your hard work to improve your education, knowledge, and skills.

Send a polite thank you letter or email to the hiring manager

I thank the manager for considering the counter offer. Maintaining good relationships with hiring managers is essential to establishing your credibility in your chosen industry.

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Windows 11

If you haven’t taken a look at our previous blog on “Windows 11 is here – Things you need to know on this interesting upgrade!!”, Do check it out. The former was based on the leaked developer version which was stable for normal use but digging deep and using it as our daily driver without a backup would have proved costly! So check this thread to know how you can download the official version here!

Step 1: Open Settings

Open Settings

Click on the Search bar found at the bottom left and type Settings. Then go to Update & Security which is the last option present.

Step 2: Windows Update

Update window
Windows Update window

If you are on track with the updates, you’ll see that there will be no pending updates. If there’s anything available, Don’t Panic! Just ignore it and follow the next step.

Step 3: Windows Insider Program

Windows insider program
Windows Insider Program window

The last option you’ll find in the left column will be the Windows Insider Program. Click on it and you’ll see this window. Make sure you are logged in to a valid Microsoft account.

Step 4: Change Insider settings

Change insider settings
Change Insider settings to Dev Channel

Most probably, we’ll all be using a stable version till now, but who knew, this crazy-fresh-new-looking Windows 11 will be the one worth trying. So change your Insider settings to Dev Channel and then go back.

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Step 5: Check for updates

Windows 11 update
Check for updates

Go back to the Windows Update window and click Check for updates! Within a few seconds, you’ll notice Windows 11 Insider Preview is available for your PC and it’ll start downloading!

Kind attention: If you do not have the TPM 2.0(which is usually a module present on the motherboard) or fail other requirements, sorry you cannot do it the official way (yet) 🙁

Step 6: Install and enjoy!

What next, just wait for the download to finish and then install once the Windows prompts to. The boot-up for the first time might take around 20-40 minutes.

Patience is bitter, but it's fruit is sweet

You’ll probably be able to enjoy the features mentioned here ——- HERE ——-. Keep sharing, we’ll be starting the next thread soon!

Windows 11

The much-awaited update from Microsoft is here and this blog gives you some insights on what changes can be seen as a normal laptop or pc user and how it works. To check out the event (June 24) – CLICK HERE!!

Dev version leaked!

In case you did not know about the buzz around this leak, check it out here. A week ago, there was a huge buzz on the internet about this leak which just came in days before the official launch. People were able to download the file from various sites and were able to install and experience it as well. Check out some of the pictures and the experience below!!

Windows setup screen theunblog
Activate Windows screen

Just as you imagine, this screen pops up when you first try to install and we could proceed further by clicking on “I don’t have a product key” option. Then,

Installing windows screen theunblog
Installing Windows

A screen showing the available Windows 11 versions including Home, Educational, Enterprise, Pro etc., appears and choose whatever you want to try. I installed Windows 11 Home Edition and started the installation!

Getting ready screen theunblog
Getting Windows 11 ready

As soon as the installation gets over (takes around 30-40mins), System will restart and this screen appears!

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Choose your country window
Choose your country

The first screen that is interactable allows you to choose the country you are in. Check out the first look at Windows 11!

Windows 11 Home screen theunblog
First look

This is our first look at Windows 11. This screen is visible after some installation as well. Here we can see Edge comes pre-installed (as usual). A major revamp on the taskbar can be seen. The Start menu now pops up in the center and all those icons got a major redesign in terms of location and style.

File explorer windows 11 theunblog
This PC window

This is how the “This PC” window looks like and it’s pretty much fresh and catchy as well. These new icons make it easy to differentiate and for long-term use, these must be better!

Switching between windows
Snap feature of windows 11 theunblog
Major update

One of the most highlighted features is this! The new SNAP feature lets you control where and how the window must be visible on the screen. There’s nothing much we could find out, with less time to experiment, these are some changes we look forward to!

Snap feature on the Windows 11 Pro!

Final verdict

The first look of the screen will look new and fresh to Windows users, but as per reports, Microsoft has adopted certain things from Apple’s macOS. So we would like to tell you that there’s much more this Windows 11 can do and you’ll eventually get to know it!

A data center is a facility that centralizes an organization’s shared IT equipment and operations for the purpose of storing, processing, and disseminating data and applications. Because they house an organization’s most critical and proprietary assets, data centers are vital to the continuity of day-to-day operations.

Types of data centers?

