Oahu is one of the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago and is home to Honolulu and the famous Waikiki Beach. In the local language, Honolulu means “shelter place” or “sheltered bay.”

First things First in Oahu

The time you will be spending in the Oahu will seem soft and lazy, like a huge cat spinning pleasantly. Except for the first day! On your first day on the Oahu island, you can decide to do kinds of the tour as complete as possible, to get acquainted with the surroundings. Said and done! You can rent a car and drive off.

But in the end, You’ll achieve the goal and the process of getting acquainted with the island successfully. The best route is, you can start from the Ewa Beach area, west of Honolulu and take the H1 east, to the Kamehameha Highway, which follows the eastern line of the island, then curves to the north shore and then cuts the island to the center. Our deviations from the basic route took us far south to Kailua.

Miami Hawaiian

Except for Honolulu, which is a kind of Miami Hawaiian, all the other cities on the island are small, quiet, and not extremely interesting. For the rest of your Hawaiian days, you can thoroughly enjoy the hot sun, the fine sand, and the turbulent waves of the Pacific. It is best if you can be accommodated only 10 minutes walk from Waikiki beach. It would be the maximum relaxation if the number of tourists who had attacked the beach had not been so large. But nothing is perfect, is it?

Also, If you ever get here, you must go to the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology in Coconut Island! The words don’t make sense here, the pictures will surely convince you.

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Aloha Market

Aloha Market (Aloha Market) is absolutely huge! Here you can find everything from food to kitsch items to hand-made bags or equipment in Hawaii, tons and tons of T-shirts, shirts, cheap shoes and, from place to place, char and quality, Indonesian masks and wood carvings, jewelry made of bone (especially beautiful) and a million other things or things that you’ll then miss in the Oahu.

Other places

Pacific National Cemetery, U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, Diamond Head State Monument, Kapiolani Park (Kalakaua), which hosts the zoo, with many species of animals, as well as an impressive fish aquarium (here you can pose with the hula dancing girls, or take lessons dance) and, last but not least, Sea Life Park, a giant aquarium that houses dolphin shows.

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