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OnePlus has affirmed the reveal of its Android 11-based OxygenOS – the OxygenOS 11. Going by the previous trends, Oxygen OS 11 can be released not long after the arrival of Android 11. According to OnePlus, Oxygen OS11 will feature “fresh design elements” and “exceptionally anticipated features”. The first time launching of Oxygen OS is regularly praised for its hassle-free, clean look and customizable icons and skins which come in handy for different kinds of users.

OxygenOS 11 is here, and it incorporates a buffet of exciting features and highlights.

‘Always On’ Display

Always-on Display on OxygenOS 11 shows you the time and date as well as any pending notifications and the battery level.

The feature itself is indistinguishable to what Samsung has offered on its phones for quite a while, and it’s great to see OnePlus at long last turn it out on its devices. 

You get 12 clock faces to browse from, and there’s the option to schedule AOD or have it enabled throughout the day.

Bubble Notifications

It is a completely new style of notifications, called Bubbles. Like the Chat Heads that some messaging applications use, Bubbles permit users to rapidly perform various tasks while carrying on a conversation.

Updated Zen Mode

 In OxygenOS 11 you get three new themes — enlivened by the cosmos, oceans, and nature — and more customization options. You would now be able to pick seven additions for Zen Mode.

New System Font

OnePlus is presenting a new OnePlus Sans font with wider spacing and a spotless typeface. You’ll be able to switch to the text styles while setting up the phone or via the customization menu in the settings.

Live Wallpaper that changes based on the Time of the Day

You’ll see an enormous globe that changes position over the screen comparative with the time, and the effect is similar to what you get with Google’s Wallpapers application.

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Optimized System-Wide Dark Mode

 You will now have the ability to schedule dark mode or leave it enabled for the duration of the day, and the setting itself has moved from the customization menu to the display settings.

Clean User Interface

OnePlus has driven the menu elements further down the page, making them easier to access one-handed. The menu items now feature larger text, and the icons have also been updated.

Fingerprint Scanner Animation

The In-Display Fingerprint scanner has some pretty good animations which look cool at times. But not all users appreciate this all animation effect kind of stuff and would rather prefer a much decent and little animation for the fingerprint scanner.

OxygenOS 11 will come with enhanced animations and will also have an option to turn off the animation.

…And Much more

  • OnePlus Skin compared to Google’s pixel launcher on steroids
  • Vanilla Android Interface
  • Android 11 beta 3 update
  • Improved overall stability
  • Improved media controls
  • Upgraded notifications UI

This is only a first glance at what OnePlus OxygenOS 11 brings to the table, and we’ll likely to observe more highlights and features being added to the interface as we draw nearer to a stable release of the almighty OnePlus OxygenOS 11.

OxygenOs 11 Release date

OnePlus is planning to release the first public beta release of the OxygenOS 11 in the annual Google Developers conference which was scheduled to be held in May.

Talking of the release of the final and stable build, the OxygenOS 11 is expected to be released in September 2020. OxygenOS 11 will be the next big update and will be loved by users around the globe.

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