There are four main types of data centers:

  • Enterprise data centers. These are created, owned and operated by companies and are optimized for their end users.
  • Managed services data centers.
  • Colocation data centers.
  • Cloud data centers.

Data center business?

A data center (or data center) is a facility made up of computers and networked storage that businesses and other organizations use to organize, process, store, and disseminate large amounts of data.

How to build a networked data center?
8 steps to building a modern data center

  • Be modular.
  • Convergence when possible.
  • Let the software do the driving.
  • Adopt basic hardware.
  • Empower end users.
  • Break down silos.
  • What a hybrid.
  • Focus on continuity of service

Why do you need a data center?

Data centers offer the capabilities – scalability, security, efficiency, and state-of-the-art technology – that businesses and organizations are demanding more and more, but are too expensive to do on their own. Data migration goes a long way; from safety and reliability to energy efficiency and cost reduction.

What Makes a Good Data Center?

Data centers must use software and technology that protect their assets, but they must also have strong physical security. Your facility should have adequate locks, surveillance and, depending on the size, even security personnel.

How are data centers connected?

Basically, a data center connects to the Internet like any other user: through the line of a dedicated service provider. However, unlike a typical building, data centers have multiple connections available from different vendors, allowing them to offer a variety of options to their customers.

Who has more data centers?

While the majority of the 504 hyperscale installations (40 percent) are in the US, the highest growth rates have been in Europe and Asia-Pacific. China, Japan, the UK, Germany and Australia now account for 32 percent of the total. Amazon and Microsoft launched more than half of all new data centers in the last 12 months.

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A network consists of two or more computers that are connected to share resources (such as printers and CDs), exchange files, or allow electronic communications. Computers on a network can be connected through cables, telephone lines, radio waves, satellites, or rays of infrared light.

Two common types of networks:

Local area network (LAN)
Wide Area Network (WAN)

Local area network

A local area network (LAN) is a network that is limited to a relatively small area. It is usually limited to a geographic area such as a writing lab, school, or building.

Computers connected to a network are broadly classified as servers or workstations. Servers are not generally used directly by humans, but rather run continuously to provide “services” to the other computers (and their human users) on the network. The services provided may include printing and faxing, software hosting, file storage and sharing, messaging, data storage and retrieval, full access control (security) for network resources, and many others.

Workstations are so named because they typically have a human user interacting with the network through them. Workstations were traditionally considered a desktop computer, consisting of a computer, keyboard, screen, and mouse, or a laptop, with an integrated keyboard, display, and touchpad. With the advent of the tablet and touch screen devices such as iPad and iPhone, our definition of workstation is rapidly evolving to include those devices, due to their ability to interact with the network and use network services.

Servers tend to be more powerful than workstations, although configurations are driven by need. For example, a group of servers may be located in a safe area, away from humans, and can only be accessed through the network. In such cases, it would be common for servers to function without a dedicated display or keyboard. However, the size and speed of the server’s processors, hard drive, and main memory can dramatically increase the cost of the system. On the other hand, a workstation may not need as much storage or working memory, but it might require an expensive display to fit the needs of its user. Each computer on a network must be properly configured for use.

In a single LAN, computers and servers can be connected via cables or wirelessly. Wireless access to a wired network is possible through wireless access points (WAP). These WAP devices provide a bridge between computers and networks. A typical WAP may have the theoretical capacity to connect hundreds or even thousands of wireless users to a network, although the practical capacity may be much less.

Servers will almost always be wired to the network, because wired connections are still the fastest. Workstations that are stationary (desktop computers) are also often wired to the network, although the cost of wireless adapters has been reduced to the point that by installing workstations in an existing wired installation inappropriate, it may be easier and less expensive to use wireless technology for a desktop computer.

See the topology, cabling, and hardware sections of this tutorial for more information on setting up a LAN.

Wide area network

Wide Area Networks (WANs) connect networks in larger geographic areas, such as Florida, the United States, or the world. Dedicated transoceanic cabling or satellite uplinks can be used to connect this type of global network.

With a WAN, Florida schools can reach places like Tokyo in seconds, without having to pay huge phone bills. Two users half a world away with workstations equipped with microphones and webcams can teleconference in real time. A WAN is complicated. It uses multiplexers, bridges, and routers to connect local and metropolitan networks to global communications networks such as the Internet. To users, however, a WAN will not seem much different than a LAN.


