India has banned 47 apps of Chinese origin in the country, almost a month after it banned 59 Chinese applications. Sources have told that 47 banned Chinese apps were acting as clones of already banned apps. A list of 47 Chinese applications banned by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology will be released soon.

Second digital strike on the Chinese apps

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has banned 47 apps that were variants and cloned 59 Chinese apps that were banned in June. News agency ANI reported that these 47 banned app clones include Tiktok Lite, Helo Lite, Big Live Lite, and VFY Lite.

Government sources told that India has also prepared a list of over 250 Chinese apps, including those linked to Alibaba. The list also includes Tencent-supported gaming app PUBG.

Some of the top gaming Chinese applications are also expected to be banned in the new list, which is being prepared. Chinese applications, which are being reviewed, are reportedly sharing data with Chinese agencies.

Today’s decision follows a high-profile ban of 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok, as border tensions in Ladakh continued after a violent, deadly confrontation between Indian and Chinese forces. The government said that these apps were involved in pre-emptive activities for the sovereignty, integrity and defense of India.

A government press release stated that the ban was announced: “The Ministry of Information Technology is implementing it under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, which provides access to public information with relevant provisions of information technology (process and safeguards Blocking rules). 2009 and in view of the emerging nature of threats, it has been decided to block 59 apps as they are engaged in activities that are prejudicial to India’s sovereignty and integrity in view of the available information.

“Protecting India, Protecting the State and Public Order”.

A day later, Google said that it had removed all restricted applications from the Play Store. After the ban, Tiktok refused these claims, suggesting that legal action would be taken against the Indian government for banning the app in India.

Reacting to the 59 apps banned by India, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said the country was “strongly concerned about the decision of the Indian government“.

Zhao Lijian said, “We want to emphasize that the Chinese government always tells Chinese businesses to comply with international and local laws and regulations. The government of India has the right to uphold the legal rights of international investors, including Chinese investors.” Responsibility. “

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