The history of Kerala is more than a thousand years old. Kerala, The land of greenery is also known as the ‘Gods own Country’. Stone Age carvings at Edakkal Caves in Wayanad indicate the presence of a prehistoric civilization or settlement in the region in 5000 BC. From an early age dating back to 3000 BC, Kerala was an established spice trade center.

The spices of Kerala attracted traders from different parts of the world. In this way, the ports of Kerala hold a special place in world history. Kerala has a distinct position in the commercial sector. Kerala was an important destination for travelers and traders due to its spices.

Jews and Arabs were the first to come here for business. Later merchants from different parts of the world including Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Greek, Roman, French, and British had made their mark in different areas of Kerala’s culture. This made Kerala society a mixture of people from different sects of Christian, Hindu, and Muslim.

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There are many mythological concepts about Kerala. Hindu mythology states that Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of Mahavishnu created Kerala. According to the Puranas, Kerala is also known as Parashurama Kshetra, which means ‘land of Parashurama’, as the land was acquired by him from the sea.

Some major changes took place in Kerala after independence. Travancore and Cochin states merged to form Travancore-Cochin province. Archaeologists believe that the Negrito people, the first citizens of Kerala, were hunters. They were followed by Ostrich, which is similar to present-day Australian Aborigines. They were the people who started cultivating rice and vegetables which are still an integral part of Kerala culture. Then came the Dravidians and Aryans who influenced Kerala culture.

The history of Kerala was dominated by feudalism, caste, and war. Most of the landowners in Kerala were Namobothiris. These landlords lived in a luxurious manner. The land is leased to the next higher castes for harvest. The lowest castes were only those laborers with poor living conditions. There was untouchability too. All these were abolished and later colonial rule was halted. Now Kerala is one of the most peaceful places to live.

Munnar Tourism

Munnar is not only a favorite tourist destination of South India after Hill Station but also a center of tea estates in Kerala. Munnar, an exotic hill station with an attached calm of beauty and beauty, is the most visited destination in South India.

This hill station is a heavenly beauty, situated at an altitude of about 1600 meters above sea level, was once the summer resort of the British Government in South India. The colonial bungalows in the hill boast the magnificent past of this place.

The pleasant romantic climate and atmosphere back in Munnar made it the most preferred honeymoon spot in the country. The word Munnar literally means three rivers. Munnar, as the name suggests, is situated in the confluence of three rivers Muthirpuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala in Idukki district.

One of the major attractions of Munnar is the tea gardens. The juicy manicured tea fields that make up the picturesque backdrop for the place have an area of ​​over 12000 hectares. For adventure lovers, the challenge is to climb the highest peak in South India.

Shelving such an endangered species of beautiful valleys, mist, and mountainous wildlife, and breathtaking waterfalls covered with coffee, tea and spice plantations will be a refreshing experience. But the most refreshing is pure air.

There are also many interesting things that you can do here. You can watch wild animals, play golf, or catch some trout fish. There is an unlimited list. You can visit any tea garden to understand the process.

The aroma of the place will be with you for a long time. Neelakurinji is a rare and most beautiful flower, which blooms once in twelve years, is found in the valleys here. When these flowers bloom it covers the entire area with its beautiful purple color. Enjoy the rare view of these flowers.

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Pothanmedu View Point

Situated on a high rock at the entrance of Munnar, this scenic spot offers a magical view of Munnar. Not only a sight to behold, but this place is also a challenge for adventure lovers.


Located at an altitude of 1700 meters, Mattupetty is famous for its dairy farm. Near this amazing farm is the beautiful Mattupetty lake and dam which is a famous picnic spot. There is a huge reservoir in Mattupetty Dam. A visit to this place is a great experience with boating and occasional sightings of various wild animals like elephants and sambar

Eravikulam National Park

This national park was once a hunting ground for the British. Today, this park protects wild animals at its best. This national park is situated at an altitude of 7000 feet above sea level. This sanctuary is the famous Nilgiri tahr, a highly endangered wild goat. Munnar is proud of this.

Kerala tourism india hotels Eravikulam National Park
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The outstanding beauty of the grasslands is another attraction of Eravikulam National Park. Anamudi, the highest peak in South India is located in this park. There are many types of rare flora in these hills.


The most sought after place in Munnar, Devikulam is an ideal hill station with exotic flora and fauna and calm mountain air. Sita Devi Lake is an ideal picnic spot with its charming atmosphere and mineral water.

Kerala tourism india hotels Devikulam
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Devikulam offers visitors the pleasure of trout fishing. Devikulam Lake is just 13 km from Munnar. Before trout fishing, you must obtain a permit and bring equipment. Another place for trout fishing is Gravel Banks which is located at the far corner of Nyamkad Estate.

Alleppey / Alappuzha Tourism

Alleppey promises to provide loads of joy, beauty, and adventure to the holidays. If you want to travel to Alleppey from stressful daily life and make your holiday the most memorable one. Alleppey is also known as the city of Alappuzha Canals and Lagoon. Alleppey is the center of backwater tourism. Alleppey’s lifeline is available in this vast backwater of canals, lagoons, and lakes.

Kerala tourism india hotels Alappuzha Alleppey
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You would be surprised to know that Alleppey is the only city in Kerala without forests. But the tranquil backwaters, lush greenery and exotic mix of natural beauty made Alleppey one of the most beautiful places.

Life in Alleppey revolves around water. Alleppey has small man-made islands, inhabited by various migratory birds.

The main attractions in Alappuzha are backwaters and traditional houseboats. A trip through the backwaters in houseboats gives you an amazing opportunity to see Alleppey’s greenery, natural beauty, and marine life up close.