Structured Query Language or SQL is a standard database language used to create, maintain and retrieve data from relational databases such as MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostGre, etc. The recent ISO standard version of SQL is SQL: 2019. As the name suggests, it is used when we have structured data (in the form of tables). All databases that are not relational (or that do not use fixed structure tables to store data) and therefore do not use SQL, are called NoSQL databases. Examples of NoSQL are MongoDB, DynamoDB, Cassandra, etc.


Database interface for LabVIEW Robotic Control

LabVIEW is a dynamic tool that uses data to modify the operational parameters of a robot, depending on different conditions. To do this, the data must be stored in such a way that the program can easily access it. Therefore, database interfaces are developed to facilitate efficient communication. SQL queries within the database enable convenient, structured data storage and retrieval, which in turn improves the robot’s functionality.

SMS-based remote server monitoring system

These systems are particularly beneficial for large corporate organizations that have massive data centers and multiple servers. Since these servers host a large number of applications, it is difficult to monitor their functionality. Typically, when a server is down or crashed, clients inform the organization about it.

To avoid delays in corrective actions, you need a web-based solution that can remotely monitor these server failures. Such an application would periodically ping the servers based on predetermined rules, and then send an SMS to a predetermined list of specialists in case a server is down. This message would contain specific details about the server, the time of failure, etc.

Blood Donation Database

This database would store interrelated data on patients, blood donors, and blood banks. You can follow the example of the data points listed below.

Patient name, unique identification, blood group and disease
Donor name, unique identification, blood group, medical report, address, contact number
Name of the blood bank, address, donor details of the blood bank (name, address, contact number)
Now, try to implement the same in a database by creating a schema, an Entity-Relationship (E-R) diagram, and then try to normalize it.

Hospital Management System

It is a web-based system or software that allows you to manage the operation of a hospital or any other medical facility. Creates a systematic and standardized registry of patients, doctors and rooms, which can only be controlled by the administrator. All patients and doctors will have a unique one and will be related in the database based on the treatments in progress. In addition, there will be separate modules for hospital admission, patient discharge summary, roles of nurses and ward boys, medical stores, etc.

Centralized university database

A university has academic departments, such as the Department of English, the Department of Mathematics, the Department of History, etc. And each department offers a variety of courses. Now an instructor can teach more than one course. Let’s say a teacher takes a class in Statistics and also in Calculus.

As a student in the Mathematics department, you can enroll in both courses. Therefore, each university course can have any number of students. Here an important point to keep in mind is that a particular course can have only one instructor to avoid overlaps.

Student database management

Similarly, you can do a student record keeping project. The database would contain general student information (such as name, address, contact information, year of admission, courses, etc.), attendance file, grades or results file, fee file, scholarship file, etc. An automated student database streamlines the college administration process to a considerable degree.


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Top 9 Android Apps

Each and every smartphone user should have somehow come across Android phones. Phones that use Google’s Android OS are all over the world and commits to more than 80% of the World’s smartphone user base. So, the apps that we use in it are very popular. Here’s our take on some Top Android Apps to use in 2020.

Here’s the Top 9 Android Apps:

  1. YouTube Vanced
  2. F – Droid
  3. NewPipe
  4. Open Camera
  5. Blokada
  6. Fake GPS Location
  7. Photo Studio
  8. NotePin
  9. Wallwrap

YouTube Vanced:

How to remove ads from Youtube Android application? (Youtube Vanced) – Aavo Blog
Youtube vanced

 This is nothing but a mod version of YouTube. In simple terms, “Ad-free YouTube”. Most of us would have been frustrated with YouTube’s new algorithm which plays unskippable ads in certain videos. The early stages of YouTube had ads but those were skippable. Months later, they were designed in such a way that the user could skip it after 5 seconds. But ads now can’t be skipped and this frustrates the user.

Using YouTube Vanced means you get to use an ad-free version of YouTube. This is not useful for YouTubers since they push some ads to get revenue.

App link:

F – Droid:

F-Droid's Android App Finally Gets a UI Makeover
F – droid

This is an open-sourced form of Google Play store without its restrictions. Like, using the apps downloaded from the Play store, we are exposed to different kinds of advertisements based on our user data. We would have searched for a smartphone on Google a little while ago and would have closed the browser.

This data is collected by Google and in turn, they push ads from various external sites on the apps that we use. These push ads yield revenue for Google. Apps that do not allow push notifications are mostly deleted from the Play store with some exceptions like WhatsApp. The apps present in this are totally free and certain passionate developers upload their apps here.

