Chichen Itza, also known as the “land of promise”, is one of the most important pieces of shreds of evidence of the Maya-Toltec civilization. Located in Mexico, on the Yucatan Peninsula, this important ancient site is home to one of the 7 new wonders of the world.

The pyramid of KuKulkan

The pyramid of Kukulkan, with a square base and a temple at the top, called Castillo, was the last construction and, by the way, the most impressive of all the Mayan temples. Will you refuse a walk through the place considered sacred, called “the place near heaven, where the gods dwelt”?

pyramids chichen itza mayans land of promise unesco

At least with thought and imagination, I invite you to travel to this Mayan complex which, after more than 400 years of oblivion, has been restored to the circuit of valuable monuments of mankind, through the American archaeologist Sylvanus G. Morley, who in 1913 convinced the Carnegie Institution to fund the archeological expedition for this area of ​​Mexico.

The Ride to “Land of promise”

pyramids chichen itza mayans land of promise unesco

We warn you in advance that the minibus ride to the site that reveals the greatness of the Maya-Toltec civilization contrasts sharply with the luxurious image of Cancun – where the nearest airport is and where travel agencies offer the opportunity to travel to the “land of promise”.

Chichen Itza

On the side of the road, the ruthless present is revealed – people living in poverty, in “houses” lacking even the most basic conditions, probably as “comfortable” as in the time of their ancestors. You should also know that to visit Chichen Itza, you must have light cotton clothes and light, comfortable shoes, to climb the high and steep steps of the pyramid, to have sunglasses and hats against the scorching sun. Don’t forget the sun protection lotions, against mosquitoes and mosquitoes!


Once you arrive at the site, after a few hours by minibus, during which the local guide, speaking English American, will put you in the theme with what awaits you, you will forget about the present. But when you have the Kukulkan pyramid in front of you, you will feel completely overwhelmed.

pyramids chichen itza mayans land of promise unesco

You will be impressed by its perfect acoustics – which makes it possible for the whispers spoken by someone at the base to be heard at the top or vice versa – and if you get there on March 21 or September 21, you can witness a special lunar phenomenon called “the movement of the serpent.” This is because the shadows left by the sun on the steps of the pyramid, at the spring and autumn equinoxes, have the role of commemorating the “Snake Mountain”, the place where the Mayan population places the First Creation.

The pyramid has 365 quite high and steep steps, 18 terraces and 52 panels, consequently, it is quite difficult to conquer. The ascent is relieved by some ropes, less useful for the descent that seems even harder after such an ascent.


pyramids chichen itza mayans land of promise unesco

Overall, there are a number of relics such as the Temple of the Oval Court, the Temple of the Jaguar, the Temple of War – the Temple of Chichen Itza itself, the Ossuary, the Venus Platform, the Platform of the Owl and the Jaguar. All these will give you the opportunity to discover that Mayan architecture was not imposed by massiveness and technical ingenuity, but by harmony, grace, and elegance.

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