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Pattaya is turned on and fun. This vibrant seaside town rose to fame in the early 1980s and stayed there. From sunrise to sunset, Pattaya’s silver beaches are constantly alive with water and beach lovers enjoying the water. As the lights come on, the activity shifts to the streets, as revelers rampage through their electrified nightlife scene, where spirits and parties continue …

Excluding water sports and nightlife, it has elevated its name as a seedy beach town to a destination for a much wider audience, be it couples, families, or business travelers, Pattaya always has something for everyone. Only 147 km from the capital Bangkok, Pattaya stands as the favorite beach resort.

To visit…

To get an idea of ​​the city, the coast and the nearby islands of the Gulf up to the great Buddha statue on top of Phratamnak Hill at the southern end of Pattaya Bay. Then move on to Jomtien, which is one of a long beach that’s almost free of frantic boats and rows of rental chairs that spoil Pattaya’s main shoreline.

Pattaya city nightlife party beach buddha
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In addition, there are a wide variety of family theme parks such as the Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens, Ramayana Water Park (the largest in Thailand), and the 109-meter-high absolutely large Buddha statue carved from a cliff at Khao Chi Chan. Skip the disappointing floating market.

Should try for sure

There is no “Food Street”, however, there is good food everywhere. Pattaya Beer Garden, docked over the bay near the entrance to the famous Walking Street, offers great views, cheap but tasty food, good music, and lots of beer, but not a real garden. The high-end Mantra restaurant on the north corner of Beach is one of the best Thai, Western, and Japanese cuisines, its Sunday brunch is a local legend.


The great advantage of the city is that everything is available 24 hours a day and the best part is that they are only a few minute’s walk away. If you want to smoke or have a beer at night from Sunday to Monday at 3 AM, you will easily find it in one of the many stores (7-Eleven, Family Mart).

pattaya party 7 eleven
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In addition, the opening hours of large shopping malls also speak for the city. They are open around eight in the morning and close only at 11 PM or even late at night. Here, Sunday is a business day because the customer is king. There are no discussions about closing hours or closing stores on Sundays.

To come and go

Rent a scooter in Pattaya: The more adventurous would also say some fans, getting on a scooter for B150 to B200 baht/day for a 100/125 cc model. If you are a frustrated ‘cyclist’, you can rent a 750cc or 1000 bike for B500 to B2500 / day.

Tenants are often expected to have a valid driver’s license. The rental agency will not verify the license, but the police, of course, and if you don’t have one, the fine is B200. Helmets are mandatory and the easiest way to be stopped by the police is to not wear one.

Moto Taxi: In Pattaya, it is easy to identify motorcycle taxis. Drivers wear colorful vests and can be flagged as they navigate the streets. The fare is generally between B30 and B40 for travel within Pattaya.

Songthaew – The most common form of transportation in Pattaya is a songthaew, a dark blue pickup truck with two long benches at the rear and an upper hood. Also called ‘baht buses’ by most natives, the fixed fare within Pattaya is 5 baht, but foreigners are expected to pay 10 baht.

Taxis: Since Pattaya is a closer destination for taxis from Bangkok, taxi drivers often take fares in Pattaya. Taxis are useful if you travel a long distance, but you will have to negotiate a better price. Rental cars and minivans are also available in Pattaya for much longer trips.


Pattaya is a fairly large place, with a wide variety available from one end to the other. There are quite a few things, but it is essential to know before planning a trip, such as how to get from Bangkok, how to get around, what kind of weather is expected, what special events you should do, and what tricks, scams and bluffing you should avoid. We are ready to be you with all that knowledge and more so that you can know the city with all the confidence of a native.

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