App link:

Editors Pick :


NewPipe merchandise for conferences, developer meetings etc. · Issue #1554 · TeamNewPipe/NewPipe · GitHub

This is also a form of YouTube with more privacy as no data is shared with Google. This app is available on F-droid and is free to download. For example, if your friend or sibling is using your phone and they see a video on YouTube. Your YouTube’s homepage will be full of videos related to the last watched video.

In this case, the one your friend or sibling has watched which is in no way related to you. Here comes the savior, NewPipe. The subscription you make in-app are exclusively stored locally and this means you get to see all videos from your favorite YouTuber. You can also download video or only audio in whichever resolution and file size you need. Not only this, but there are also a bunch of customizable features that you can check out yourselves!!

App link:

Open Camera:

Open Camera - Apps on Google Play
Open Camera

Most of our smartphone’s stock camera app does not support Manual mode and this is where Open Camera comes into play. This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Using this app gives us better video quality and customizations are one of its plus points. There are many video shooting options and one amazing feature of this app is customizable bitrate. Increasing the bitrate increases the quality of the video but also increases file size which should be noted as well. Check out the app here:

App link:

Blokada – Ad blocker app:

Blokada - the best ad blocker for Android and iOS, free and open source

I’m pretty sure each and every internet user in the world is fed up with ads being popped up in their browser. This app can be downloaded from f-droid and is free as well. Youngsters would download a lot of videos, movies, etc., from many of those torrent sites. This is where Blokada comes into play. Some frustrating ads that block us from going back or going further can be blocked with this. Most important is that, they claim to be battery efficient. Check it out yourself!

App link:

Fake GPS Location:

We are providing top rated best fake gps apps for android. There could be many reasons that you want to fake your location. | Gps apps, Tinder app, App
FakeGPS Location

Most of us would have used the excuse: I’m out, let me call you later but are sitting somewhere or lying on the bed. Now if the opposite party, let he/she be our friend or relative, gets a doubt, and tells you to share your live location, you feel tensed and have no idea what to do! This is where the aforementioned app comes to the rescue. Just go to developer settings on your android device and allow Mock location. Then go to the app and set the location. That’s it. You are now good to go with your lie 😊

App link:

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Photo Studio: Photo Studio PRO: Appstore for Android

Imagine having Adobe Photoshop in your pocket with all those amazing features, from cropping to editing to duplicating, this is the one. There’s also a pro version available in the Google Play Store which you’ll be able to buy for around $4. This app can do everything that the PicsArt can and a little less than Photoshop can. It is not good to expect full Photoshop features on an Android phone. Check this out and share your opinion:

App link:


Notepin: Best App for Notes and Reminders in Hindi. - HindiScroll

We all forget to do things just because we do not REMEMBER them. Here’s the perfect solution for this. As human beings and smartphone holders, we tend to receive or see notifications a lot and this app lets you pin the notification at the top of your notification bar! Check this app here:

App link:

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Wallwrap for Android - APK Download

Whenever there’s a comparison or Top list of apps, there must be a wallpaper app and this is what we recommend. The Wallwrap app consists of tons of different wallpapers having different colors, shapes, graphics, and patterns. There’s also a menu key where you set that as your home screen wallpaper or just download and use it later. Check this out yourself and there’s a surprise out there!

App link:

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N10 5G and N100 – New Nords

OnePlus has just launched two new smartphones, adding them to its Nord series. The OnePlus Nord N10 5G is the latest mid-range 5G phone, while the OnePlus Nord N100 is the company’s first entry-level phone. With the arrival of the two new smartphones, OnePlus officially has a new series of smartphones in the form of the “Nord”, increasing the number of Nord phones by three.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G

The OnePlus Nord N10 5G is priced at £ 330 (roughly Rs 31,900) for the 6GB / 128GB model. For comparison, the original OnePlus Nord is available for £ 380 (roughly Rs 36,700) for the 8GB / 128GB configuration. The OnePlus Nord N10 5G is available in a single Midnight Ice color option.

The Nord N10 is powered by the Snapdragon 690 SoC, which features a Snapdragon X51 modem. The device also has a 4,300 mAh battery with Warp Charge 30T support. The Nord N10 has a 6.49-inch FHD + IPS LCD panel with a 90Hz refresh rate compared to the 90Hz AMOLED panel on the standard Nord.

