N10 5G and N100 – New Nords

OnePlus has just launched two new smartphones, adding them to its Nord series. The OnePlus Nord N10 5G is the latest mid-range 5G phone, while the OnePlus Nord N100 is the company’s first entry-level phone. With the arrival of the two new smartphones, OnePlus officially has a new series of smartphones in the form of the “Nord”, increasing the number of Nord phones by three.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G

The OnePlus Nord N10 5G is priced at £ 330 (roughly Rs 31,900) for the 6GB / 128GB model. For comparison, the original OnePlus Nord is available for £ 380 (roughly Rs 36,700) for the 8GB / 128GB configuration. The OnePlus Nord N10 5G is available in a single Midnight Ice color option.

The Nord N10 is powered by the Snapdragon 690 SoC, which features a Snapdragon X51 modem. The device also has a 4,300 mAh battery with Warp Charge 30T support. The Nord N10 has a 6.49-inch FHD + IPS LCD panel with a 90Hz refresh rate compared to the 90Hz AMOLED panel on the standard Nord.

Editors Pick :

In terms of camera, the OnePlus Nord N10 has a 64 MP primary sensor paired with an 8 MP ultra-wide shooter, depth sensor, and macro camera. The perforated camera cutout on the front houses a 16MP selfie. The Nord N10 is equipped with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and stereo speakers.

OnePlus Nord N100

The OnePlus Nord N100 is an entry-level smartphone, priced at £ 180 (roughly Rs 17,900), and available in a single 4GB / 64GB variant. The Nord N100 is also the only 4G device in the range. The OnePlus Nord N100 is available in a single Midnight Frost color option.

The Nord N100 is powered by Snapdragon 460 SoC, an entry-level 11nm chip. The N100 opts for a 6.52-inch LCD panel with HD + resolution (900×1600 pixels), but misses the high refresh rate. The phone has a battery capacity of over 5,000 mAh, although it loses the charge from the Wrap, settling for the 18W support.

The OnePlus Nord N100 has a triple camera setup on the back with a 13 MP sensor at the helm. The other two camera sensors include a depth sensor and a macro camera. On the front, the hole cutout houses an 8 MP selfie camera. Additionally, the Nord N100 also has a rear-mounted fingerprint reader, but it misses the stereo speakers.


Both the OnePlus Nord N100 and N10 5G will run OxygenOS 10.5, which is based on Android 10. The two OnePlus Nord devices will arrive in Europe next month and launch in the US at a later date. There’s no information about the availability in India.

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Christopher Nolan tried to make a scientific fictional movie but in near future, it might become a reality.Interstellar explains earth may become an inhabitable planet and in order to save humanity from extinction, we may need to search for a nearby planet where life is possible. Everything and anything portrayed in this movie is not random incidents made for the sake of the movie. They are all paradox theories among which one of the concepts was recently proven. The existence of a black hole proven in recent times

Interstellar plot


A team of scientists must find the human race a new home after Earth is struck with worldwide food shortfalls and corn is the most valuable food. Using a mysterious wormhole, they explore strange new worlds and could find a home to save the human race.

N.A.S.A.’s last hope looks to Coop, Brand, Romilly, and TARS under the direction of Professor Brand to search for answers in the deepest corners of space while dealing with Murphy’s Law. 

In Earth’s future, a global crop blight and second Dust Bowl are slowly rendering the planet uninhabitable. Professor Brand, a brilliant N.A.S.A. physicist, is working on plans to save mankind by transporting Earth’s population to a new home via a wormhole. But first, Brand must send former N.A.S.A. pilot Cooper and a team of researchers through the wormhole and across the galaxy to find out which of three planets could be mankind’s new home.


The first breakthrough in the movie was the gravitational anomaly that cooper witnesses but it will be explained later wormhole is the passage in space due to the presence of singularity. Consider the space as a tight spreadsheet when a mass is kept over it there is a bulge in the sheet.

A black hole has the highest mass thus the presence of a black hole may result in a bulge in the sheet. Considering this phenomenon there is a lesser gap between 2 parallel layers creating a wormhole which refuses the actual time traveling from one  parallel space to another


interstellar- movie- breakdown-singularity-blackhole

The second breakdown is the Nolans portrayal of the black hole. It was quite a surprise it was similar to the real one discovered in recent times. This is because he studied the characteristics of a black hole, with heavier mass the higher the gravitational pull will be, even the photons are pulled towards the point of singularity. Thus is a bright circling light of the photons around the black hole

Relativity in time

The next concept that we can observe in the movie relativity in the time since the acceleration due to gravity is higher near the black hole the planet near to the black hole revolves at a higher velocity when compared to earth. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity at the higher velocity, the time is slower than actual thus there is a major time difference in time in millers planet to the earth. According to the movie every hour on the planet is more than a year on earth 


 It the point of nothingness, though the black hole has a heavy mass still the size is relatively small the bulge in the stretched sheet so hight that it leads to the point of singularity. All the cosmic objects are said to be attracted to the point of singularity. All the galaxy in the universe is continuously in motion with respect to the overall mass of the whole and move towards singularity similar to the way in which earth is closing towards the sun.