The boat race is a trademark of Alleppey. Snake boat races held in the backwaters during the harvest season are world-famous. You will be amazed by the large crowds coming from different parts of the world to watch the boat race. The speed and thrill of the boat race are truly amazing.

Precious aquatic life in Alleppey is fascinating. Beautiful little flowers, coconut trees, and green paddy fields will catch your eye while traveling through the waterway. You will not be bored for even a second in Alappuzha.

The peaceful Alleppey beach with the old lighthouse is the best place to enjoy the gentle murmur of the sea and the breeze. Alleppey keeps everything beautiful and pristine to make your vacation a lifetime experience.

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Alappuzha Beach

The beach is a famous picnic spot with children’s park and boating facilities. The old lighthouse and the 140-year-old ghat which extends across the sea is a wonderful sight. This pier was built in 1862 by Hugh Crawford.

Alleppey Backwaters

The most attractive feature of Alappuzha is the backwater. The houseboat cruise through this serious backwater is not to be missed. A backwater cruise on Punnamada Lake offers you amazing views with beautiful islands, coconut trees and paddy fields, Chinese fishing nets, and toddy tappers during work.

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Boats can be hired from the boat jetty. Alappuzha has a Punnamada Kayal for boat racing. The largest snake boat race Nehru Trophy Boat Race is held here.


Mullackal is a Konkani Brahmin settlement built around Alappuzha Town. Bhagwati temple is located here. Konkani Brahmins living here specializes in making sweets.

About one kilometer from Mullaikal is the temple of Mullikal Bhagwati’s twin sister Mariamman. Chiyape is the main festival of the temple and during this time there are utensils and many other items displayed in the fair. Anyone can buy it from here.

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Kochi Tourism

Kochi is one of the top-rated international travel destinations, where tourists can closely experience pre-historic, historical, and modern era glimpses. Kochi is truly the heart of God’s own country – Kerala. It is the financial capital of the city with emerging industries and various other business efforts as it is one of the major port cities in the country.

This metropolitan city has everything that can attract tourists regardless of the weather, such as comfort in the metro city, amazing beauty of nature, incredible culture, and so on. Be it an adventure trip or a back holiday experience, Kochi tourism will not disappoint any of its visitors.

How to reach Kochi

Kochi is one of the major metropolitan cities in the country which is well connected to the rest of the country through air, rail, road, and water.

There are several major national and state highways that connect southern and northern India.

Kerala tourism india hotels kochi
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The Thiruvananthapuram railway division under the Southern Railway zone of the Indian Railways connects Kochi to other parts of the country via rail. Kochi is one of the safest ports in the Indian Ocean, making it one of the major ports. Passenger ships are operated from Kochi to Colombo and Lakshadweep under the state Water Transport Department.

Travel within the city is also hassle-free for tourists as it is a comfortable and cost-effective public transport facility available from major sightseeing tours. Road and water transport facilities are available for commuting in and around the city.

The historical importance of Kochi

Greek, Roman, Jewish, Syrian, Arab, and Chinese were the main traders of spices. According to historians, the Kingdom of Kochi came into existence after the Chera Kingdom in the 12th century.

Kerala tourism india hotels kochi
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The peculiarity of this place was that many traders who came to this land were Jewish chiefs, later settled here for various reasons. From Portuguese rule, Kochi passed into the hands of the Dutch and later the British. The Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1814 forced the Dutch rule to cede Kochi to British rule. Under British rule, the development of the modern city began with a large modern port and the largest man-made island called Willington Island.

During the post-independence era, the Kochi Maharaja agreed to join the Indian Union, and then in 1948, the royal kingdom of Travancore-Kochi merged into the newly formed Indian Union. On your Kochi tour, take time out and explore its historical grandeur.

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Geographical importance of Kochi

Kochi is located in the southwestern part of Ernakulam district. The geographical feature of Kochi is that most areas of the city are along the coastline of 48 km above sea level. Cochin is also decorated with the stunning grandeur of backwaters that attract travelers from all over the world. Major parts of the city are surrounded by water bodies and thus there are many beautiful islands in and around the city.

Being a coastal region, the weather here is generally humid like Goa. The presence of the Western Ghats on one side helps in getting a good amount of monsoon. The normal temperature here varies between 30 ° C to 35 ° C during the day and 25 ° C to 28 ° C through the nights.

Places to visit in Kochi

Cochin has many places to experience historical, cultural, and geographical wonders. For those who are looking for the beauty of nature, there are places like Cherai Beach, Veppen Island, Fort Kochi Beach, Kodanad Elephant Training Center, Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary, and Marine Drive. The Santa Cruz Basilica, St. Francis Church, Vallarpadam Church, Kadamottom Church, St. Antony’s Shrine, Chhotanikkara Bhagwati Temple, Ernakulathappan Temple, Ettumanoor Siva Temple, and the Pornatheresa Temple are some of the most visited places for its architectural wonders.

Travelers who are excited about the colonial period and want to get a closer understanding of the European inhabited community lifestyle can visit places such as Mattancherry Jewish Street, Fort Kochi, Willington Island, Boulageti Palace, Dutch Palace, Bastian Bungalow, VOC Gate and David Hall Will visit. And so on.

Apart from these magnificent attractions, other places to see in Cochin include famous art galleries, museums, amusement parks, its visitors have a wonderful time in the city.

Things to do in Kochi

Festivals are the major attraction for tourists, planning their Cochin tour to attend events like Cochin Carnival, Onam Festival in the month of August, or September, Shivratri Festival at Aluva Shiva Temple, etc.

Tourists on Kochi often buy antiques, traditional jewelry, apparel, and spices. There are many art galleries, shopping malls, supermarkets and textile showrooms where you can find them all. Mattancherry Jewish Street is one of the famous places for street shopping in Kochi, where you can find anything for everything.