Taking the history of Japan after the devastation, the growth of the country is astonishing after the World War 2 which had a great impact on the nation in 1945, the next few decades were crucial for the Development of Japan Economically and Democratically from nothing to what they are now.

The Prime Minister of the country plays a crucial role in the country’s development with foreign affairs and improving the GDP. Among them, Shinzo Abe was one of the longest-serving prime ministers in Japan’s history.

Japan has a 4-year Unlimited Term, which is the same person can be represented after the 4 years of Power indefinitely many times as the person or the Party decides. Hence Shinzo Abe was the people’s choice since 2006. Shinzo Abe was well versed in politics as he completed his bachelor’s in Political science. He became a member of the House of Representatives for the first time in 1993. Since then he had a Strong Political background.

Shinzo Abe – Resignation

On 28 August the heartbreaking decision for Japan’s ministry was the announcement of Mr. Shinzo’s resigning from his position. Due to his health issues, he has enlightened the fact that he has to withdraw from the irreplaceable position as his health condition has worsened for the past few days. 

According to NHK Television’s global broadcast, the decision has to yet finalized by Shinzo Abe himself which is expected to declare at a Press Conference which is scheduled on Friday (28/08/20), by which the era of longest-serving PM of Japan comes to a halt, after long 14 years.   

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