Success comes to those who deserve

We often discuss jobs with our friends, family, colleagues, and seniors especially when we are about to join a new company or a job. We get a variety of advices from them but not all are great advices.

We all have probably heard that “Success comes to those who are perfect”. People often say perfectionism is expected in your job and I think this is the worst advice we have ever heard about jobs. No one is perfect, so striving for this will only disappoint and frustrate you. We should try our best but we must keep this thing in mind that no one can be perfect. This is true that we should always work as per our interest and passion but it’s not necessary to be perfect at it.

No one is born perfect and that’s true that we can never become perfect but we should never stop learning. We should learn from our failures, even from others’ failures, experiences and losses, and achievements.

Recognizing our weaknesses

We should introspect to find our strengths and weakness, our goods and bads, and start working on them. If we recognize our strengths then we can utilize them ineffective manner, we will be aware of what we are good at and this will boost our confidence. Recognizing our weaknesses also plays a very important role in our lives.

Because it gives us a chance to convert our weaknesses into opportunities. We can find ways to overcome those weaknesses. Once we know our strengths and weaknesses, we can choose careers that match our strengths, while working to improve our weaknesses.

The best Job – Follow what your heart says

Everyone is born without knowledge, we acquire knowledge after learning and experiencing only. Learning has got the power to defeat all the obstacles and lead us to the throne of success. By practicing these methods we can prove this advice is wrong and we must not pay attention to such advices.

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We should just follow what our heart says and must follow our passion. There are different people who will give us different advices, but your passion and heart and dedication towards work will take you to a correct path and you will excel in the field. So just be passionate about something and pursue it you will definitely achieve success.

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