4th Dimension cube (Tesseract)

In the climax, Cooper falls into a 4th dimension cube in Interstellar which is said to be created by the future persons from where the data required to save the earth is obtained with the help of people from the future. The confusion arises is only if cooper saves the earth then only there is future, this is explained by the bootstrap paradox where the existence of an object cannot be determined.

Followed by this the gravitational anomaly can be explained since the 4th dimension in the 4th dimension cube is nothing bu gravity. By which cooper was able to pass the data from the fourth dimension through time since it was located near the point of singularity and time is relative at that point.

Coopers suite

The final scene in Interstellar shows the cylindrical suite made by Cooper’s daughter to carry civilization into space the artificial gravity is possible in such a spacecraft due to centrifugal force. By a constant speed of rotation which produces an acceleration equivalent to the acceleration due to gravity in the earth.

The breakdown of this movie shows the effort behind the scene to make the movie a logical storyline with a classic Nolan’s signature on the movie-making Interstellar a masterpiece and a box office successful way back in 2014, most of the concepts explained through the movie were just hypothesis.

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With speculation looming that Samsung might launch its S21 series in January, we naturally hope to get more details on upcoming flagships. Well, we got it thanks to the latest set of renders from @onleaks that give us our first look at the Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra. Additionally, the source supports the rumors of the January release.

Both phones come with centered punch holes like their predecessors, with the S21 sporting a 6.2 “flat panel, while the Ultra is between 6.7 and 6.9” with an even more pronounced curvature.

On the back, both phones come with a radically different design. The S21’s camera bulge has grown compared to the S20 and now wraps around the frame of the device. We have three cameras stacked vertically, while the flash is now separated from the camera bulge.

Elsewhere, the design remains largely unchanged down to the button locations. We can detect holes for two microphones on the top and the indicated dimensions of the phone are 151.7 x 71.2 x 7.9mm (without the camera bumper).

The S21 Ultra has an even more substantial camera bump around its back with four arranged lenses. Like the Vanilla S21, it wraps around the side of the phone with the frame extending to blend in.

The dimensions listed for the S21 Ultra are 165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9mm, while the camera bump adds another 2mm to the overall thickness. The alleged addition of an S-Pen seems to be almost confirmed as wrong.

In addition to the new versions, both the S21 + and its Ultra counterpart were found in China’s 3C certification database. The only useful information from the listings is that both phones will come with a 25W load.


The upcoming Galaxy S models will feature an “EP-TA800” charger which was also confirmed last week when we saw the Galaxy S21 listed by 3C with the same charger.

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THFC All or Nothing

A team that achieves unprecedented success (Manchester City, the all-or-nothing ‘football theme’ from the previous season), a great team struggling to get out of a tough spot (Amazon Prime series Take Us Home: Leeds United ), or a team that always fights on the wrong side of the scoreboard, but remains an integral part of the city and local culture (Sunderland ‘Til I Die on Netflix) – there is enough drama on each of these tracks that a viewer the time you need more compulsion to tune will be wasted.

thfc all or nothing
New coach Jose Mourinho is seen spending time with his players

The storyline

Basically, odds against All or Nothing – Tottenham Hotspur is their theme. What about the Spurs, after a year of average performances and not living up to expectations once again, is it worth being documented? This is where José Mourinho takes center stage.

In all likelihood, Spurs would have signed the deal with Amazon after a spectacular run to the UEFA Champions League final in 2019. Yet very few expected the club to implode at the start of the 2019-20 Premier League season which caused the departure of coach Mauricio Pochettino in mid-November of last year.

Editors Pick :

Documentary’s focus

Pochettino appears for about twenty-five minutes in episode one of the series, and that sets the narrative. The focus will be on the club’s resurgence with a new manager, the controversial José Mourinho, although we now know that it didn’t go as expected by President Daniel Levy. The team showed some struggle and hesitated before stuttering across the finish line.

All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur Episode 4 - Rundown, Review & Key Talking Points -
This documentary also shows the rise of Japhet Tanganga who was their academy recruit!

The Spurs have a team full of superstar players, none more so than England captain Harry Kane. However, it is José Mourinho whose presence looms like a specter. The Portuguese coach is a cult figure of personality. We have loved and hated him in equal measure, but we never shy away from reading about him. In short, José Mourinho is today the same informant that he was when he arrived in England in 2004 and was given the name – ‘The Special One’.

About the episodes

All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur is a disappointment because we are presented with superficial documentation of Mourinho. The drama is missing. One of the most successful coaches of his generation, we see little of Mourinho’s tactical mind, not even in the game where we see Spurs with five goals against an unfortunate Burnley Team FC.

thfc all or nothing - dele ali
Dele Alli’s cover

With that said, we see the everyday side of Mourinho: the downright cheeky and foul-mouthed coach who is sincere about wanting Harry Kane to “blow up” and calls out Dele Alli for being lazy in practice.

However, there is a more than acceptable reference to community outreach programs; the only downside is that the series doesn’t stop at him either. Even though the series shows glimpses of how the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium was built and turns Levy into some sort of messiah, it would have been a bit better had they focused on how the sacking of Pochettino happened. 

thfc all or nothing
Here we got a glimpse of everything : From Kane’s and Son’s injury to their rise and how THFC made it to the Europa League!

What we felt!?

