We the people of India lead an independent and peaceful life. The freedom which we enjoy now is not for free. It costs soldiers. It costs our army. The soldiers sacrificed their today for our better tomorrow. It is the armed forces that teach us disciplined and well-cultured life. The life of the armed forces is not really tough. But it is adventurous. Only those who are passionate can realize and feel the love of India.

Benefits of OLQs…

There are 15 Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) which each and every soldier implement in one’s life.

Indian army
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  • Effective Intelligence
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Organizing Ability
  • Power of Expression
  • Social Adaptability
  • Co-operation
  • Sense of Responsibility
  • Initiative
  • Self Confidence
  • Ability to Influence the group
  • Liveliness
  • Determination
  • Courage
  • Stamina
  • Speed of decision

The implementation of 15 OLQs boosts up one’s mind, heart, guts, and limbs. Moreover, these qualities make a person follow moral principles, make him be loyal and truthful.

Adventurous Life…

Armed warriors live a life less ordinary. Adventurous life helps us to overcome the fear within us. It is more important to live as an example in one’s life. The adventurous life can also be attained in various other fields like sky diving, Rafting, Bungy jumping, etc.

But the adventurous life in the armed force is quite different. It not only gives us experience but also helps us to seek knowledge, and maintains dignity towards one’s country.

Life after death…

Army warriors go down in glory. Their death won’t be an incident. It would create history. Amar Jawan is the best example of creating his history in the hearts of every Indian. The bravery of the one-man army Jeshwanth Singh is also noteworthy. He along with the help of two other village girls Noora and Sheela had fought against 300 Chinese warriors thereby facing a brave end.

Kapil Kundu, a young role model for defense aspirants who was about to turn 23 by the 10th of February 2018, had returned home in a coffin, by facing a brave end in the terrorist attack. His life motto is life should be big rather than being long. Those who lived a selfless life where remembered forever in the hearts of Indians.

United we win…

The major positivity of the Indian Armed Forces is its Unity. When we compare the army to the corporate world, the major difference is this… In the army, we know by which side the enemy is! But in the corporate world, we did not know where the enemy really is! Last but not the least, in order to live a disciplined, well behaved, united life Indian Armed Forces is the only way to achieve it. The United Achievement of the Siachen Glacier is unforgettable. I hope we all know about it.

The Siachen Glacier is the most difficult battlefield in the world which is in the Himalayas, where the atmospheric is -52°C and it is 21,147 feet high above the sea level and our Indian Army is right now present there and guarding our borders. Salute to those men, who are in uniform, so that people like you and me sleep in peace. Hope girls will also be inducted in Siachen Conflict soon in order to safeguard the nation. Again, the freedom which we enjoy now is not free, it costs the life of the soldiers.


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