Editors Pick :

In terms of camera, the OnePlus Nord N10 has a 64 MP primary sensor paired with an 8 MP ultra-wide shooter, depth sensor, and macro camera. The perforated camera cutout on the front houses a 16MP selfie. The Nord N10 is equipped with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and stereo speakers.

OnePlus Nord N100

The OnePlus Nord N100 is an entry-level smartphone, priced at £ 180 (roughly Rs 17,900), and available in a single 4GB / 64GB variant. The Nord N100 is also the only 4G device in the range. The OnePlus Nord N100 is available in a single Midnight Frost color option.

The Nord N100 is powered by Snapdragon 460 SoC, an entry-level 11nm chip. The N100 opts for a 6.52-inch LCD panel with HD + resolution (900×1600 pixels), but misses the high refresh rate. The phone has a battery capacity of over 5,000 mAh, although it loses the charge from the Wrap, settling for the 18W support.

The OnePlus Nord N100 has a triple camera setup on the back with a 13 MP sensor at the helm. The other two camera sensors include a depth sensor and a macro camera. On the front, the hole cutout houses an 8 MP selfie camera. Additionally, the Nord N100 also has a rear-mounted fingerprint reader, but it misses the stereo speakers.


Both the OnePlus Nord N100 and N10 5G will run OxygenOS 10.5, which is based on Android 10. The two OnePlus Nord devices will arrive in Europe next month and launch in the US at a later date. There’s no information about the availability in India.

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In the late 1940s, Russian researchers kept five people awake for fifteen days using an experimental gas-based stimulant. They were kept in a damp environment to carefully monitor their oxygen intake so that the gas would not kill them, as it was toxic in high concentrations. This was before closed-circuit cameras, so they only had microphones and five-inch-thick glass porthole-sized windows to monitor them. The chamber was stocked with books, beds to sleep in, but no beds, running water and toilets, and fed all five of them for more than a month.

The test subjects were political prisoners who were deemed enemies of the state during World War II.

Everything was fine for the first five days; Subjects rarely complained (falsely) promised that they would be freed if they were presented for trial and did not sleep for 30 days. Their interactions and activities were monitored and it was noted that they continued to talk about the increasing traumatic events in their past, and the general tone of their conversation was on a darker aspect after the four-day mark.

After five days they begin to complain about the circumstances and events that lead them to the place where they were and begin to exhibit severe paranoia. They stopped talking to each other and alternately whispered with microphones and in a way showed Portholes. Oddly they all feel that they can win the trust of their peers, experimenters to keep other people in captivity. At first, the researchers suspected that it was the effect of the gas itself.

FACT CHECK: Was the Russian Sleep Experiment Real?

After nine days the first of them started screaming. He drove the length of the chamber repeatedly, screaming at the top of his lungs for three hours straight, he continued to scream but was only able to produce occasional squeaks. Researchers posted that she had physically torn her vocal cords. The most amazing thing about this behavior is how the other detainees reacted to it… or did not react to it. They kept whispering to the microphone until another of the captives started screaming. The two non-screaming detainees ripped apart the books, smeared the page with their own feces, and glued them calmly to the glass verandah. The screaming immediately stopped.

So Whispered to the Microphone.

Three more days passed. The researchers checked the microphones hourly to make sure they were working, as they thought it impossible that no sound could come with five people. Oxygen consumption in the chamber indicated that all five must still be alive. In fact, it was the amount of oxygen that five people would consume at a very heavy level of rigorous exercise. On the morning of the 14th day, the researchers did something in which they said they would not do it to get a response from the captives, they used intercoms inside the chamber to provoke any reaction from the detainees that scared or scared the vegetables. Were expecting

He announced: “We are opening the chamber to test the microphone, away from the door and will lie flat on the floor or be shot. Compliance will earn one of you your immediate freedom.”

To his surprise he heard a phrase in a calm voice: “We don’t want to be free anymore.”

ArtStation - The Russian Sleep Experiment, David Romero

A debate erupted between researchers and military forces funding the research. Unable to provoke any further reaction using the intercom, it was finally decided to open the chamber at midnight on the fifteenth day.

The chamber was filled with stirring gas and filled with fresh air, and immediately the microphone began to sound. 3 different voices started begging, such as pleading for the lives of loved ones to turn the gas back on. The chamber was opened and soldiers were sent to retrieve test subjects. They shouted louder than ever, and the soldiers watched while they were inside. Four of the five subjects were still alive, although no one could tell the state that any of them were in ‘life’.