We must remember that this show is supported by a multinational company that is desperate to get into the Premier League broadcasting game. Amazon loves the drama and they gladly show us plenty — but there are many more secrets under the Spurs rock that haven’t been revealed. Honestly, we would have needed the rise of Spurs as a Champions League finalists or at least Pochettino’s tactics and strategy but all that we got was of The Special One Mourinho’s.

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Written by Nirmal Thrideep

Do you feel like the world outside is disintegrating while you are forced to stay home all day? Are you a little bit unprepared for an apocalypse that might become a reality any day now? Does the news of horrors taking place around you making you want to just escape to somewhere else? Well then, we have something for you. Escape the horrors of the real world by plunging headfirst into the horrors of another (far more fantastical) world. Here are some of the best horror movies on Netflix India that you can immerse yourself into right now.

Psycho (1960)

Marion Crane, a secretary, finds herself on the run after embezzling forty thousand dollars from her boss. As she escapes, she is overcome by doubt and decides to stay the night at an empty motel run by a young man, seemingly dominated by his mother. 

psycho netflix horror movies
Psycho Movie Poster

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller is one of the most iconic horror films of all time, inspiring many that followed. The famous shower scene is widely praised even today for its masterful direction and editing. Based on a novel by Robert Bloch, which in turn was inspired by real events, this one is a must-watch if you haven’t already, sure to leave you impressed by its final reveal.

The Conjuring (2013)

Ed and Lorraine Warren are famous paranormal investigators and authors, who are called to help the Perron family with the increasing number of paranormal occurrences taking place at their house in 1971. 

the conjuring netflix horror movies
The Conjuring – Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) 

Directed by James Wan, this film proved that the shared cinematic universe could be successful even outside the superhero genre. With its many successful sequels and spin-offs, this film is almost a certified classic and is assured to make you want to leave the light on when you go to sleep.     

A Quiet Place (2018)

A family of a father, a mother, and their two children try to survive in a world that has been taken over by extraterrestrial creatures that hunt using sounds. They must try to lead a normal life while dealing with the loss of a child and the imminent arrival of another.

A quiet place netflix horror movies
A Quiet Place

This was actor-director John Krasinski’s first major directorial venture, and it was met with unprecedented success, partly due to its innovative concept of using sound sparingly and carefully. It has a sequel coming out soon, so make sure you’re all caught up before that.

Hush (2016)

A woman, who was rendered deaf and mute in her teenage years, lives in a cottage in a remote area to help her achieve her dreams of being an author. Everything turns upside down when a masked killer decides her as his next target and she must try to survive long enough to get help.

hush netflix horror movies
Hush – Maddie (Kate Siegel)

Yet another film that finds a new way to use sound, Hush has a deaf protagonist, meaning that many times the movie does away with cliched sound cues. This keeps the film refreshing, while also making sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a movie that writer-director Mike Flanagan did before he came out with The Haunting Of Hill House.

The Ritual (2017) 

Four friends embark upon a hike in Northern Sweden as a tribute to their friend who had died a few months earlier. Their trip is interrupted when one of them is injured, causing them to take a shortcut through a forest that is not as innocent as it appears.

The Ritual netflix horror movies
The Ritual

This British horror film offers a variety with its setting and is effective in building up the horror elements before revealing the truth and the horror that has them in its sights.

The Shining (1980)

Jack Torrance, a writer, takes up a caretaker job at the Overlook Hotel while it is closed for the winter, and moves into the hotel with his family. A combination of loneliness and supernatural elements causes Jack’s sanity to deteriorate, making him more and more unstable.

The Shining netflix horror movies
The Shining

Back to one of the classics once again, Kubrick’s adaptation is notorious for being hated by Stephen King, who wrote the book the film is based on. Despite this, the film is generally considered to be one of the best ever and effectively dispels the myth that horror films need to be shrouded in darkness all the time.

Gerald’s Game (2017)

A couple decides to take a vacation to a remote area in order to spice up their marriage and sexual life. But when the husband dies of a sudden heart attack with his wife still cuffed to the bed, she must find a way to escape the demons inside and possibly outside her.

Gerald’s Game netflix horror movies
 Jessie (Carla Gugino) and Gerald Burlingame (Bruce Greenwood

Closing the list with a film that draws from other entries, this film is based on another Stephen King novel and directed by Mike Flanagan. The film stands out with its grounded horror and claustrophobia-inducing setting and manages to be more than a simple horror flick.

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OnePlus isn’t a new player in the audio segment and in the past it made its presence felt with the Bullet headphones that are still available on the market. OnePlus Buds, however, starts a new chapter for the company that has somehow revolutionized the mid-range smartphone segment in India. With OnePlus Buds Z launch around the corner, this is how the original Buds fared!!

OnePlus Buds offers a number of features for the existing OnePlus community (people who use an OnePlus device) and is definitely a good enough competitor to Apple’s AirPods. This is the best AirPods alternative for people who own an OnePlus device and are budget conscious. So is it worth the penny you spend? Check out:


Starting with the charging case, the oval-shaped case comes with a USB Type-C port at the bottom. The retail box comes with documentation and a USB cable for charging. Note that there is no charging adapter, which means you will have to rely on your laptop, phone adapter to charge the OnePlus Buds case. The sleek finish of the charging case gives it a less shiny feel, and that’s what most of us like.

