India is home to the foremost important postal network within the planet.

The State-run postal system in our country is the largest within the planet. The postal network, named because the India Post consists of 154,939 post offices, unfolds everyplace in the country with the overwhelming majority (89.86%) being primarily based within the agricultural areas. Every post workplace serves a neighborhood of eight.19 sq. miles with concerning eight,054 residents. The first services offered by Indian Post are essential postal services also as courier services.

It’s the eighteenth longest lineation within the world.

The country has one in all the longest coastlines in Asia stretching four,671 miles, and is the eighteenth longest within the planet. The lineation is comparatively even. The Gujarat state forms the longest stretch of the Indian lineation while the shortest stretch is found alongside the province state.

India has the least jail population in the world.

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The Secular Country has a rock bottom range of jail inmates within the world with 418,536 inmates in 2014. The prisoners are fastened up in India’s one,387 prisons. The Tihar Ashram is the largest jail within the country and therefore the largest jail system in South Asia with a capability of vi,250 prisoners.

1st Asian country to reach the orbit of Mars.

On Sept twenty-fourth, 2014, the Indian Mangalyaan guided-missile reached Mars orbit. The action showcased India’s superior program surpass the Indian house analysis Organization, with the country turning into the first Asian country to comprehend the effort. The mission was also India’s inaugural celestial body mission creating India the first country within the planet to reach Mars’s orbit within the primary try.

It’s home to two of the world’s oldest languages – Indo-Aryan and Tamil.

Two of the country’s native languages are among the oldest within the planet. Indo-Aryan could also be a language spoken by few individuals whose origin is copied back to the second millennium B.C.. Indo-Aryan is presently spoken by a touch cluster of people however was once the linguistic communication in ancient South Asia with several speakers.

There’s no national language.

The 2001 Census established that the country had 122 major languages and concerning 1600 other languages. The Constitution has no provision for anyone’s national language.

It is the fourth-longest railway network on the earth.

Indian Railways is the fourth-longest rail network within the world (after Russia, China, and therefore the United States) with the full track stretching seventy-four,330 miles. The railway network also options seven,216 stations on its stretch. Its is state-owned and is operated by the Government.

There are a lot more vegetarians than anyplace else within the planet.

According to a 2007 report by the world organization Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the country includes a very cheap meat consumption rate within the planet, a reality attributed to sturdy spiritual and cultural beliefs within the country. The country has the perfect range of vegetarians within the planet with thirty-first of natives being vegetarians.

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