Written by Rohith GUpdated: August 17, 2020 9:09:02 am

Recently, Ubisoft announced that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla would release on November 17th, 2020 – just two days shy of Cyberpunk 2077’s new release date, November 19th, 2020. This has, naturally, made fans of both titles really reconsider their day-one purchases. This isn’t the first time that two massive games have gone head-to-head in the same week, but it is one of the more memorable collisions on gaming’s calendar.

The November Clash

On one side, you have the juggernaut franchise that is Assassin’s Creed releasing a Viking-themed open-world title that continues the RPG traditions introduced in Origins and bolstered in Odyssey. For as mixed of reception as they’ve received by the fan base, they still sell in the truckloads. Valhalla looks to be another big-seller, backed by the good faith of an internationally recognized and celebrated franchise.

On the other hand, the good faith rests with the people who are gearing towards CD Projekt Red’s consumer-friendly practices and the arrival of one of the most ambitious video games the industry has ever seen: Cyberpunk 2077.

To call it one of the most anticipated releases of the year would be an understatement, and some analysts are predicting massive sales in the first week for this futuristic RPG. However, with both Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077 releasing so close to each other, what does this mean?

Given the tough financial situations, we’re all currently facing with the pandemic, there’s even more urgency now to only invest in one game. This seems to be the case for many gamers at the moment. Two big titles releasing in such close proximity to each other, not to mention the release of next-gen consoles expected to arrive around the same time frame, it does pose quite a problem. So let’s see, how are the gamers reacting.

Valhalla / Cyberpunk 2077 – Gamers’ Reaction

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is highly anticipated by fans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, with many positive reactions to its Viking-themed world and the improvements it’s made to the series’ RPG-style gameplay. It is all set to release on November 17.

While Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed a number of times, it looks as though the open-world Sci-Fi game is all set to finally launch, with fans able to get the game for their platform of choice beginning November 19.

Currently, the gamers have been divided on their preferences and we can only wait for the third week of November to see how the ultimate gaming showdown plays out.

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