Charging case

The OnePlus Buds’ case out fares the AirPods’ case, which is a bit shiny. It has a better grip and does not slip while holding. It feels premium despite its minimalistic appearance. However, we have to point out some astonishing similarities between the OnePlus Buds case and the second generation AirPods case. In particular, the back of the case has almost the same design elements as the AirPods’, with the shape of the case being the difference.

Editors Pick :

Speaking of the robustness of the case, the magnetic closure feels satisfying and gives you confidence while wearing it. The case quality of the OnePlus Buds is superior to other rivals in the under INR 5000 category. However, the OnePlus Buds doesn’t come with an LED indicator. The buds come with an IPX4 rating that makes them splash resistant, which is good enough for everyday use.

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Color variants

One of the most striking things about the OnePlus Buds is that they come in three colors, including gray and Nordic blue, which look impressive. While there is also the standard white, which has somehow become the most boring color for the TWS segment but the gray and blue color variants are cheerful.

oneplus buds theunblog
Three variants of the OnePlus Buds

Easy pairing

Pairing is one of the highlights of the OnePlus Buds and we can surely say that the OnePlus Buds are at the top of that list in terms of quick pairing. Open the case and if you are an OnePlus user, the Buds pairing notification will automatically appear on your device. Shortly after detection, the Buds are paired with a single tap.

TimesNow news team has tested it with different products, from OnePlus 5T to OnePlus 8 Pro. However, the same cannot be said for other Android or iPhone devices – “We would have liked OnePlus to provide even 50 percent of those granular controls and ease of use for non-OnePlus devices”.

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Sound Quality

Speaking of sound quality, the OnePlus Buds perform solidly and won’t let you down while listening to music or making calls. The audio performance is impressive. It’s worth mentioning that OnePlus Buds balances the ups and downs during a track effortlessly and offers decent lows.

oneplus buds theunblog

13.4mm dynamic drivers offer powerful sound and Dolby Atmos offers a good stereo experience. The Buds come with a noise cancellation algorithm that improves sound clarity using the three microphones that help filter out background noise.

Speaking of performance during games, OnePlus users will once again gain an advantage over other devices, as the Buds come with low latency that syncs with Fnatic mode. OnePlus claims a minimum latency of 103ms during gaming, which is not a very good figure compared to other TWS options in this price range.

The upcoming week will surely be a feast for OnePlus and Apple fans as more than one device each is expected to debut!! Check out our site for more!

Tamil cinema has huge numbers of political satire flicks. Some of them are remembered and the rest are just considered as a mere attempt or a failure. But there are some movies that create a foundation and standards for the upcoming similar genre movies. Amaidhi Padai, released before almost 20 decades is one such film.

Amaidhi Padai | Tamil full action Movie | Sathyaraj,Ranjitha,Kasturi | Manivannan | Ilaiyaraaja - YouTube
AmaidhiPadai – Poster

Cast and Crew:

Directed and written by Manivannan (also played an important role in the movie as Manimaran) this movie is purely witty and engaging. This movie clearly shows how talented and skilled where our south Indian directors when it came to character narration, establishment, portrayal, and methodology of storytelling with timely humor.

26 Years of Amaidhi Padai: A look-back at Sathyaraj's unapologetic political-satire that's more rele- Cinema express
An iconic scene from the movie Amaidhi Padai

The main role was enacted by Sathyaraj (double role). Sathyaraj’s performance was a clear statement to all the Tollywood fraternity that he can enact a negative shade creating chills and at the same time also uphold your spirits by doing a positive role within the same frame. His performance just took the cinematic experience to a whole new level at that time.

The female lead roles were enacted by Kasthuri and Ranjitha.

Story Line

The story revolved around a Nobody (Amavasai) who with the help of his wit and mesmerizing speaking skills joins a political party whose leader is Manimaran.

Naama munnukku varanumna - WhatsApp Status Video

He starts to show his true colors while gaining power within the party and village. The transformation scene from Amavasai to Nagaraja Cholan was simply amazing.

The story being simple. The fact that this movie stood the test of time is obviously because of the cast and direction skills of Manivannan.

Videogram: Amaidhipadai sharp dialogues
Amavasai to Nagaraja Cholan Transformation

Some dialogues were so well placed that. Even if the situation was evil and inhumane, one can’t help but appreciate the wit and political dirty games of Amavasai aka Nagaraja Cholan.

The Music and BGM for the film is scored by Isai Ngani Ilayaraja was also an icing on the cake. But was not much memorable like the rest of his albums.

Motive of the Movie

Some socio-political topics like caste discrimination, violation of women’s rights, misuse of political power are rarely mentioned on the Big Screens. Even if they are mentioned, the crew always has a fear of being criticized by the audience of different ideologies. But why did Amaidhi Padai with so many references and clear mention of loopholes behind the socialistic ideology was welcomed with an open heart and laughter? That is the genius of Manivannan in blending the ideologies within a single character (Amavasai).

The Genius Director clearly depicted the negative side of ideology-based politics when it happens to fall in the wrong hands and how the people concerned don’t even know that the root cause of all their problems is because of the leader they have elected. The problems were so neatly depicted with humor that it will be always etched in the viewer’s hearts and also make them think.

