Written by Amarnath Siddaradi | Updated: September 2, 2020 08:30:02 am

After facing huge retaliation from the Foreign countries in the matter, Pakistan is desperate to infiltrate the terrorists into the LoC. The Intelligence agencies have altered the security establishments regarding this matter.

Pakistan is feared of getting blacklisted by the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) in the next meeting held in the month of October. The only way to pause from getting blacklisted is to stop terror funding for the Militant organizations.

But According to the Intelligence Agencies, Pakistan based 12 Lashkar-e-Taiba Terrorists are waiting to infiltrate into the LoC in the coming winter. At the present situation in the valley, the militant presence is getting less, and the youth of Kashmir are not showing interest in terrible Militancy.

The group of 12 terrorists is trained in LeT camps and desperate to enter the LoC. According to the sources, the attempts will be in two groups. Pakistan’s BAT (Border Action Team) has planned to attack the Indian Army posts to help the Terrorists in entering the Indian Territory.

The expectations are there that two groups of six each will infiltrate into the LoC in the Bhimbher Gali sector in Rajouri District and in the Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir.

Security forces and Intelligence agencies are keeping a close eye on these activities across the LoC and are waiting to hunt these terrorists.

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