The food ration of the last five days was not so much as touched. The dead test subject had pieces of flesh from the thighs and chest filled into the groove in the center of the chest, blocking the drain and allowing four inches of water to accumulate on the floor. Blood was never actually determined by how much water was on the floor. All four ‘living’ test subjects also had large portions of muscle and skin that were distant from their bodies. The destruction of the flesh and exposed bone on his fingers indicated that the wounds were inflicted by hand and not with teeth as researchers initially thought. A closer examination of the position and angles of the lesions indicated that if not all of them were self-inflicted.

The abdominal organs below the ribcage of all four test subjects were removed. While the heart, lungs, and diaphragm remained in place, most of the muscles attached to the ribs had been ripped off, exposing the lungs through the ribcage.

to be continued..

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Christopher Nolan tried to make a scientific fictional movie but in near future, it might become a reality.Interstellar explains earth may become an inhabitable planet and in order to save humanity from extinction, we may need to search for a nearby planet where life is possible. Everything and anything portrayed in this movie is not random incidents made for the sake of the movie. They are all paradox theories among which one of the concepts was recently proven. The existence of a black hole proven in recent times

Interstellar plot


A team of scientists must find the human race a new home after Earth is struck with worldwide food shortfalls and corn is the most valuable food. Using a mysterious wormhole, they explore strange new worlds and could find a home to save the human race.

N.A.S.A.’s last hope looks to Coop, Brand, Romilly, and TARS under the direction of Professor Brand to search for answers in the deepest corners of space while dealing with Murphy’s Law. 

In Earth’s future, a global crop blight and second Dust Bowl are slowly rendering the planet uninhabitable. Professor Brand, a brilliant N.A.S.A. physicist, is working on plans to save mankind by transporting Earth’s population to a new home via a wormhole. But first, Brand must send former N.A.S.A. pilot Cooper and a team of researchers through the wormhole and across the galaxy to find out which of three planets could be mankind’s new home.


The first breakthrough in the movie was the gravitational anomaly that cooper witnesses but it will be explained later wormhole is the passage in space due to the presence of singularity. Consider the space as a tight spreadsheet when a mass is kept over it there is a bulge in the sheet.

A black hole has the highest mass thus the presence of a black hole may result in a bulge in the sheet. Considering this phenomenon there is a lesser gap between 2 parallel layers creating a wormhole which refuses the actual time traveling from one  parallel space to another


interstellar- movie- breakdown-singularity-blackhole

The second breakdown is the Nolans portrayal of the black hole. It was quite a surprise it was similar to the real one discovered in recent times. This is because he studied the characteristics of a black hole, with heavier mass the higher the gravitational pull will be, even the photons are pulled towards the point of singularity. Thus is a bright circling light of the photons around the black hole

Relativity in time

The next concept that we can observe in the movie relativity in the time since the acceleration due to gravity is higher near the black hole the planet near to the black hole revolves at a higher velocity when compared to earth. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity at the higher velocity, the time is slower than actual thus there is a major time difference in time in millers planet to the earth. According to the movie every hour on the planet is more than a year on earth 


 It the point of nothingness, though the black hole has a heavy mass still the size is relatively small the bulge in the stretched sheet so hight that it leads to the point of singularity. All the cosmic objects are said to be attracted to the point of singularity. All the galaxy in the universe is continuously in motion with respect to the overall mass of the whole and move towards singularity similar to the way in which earth is closing towards the sun.

4th Dimension cube (Tesseract)

In the climax, Cooper falls into a 4th dimension cube in Interstellar which is said to be created by the future persons from where the data required to save the earth is obtained with the help of people from the future. The confusion arises is only if cooper saves the earth then only there is future, this is explained by the bootstrap paradox where the existence of an object cannot be determined.

Followed by this the gravitational anomaly can be explained since the 4th dimension in the 4th dimension cube is nothing bu gravity. By which cooper was able to pass the data from the fourth dimension through time since it was located near the point of singularity and time is relative at that point.

Coopers suite

The final scene in Interstellar shows the cylindrical suite made by Cooper’s daughter to carry civilization into space the artificial gravity is possible in such a spacecraft due to centrifugal force. By a constant speed of rotation which produces an acceleration equivalent to the acceleration due to gravity in the earth.

The breakdown of this movie shows the effort behind the scene to make the movie a logical storyline with a classic Nolan’s signature on the movie-making Interstellar a masterpiece and a box office successful way back in 2014, most of the concepts explained through the movie were just hypothesis.

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