The Genius Director – Manivannan

Revealing the story here would be a sin as it is a movie which should be experienced personally with all the genius of the director and the lead actor.

The movie had a just ending and also it was logical.

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If you haven’t read the Part 1, make sure to read and come back here to get a clear vision on the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline.

Marvel Timeline Part-1

The Complete Marvel Timeline – From Bloom to Doom – Part 1

Ant Man (2015)

 Ant-man is the fifth character to be introduced in a Solo movie followed by Hulk, Iron man, Captain America, and Thor. This character got a stand-alone movie due to the significance of the Ant-man suit in the past of the marvel cinematic universe.

Scott Lang marvel avengers marvel cinematic universe marvel movies order marvel upcoming movie

The former user of the Ant-man suit Hank Pym was the member of the shield in the late 80s’ with his wife Jannet as the Wasp who played the role of both scientists creating the Pym particles and being a spy for the shield. Hank Pym wanted to stop his inventions not to be traded with the terrorist organization called the Ten ring. Thus he chooses Scot Lang, a thief as the net Ant-man against the antagonist the Yellow Jacket who has a similar suit as Ant-man.

This movie also introduces the idea of the quantum realm which leads the marvel to introduce the multiverse. The post-credit scene shows how the Ant-man was becoming part of the avengers by the acquaintance of  Falcon along with Hope becoming the wasp. 

IMDb: 7.3

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Captain America Civil War marvel avengers marvel cinematic universe marvel movies order marvel upcoming movie

This movie is one of the major turning points in the story.  After the events of Sokovia, Tony’s mind is plagued with fear and doubts. While most of the world praised the avengers for saving them, the government authorities thought the avengers has way too much power on their hands and tries to control them.

Tony accepts this idea while Captain outright rejects this as he thinks everyone should get his or her own choice. This creates a dispute between them. This is further aggravated when Bucky’s mind is controlled by a victim from Sokovia, Zemo who lost his wife and children. In a big event, a bomb kills Wakanda president T’chaka. When further investigated it is seen that bucky planted the bomb.

Captain America believes Bucky is innocent and helps him while tony thinks otherwise. Captain America and Tony build their team and face off with each other. Captain America and Bucky escape as they go to the place where Zemo is. Tony tracks them down intending to help them but loses it when he sees that Bucky killed his parents. Tony then fights both Bucky and Captain America. Tony loses and demands the Captains’s shield back stating he is no longer worthy of his Father’s(Howard Stark) Creation.

This movie has two major iconic fight scenes which are a treat for the eyes and also introduces two major characters Tom Holland’s Friendly neighbourhood Spiderman and Black Panther of Wakanda. Later in the post-credits its seen that Captain America and bucky hide in Wakanda

IMDb: 7.8

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Would anyone ever forget the Tobey Maguire version of Spiderman produced by the Sony pictures. When Spiderman was first introduced in the Marvel cinematic universe, it was necessary to give him a proper introduction providing the base. Hence the friendly neighborhood Spiderman was seen in action for his stand-alone movie which occurs just after the incidents of the Civil War, showcasing the abilities of Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In this movie Spiderman has to fight one of the popular comic villain Vulture who develops a suit from the leftovers of the alien technology left by the dead Chitauri army during the events of Avengers. He was then able to sell the weapons illegally to other organizations.

Peter, accidentally discovers the following events and tries to stop Vulture. During his actions, he ruins the respect that he had from his mentor Stark eventually losing the suit made by Stark for Peter. Later he realizes that it was all him rather than the suit made by Stark, thus proving the friendly neighborhood Spiderman worthy enough to be an Avenger at the end.

IMDb: 7.4 

Doctor Strange (2016)

Doctor strange is the sixth character introduced directly in a stand-alone movie representing Dr. Stephen Strange as the protagonist, a well-known and a successful neurosurgeon with fame and money faces an accident damaging the nerves of his finger resulting in a full stop to his career.

In search of a cure to his disabilities, he found there are things beyond Science explained by the Sorcerer Supreme, the Ancient one dropping ideologies on Science. Dr. Strange starts gaining knowledge on mystical arts to cure his disabilities.

This is the movie where the Fifth Infinity Stone is followed by the Space stone, Power stone, Mind stone, and Reality stone, the Time stone is introduced as Eye Agamotto which has the potential to manipulate Time by will. This movie also introduces the possibility of a Multiverse where a dark entity named Dormammu from the dark dimension tries to conquer Earth.

At a point, Dr. strange has to choose whether to cure his disability or to save the world he chooses to fight against the dark entity by bargaining the safety of earth and for the release of Dormammu from an infinite time loop created by the Time stone.

This movie was a complete success with the plot twist in marvel universe introducing the possibility of a Multiverse.

IMDb: 7.5

Black Panther (2018)

Black Panther was introduced in Captain America- Civil War followed by the death of T’challa’s father, being the king of the disguised most civilized community in the kingdom of Wakanda. It is an African country with high-tech that they don’t want to share their resources with the other world.

This movie got global recognition with the best villain act the Killmonger portrayed by Michel B Jordan, Also with the original soundtrack that has received the academic award of the year. The movie doesn’t have any direct link to the mainstream story, its around the Wakanda nation, their culture, and the fight between the brothers due to family grudge.

