OnePlus watch certified

A watch from OnePlus has recently been certified with the model number W301GB and this hint gives us an insight of what’s going to take place in the Techtober (October month) as companies lineup and showcase their products that are ready for a release on the 2nd half of the year. Thanks to XDA Developers for a detailed report on the same.


Earlier this year, OnePlus launched the OnePlus Nord, the brand’s first mid-range smartphone since the 2015 OnePlus X. Nord’s launch indicated a change in strategy for OnePlus; The company is arguably returning to its roots by making affordable smartphones once again. But the smartphone is no longer the only technology product to make OnePlus.

The company has diversified its product portfolio into the Smart TV market under the OnePlus TV line. Now, it seems that OnePlus may be ready to enter a new market: the smartwatch. Apparently, the company can make a smartwatch called OnePlus Watch.

oneplus watch oneplus smartwatch release xda developers android forum
Speculated OnePlus Watch device getting certified

Today, a device with the marketing name “OnePlus Watch” appeared on the website of Indonesia’s IMDA regulatory body. According to the listing the device is listed as a “wearable watch” with a model named W301GB, but this list does not provide any more information, such as specifications, software, or design. Most likely, it won’t run Google’s Wear OS and will feature the Snapdragon Wear system-on-chip, possibly the recently announced Snapdragon Wear 4100.

OnePlus & Smartwatch

This is not the first time we have heard of OnePlus, possibly launching a smartwatch. Back in 2016, OnePlus actually confirmed that the company was developing a smartwatch. He said, “We had finished the design but we have decided to finish it. We have to stay focused,” OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said during the 2016 Converge Tech conference held in Hong Kong.

oneplus watch oneplus smartwatch release xda developers android forum
Leaked by Ishan way back in 2019

Like Google, OnePlus does not want to enter the smartwatch market with a half-cooked product, so they have apparently paused their time until they make progress in the industry with wearable technology.

Editors’ pick :

Perhaps OnePlus now thinks that Wear OS and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear platform are mature enough to base a new product, or they upgrade their technology to the point where an OnePlus-branded smartwatch is ready for primetime. In particular, Oppo, under OnePlus’ sister company BBK Electronics Umbrella, recently launched its smartwatches in China and India to provide an impetus for the development of OnePlus Watch. Interestingly, the “supplier” listed in the IMDA certification is “SINOPPEL DEVICE PVT. LTD.”, A business formerly registered as “Singapore Oppo Electronics Pvt Ltd”.

oneplus watch oneplus smartwatch release xda developers android forum
It might launch with Google’s WearOS

Expected release date

The OnePlus Watch can be launched with the late release of OnePlus, possibly including the OnePlus 8T series and even more affordable Nord devices, and released in the market around the same timeframe. This is only a blind guess, however, there is no evidence or reliable rumor about the launch timeframe. XDA Developers have reached out to OnePlus for comment on this rumor and guess we get some info about the new wearable.

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