India is gearing up to celebrate 72nd independence day coming Saturday (August 15). Even during the pandemic situation, it’s a prestigious moment for India and has never failed to do a grand parade in the red fort during the event of Independence day.

Indian Tricolour in Times Square and Empire State Building

India is going to be realized in times square for the first time ever, the Indian Tricolour will be unfolded at the iconic city of New York in the USA. Indian origin people in the US will hoist the Indian National Flag at the Times Square this independence Day.

The Federation of Indian Associations of the states of  New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York said in a statement that it ‘will be the first time in history’ on August 15, 2020, by “hosting the first-ever flag hoisting ceremony at Times Square” to honor India’s Independence Day.

By which the recognition that India receives from a global level can be considered to be an honorable moment for all  the Indian citizens living for their livelihood in the United States

They have also planed to illuminate the empire state building with tricolours for the same cause,

This can be the outcome of India-US relations improving and also as part of the celebration of FIA’s golden jubilee celebration. These members are the reason for the improvement of building up the Indian American community.

The Consulate General of India in New York will do the honor to hoist the flag virtually due to the current circumstance, there won’t be much of people gathering during the hoisting ceremony 

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