Still, this movie became a surprise since it became the war zone in the upcoming war against the mad titan. The Post-credit shows the Winter-Soldier Bucky under the medication of the people of Wakanda.

IMDb: 7.3 

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

This movie unlike its predecessors had a different feel the directors concentrated more on humor rather than a serious story but this movie still had its moments. In this movie, Thor fights Surtur in the opening scene and takes his head as a trophy to Asgard only to find that Loki, his half brother, has taken over Asgard disguised as Odin. 

When Thor and Loki start searching for Odin they meet Dr. Strange who sends them to their father’s location. Odin says his time has come and hands over the reign to Thor. When Odin dies, their Evil sister Hela, The Goddess of Death, gets released from Prison. Hela breaks Thor’s hammer and throws Loki and Thor into an unknown planet run by The Grand Master, an Elder.

Thor meets Hulk on the planet. Then together with them, they save Asgard from Hela, but in the process they destroy Asgard. Asgardians escape in a space ship.

In the post Credits, Thanos’ Ship comes to invade the Asgardian ship. This movie had a different refreshing feel to it. It introduced another Elder of the universe and a funny character Korg.

IMDb: 7.9

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

The culmination of a 10-year journey started with this film. This movie served as a sequel for the final movie Avengers: Endgame. Thanos, The Mad Titan, sets out to find the infinity stones by himself. He confronts Thor gets the Space stone from him then kills Loki.

Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian are sent after time stone where they fight with Tony Stark and Dr. Strange where Dr. Strange is captured by Ebony Maw. Iron Man and Spiderman follows them to save Dr. Strange.

The battle between Thanos and Iron man is mindblowing as Tony alongside Dr. Strange, Spiderman and the Guardians of the galaxy go toe to toe with them. But Thanos being the mighty Titan with 3 infinity stones comes out on top. Thanos then proceeds to take the mind stone, the final piece from Wakanda. The battle between Thanos’ army and Wakandians ensure Thanos gets the upper hand pops the Mind stone out off visions head and places it on the infinity gauntlet.

Thor with his new Weapon comes to seek revenge on the Mad Titan and injures him severely but The Mad Titan despite being injured heavily, whispers ‘You should have gone for the head’ and snaps thus ending exactly half of the life in the entire universe.

The film then finishes with most of the superheroes turning into dust. The post-credits scene shows the disappearance of Nick Fury and him calling Captain Marvel for help.

IMDb: 8.4

Ant Man and The Wasp (2018)

After the incident of civil war, Scott lang aka Ant-man was supposed to be home arrest due to the crime that he committed along with the Captain’s team. The timeline of this movie is just for the occurrence of the infinity war.

Hank Pym was so desperate to locate the position of Jannet her wife since Scott lang was able to successfully return from the quantum realm, Hank had a major expectation on bringing back his wife from the quantum realm. In the past, he has tried to open a portal failing and affecting Ava star later known as the Ghost antagonist of the movie, she was affected by the quantum field such that her cells get disoriented allowing her to get invisible and phase at the same time.

Pym was successfully able to locate the position of Jannet in the quantum field and bring back her from the quantum realm also saving the condition of Ava Starr showing the possibility of a cure for so many disabilities using the quantum particles.

The post-credit explains the catastrophic followed by the snap of  Thanos affecting the whole word by turning Hank, his wife, and Hope into ashes at the same time.

IMDb: 7.1

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Followed by the events of Infinity War, the losses and the destruction of 50% of the world population were not easy. Stark and Nebula got stuck in space. Stark on the brink of death is saved by Captain Marvel. When Stark returns to Earth he blames Captain America for not being there when the World needed him the most.

Then the movie has a time lapse for 5 years. The world is dishearted as everyone lost a loved one to the snap. The Universe tries to cope up with the loss. The avengers still trying to figure out a way to fix all this. That’s when Ant-man (Scott lang) gets out of the Quantum realm aged only 5 hours. When he reaches the Avengers mansion Black Widow is surprised and calls Captain America.

Scott explains how Time is different down there and says that Time Travel is possible. Captain America and Black Widow tries to bring Tony back to help them create the time machine. But in the last 5 years Tony built his own life, his family and did not want to jeopardize that, so he outright refused them. But deep inside Tony still wanted to bring back Peter Parker.

Tony runs a number of iterations and finally develops the theory of the time machine which allows them to travel back in time. Genius Hulk and Tony together devices the Time Machine and once after everything is setup, the remaining Avengers and Guardians of the galaxy set out to retrieve the infinity stones to bring half of the universe back.

In the following events, Black Widow sacrifices herself for the Soul stone and Captain America sees Peggy. During this time Thanos from the past comes to know of their plans and captures the Future Legit Nebula. After extracting information, Thanos plans to wipe out the entire universe and recreate the universe from scratch.

Avengers, After retrieving all the stones Hulk uses the new gauntlet to snap and bring back the people. However, this does not last for long as Thanos from the past comes back to fight the avengers. The avengers make a final epic stand against Thanos with Captain America saying the famous words ‘Avengers Assemble’.

