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Whenever we talk about Artificial Intelligence, the first thing that comes to our minds is Robots. We are also familiar with Science-Fiction movies like The Terminator, iRobot, and Interstellar featuring Robots at significant roles in the movie. With the unprecedented advancement of Science and Technology over the years, new inventions and discoveries have paved the way for the development of society. Robots similarly have revolutionized Industries and societies for long.

With the extensive use in Entertainment and Industrial Sphere, researchers and engineers are pushing themselves to create more and more Humanized ones, which means Robots with more Human-like Characteristics. With this advancement in this field, obviously, questions like CAN ROBOTS BE ALIVE? often arise amongst people. Obviously, a Robot won’t run on Oxygen just like a Human Being, but other features like Listening, Speaking, Reasoning, and Cognitive Thinking are some characteristics introduced in them to make them appear Alive just like Humans.

Robots – Today

SOPHIA THE ROBOT, who is the first Humanoid (Human-like) Robot created by Hanson Robotics. Her interviews with media houses such as CNBC, Tony Robbins, and Jimmy Fallon prove the advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

The Engineers at Robots Of London have created an artificially intelligent puppet that appears like the replica of the Queen. The creators of this robot tried to make it more like a human by adding certain algorithms in her that control her voice. She walks and talks and is used as a Google Search Engine, but might face glitches while communicating with humans. – An Article by CNA INSIDER

Besides this, Madeline Gannon, the founder, and Principal Researcher at ATON ATON claims that “the possibility of Robots Co-existing with Humans in the future is very bright, thus, we should ponder and look upon them as our fellow living creatures and not just as objects”, as per the article posted by INTERESTING ENGINEERING.


So yes, Robots can be Alive or function independently through programming, in the near future. Fortunately, we don’t have to anticipate for the future, the world’s first living Robot has already been created. This organism and machine is called as the XENOBOT, created with the fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Frog Cells/DNA using Computer Algorithms which has evolved in such a manner that although it is a machine yet an organism with a 100% Frog DNA -LiveScience.

Xenobot - Wikipedia

The traits that make this Robot distinct from others is that ‘It is the world’s first living, Self-
Healing Robot’ as reported by CNN.

This proves that the future of Technology and specifically AI-run Robots is very near. Robots can definitely be Alive and exist amongst us in the same arena.

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