Tony finally ends War by sacrificing himself to do the snap. After a tribute for Tony, the old Avengers retire and the new Avengers take their place. And finally, Cap goes back to return the infinity stones but does not return and spends his life with Peggy. The Steve Rogers hands over his Vibranium shield to Falcon.

The movie has no Post-Credits as this is the endgame except the iconic “Hammer Tinking Sound from Iron Man I” . This movie is a fitting end to a 10-year journey leaving all audiences happy and tears with Tony and Scarlett’s Death. 

Avengers: Endgame is currently the highest-grossing film of all time crossing avatar.

IMDb: 8.4

Spiderman: Far From Home (2019)

Spider-Man Far From Home marvel avengers marvel cinematic universe marvel movies order marvel upcoming movie

Spiderman: Far From Home is the best aftereffect start for the events in the end game. After the resurrection of half the population that was annihilated by Thanos, the whole world was coming back to normal except the hero who saved the world was no more!! The friendly neighborhood Spiderman is now back to school with his friends.

Surprisingly the events of the past 5 years weren’t changed, hence the one who survived the snap had been living their life for 5 years they call it a glitch. All the suffering came to an end with everybody going back to normal daily life. Spiderman gets the possession of E.D.I.T.H made by Stark to Peter to help everyone during any hurdles. Then there comes a new problem with weird satellite readings leading to the introduction of the hero Mysterio, Oops the Villain Mysterio.

He claimed to be coming from an alternate universe along with him he clams the five elemental gods of destruction, and have to stop them with the help of spider man. Eventually, he cheated Peter to get control over E.D.I.T.H to take revenge over tony who didn’t respect his work. Peter figures out what is happening and destroys the plan made by Mysterio, As the name suggests everything he created was a fantas,. With augmented reality projection and real-life weapons creating a mass destructor made to save people’s lives.

The post-credit scene shows the identity of the spider man and accusing him of the destruction caused, dropping fan’s jaws what happens in the next phase.

IMDb: 7.5

This is the end of this Phase, the next phase of movies are scheduled for release and make sure to visit back again to know more facts and figures.

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How the craze for TV series began

It is the 70’s, where our parents would wait anxiously for the one television show that is to be aired for that particular week.

Whether the movie is an intriguing one or a boring one, they still would watch the whole movie interestingly.

At times, even if the movie was in another language, still large groups of people gathered at their houses, their relative’s houses, etc. to watch the movie that they have been waiting for a long time. Such was their interest and hunger for entertainment.

It is the year 2020, and at least one person in each house has a Netflix/prime subscription. With the OTT platforms providing us a variety of films and series around the world, unlike the previous times, we are exposed to a lot of films, TV series which are box office hits, classics, and critically acclaimed cults around the world.

Today’s feature lists down some of the best thriller web series and if you have missed any of the below-mentioned ones, make sure you watch it.

The following series is the personal choice of the respective blogger, suggestions of any other series are welcomed.

Breaking Bad

This crime series is considered as one of the most well-tailored and packaged TV series of all time. Boasting a phenomenal rating of  9.5, Breaking bad stands as one of the highest-rated series of all time.

Breaking bad is a slow-burn crime thriller, with Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Anna Gunn playing the lead roles where an overqualified chemistry high school teacher(Bryan Cranston) diagnosed with an inoperable lung cancer turns to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine along with his former student (Aaron Paul), in order to secure his family’s future.

The show consists of 5 seasons, with a total of 62 episodes, and was aired from 2008 to 2013. As the years passed by, the popularity and the reach of the show increased rapidly and despite the arrival of new crime thrillers, this show continues to reign at the top.

The show won the Emmy awards, Grammys, and much more for its stellar performances of the respective actors, direction, and for the overall best show of the year.

Sherlock Holmes

This fictional character penned by Arthur Conan Doyle comes into life through Benedict Cumberbatch’s brilliant performance along with his friend doctor Watson played by Martin Freeman, doing an exceptional job.

Even though the magnificent Robert Downey Jr, portrayed the role of Mr.holmes in the feature film of holme’s adventurous life, Benedict took the audience to a surprise by playing the role of Sherlock holmes with such ease and grace, he has made up a mark of performance such that on hearing the name Sherlock Holmes, benedict comes in our mind.

The TV Series gained its popularity through its crisp screenplay and out of the world twists, and of course the evil mastermind Jim Moriarty. It consists of 4 seasons and 13 episodes in total.

Sherlock is a must watch for all the investigative thriller fans out there.


This psychological crime thriller web-TV series is based on the book, “Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s elite serial crime unit. ” and is directed by renowned director David Fincher along with Kevin Bright and others.

This web-television series was a treat for the audience, with its treatment, pace, and screenplay, and most importantly the character depth for each character in this show.

The show set in the late 1970s, sets the mood right from the beginning to the end, taking us directly into it’s world.

If you want to read, Here’s the Kindle Edition of the TV Series

Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit Kindle Edition

Two FBI agents team up and are tasked to interview serial killers convicted of multiple murders, to solve open cases.

The screenplay is settled and is not in a hurry, as compared to the other thrillers, with the necessary twists and high points rightly planted. Thereby, making the show an intriguing watch. 

The biggest strength of this show is its writing where, all the character’s emotions, high points, and vulnerabilities are covered, and most importantly their perspectives.

Holden with his bold style and approach acts as a pioneer and brings out surprisingly remarkable results along with his partner Tench, But this style of his also puts his health, relationship, and his career on stake.

The show consists of two seasons and 19 episodes in total with each season gradually revealing it’s most highly anticipated murderer, the BTK killer, who will be revealed in the upcoming seasons.

The Mentalist

Last but not the least, this investigative thriller was popular and is still, from the time of its release. The mentalist somehow or the other crawls into the list for its smart screenplay and treatment, and it was much appreciated at the time of release and is still fresh. 

Patrick Jane serves as an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation, Using his psychological methods to solve cases, he uses the relationship with the bureau to try and track down the serial killer who murdered his family.

The show moves on at a pace with a case being solved on each episode and thereby leading it to the main plot of the story.

The screenplay and the smart handling and the twists make this show an exciting watch, consisting of 7 seasons.

Watch the Complete Mentalist Series on Amazon Prime

The mentalist had and still, has a fan base for Simon baker’s looks and obviously the show.

These are among some of the handpicked shows that are worth the watch, and definitely, there are plenty of other better shows out there.

Also with the OTT platforms providing all these huge varieties of movies, series..etc, still nothing comes like the experience a theatre offers. With several cinema trackers and industry specialists predicting that OTT is the future of the entertainment industry let us wait for the theatres to open and indulge ourselves with popcorn and the experience of watching a movie in a theatre. 

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The Boys Season 2

Boys Season 2 is almost here. The first three episodes – which we review below – were released on September 4, with the rest of the season earning weekly after that. This is what we had to tell after Amazon released the first 3 episodes of The Boys.


In the absence of Carl Urban’s Billy Butcher, the boys feel like a different show, missing from the Titanic ensemble. For the first episode of season 2, The Boys themselves – Jack Quade’s Hughie, Laz Alonso’s Mother Milk, Timon Capone’s Franchi, and Karen Fukuhara’s Kimiko – spend the opening chapter of The Boys season 2 digging into the fugitive at the conclusion of season 1 Huh. They are working on lifelines that can help them get back to their family and normal lives, but those opportunities keep flying in their face (often literally). Amidst all this, Hughey gets on well with Annie (Erin Moriarty), who hasn’t forgiven him but recognizes the need to work to lie about Compound V all these years.

In most of the sketch bunkers in which the boys are living, the season 2 premiere feels somewhat correct. And then, just before the credits roll, in Billy Butcher, a character’s terrifying cartoon. The boys are back together.

Calling a butcher a cartoon does not mean that he is second-rate; The opposite, in fact, because he is a very complicated friend (even though his motivation – saving his wife – is tragic as hell). But the butcher is larger than life in a way, no other character in the show even comes close to the Homelander. He is tough, but not stupid, and Urban gives him and every line he gives. It is easy to understand why the boys have allowed the butchers to suck them into this dangerous life.

Continued from Season 1

Season 1 concludes on Cliffhanger, but to prevent Starlight’s struggle with Hughie’s quest for revenge against A-Train (which helped save him from an over-induced heart attack in the Season 1 finale ) No story added. For her ideals, while sociologists around her. The first three episodes of season 2 continue these plots, expand on some of season 1’s less-well trod subplots, and introduce new threads that set the tone for the boys season 2.

The Homelander deals with his murder of Stillwell in Season 1 in his own unique way. Deep (Chase Crawford) lives in exile in Ohio and is embroiled in what seems to be a cult following for Super. Meanwhile, many female characters have a lot to do in this season. Starlight worked with Hughey to bring the word of Compound V to the press, with some unwelcome ways he hadn’t even dreamed of before the difficulties of last season. Queen Meow’s (Dominic McLigot) romantic subplot is one of the first three episodes, as it is with the threat that the Homelander goes out at any time, and it’s great to see her in the spotlight.

Editors’ Pick :

And it airs The Seven, as Kimiko is on quite a journey in the opening trio of episodes. Some of the new revelations provide space for her to pull out her backyard and give some dimension to her character, which was probably lacking (as was also the case in the original books). Karen Fukuhara narrates a lot without saying a word and has proved to be one of the strongest actors on the show. The more he has to do, the better.

Stillwell’s death has forced Watt CEO Stan Edgar to take a more active role in managing The Seven. Edgar is played by the amazing Giancarlo Esposito, who appeared in single episodes last season, a brief introduction that has expanded a lot this time. Like Esposito Edgar’s Grass in the Breaking Bad universe: humble and sophisticated on the surface, it moves downward with a vicious mean streak. We have not yet seen what Edgar is capable of, but it would be fun to track his arches throughout the season.

A shorter review

The first three episodes of The Boys season 2 introduce some new characters, chief among them Stormfront, played by Aya Cash (who you might recognize from FX’s amazing comedy You’re the Worst). Cash brings similar energy here combined with abilities that rival any other supers on the show, including Homeland.

the boys season 2
Homelander with other cast members

The Boys season 2 with Stormfront is a difficult task: during the first three episodes, there is a good chance that most viewers will identify with him seriously. She has no love for Watt, and unlike Starlight, she is not afraid to say so. She speaks her mind during the interview and speaks the truth for power, instinctively knowing how to press the homelander’s button in such a way that it provokes her, which is very funny to watch.

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