You would have used Windows Operating System for almost a decade or more, but that doesn’t mean you would know everything about the Operating system and its features. In that case, everyone would have been in a situation where one needs to record the screen, either for professional or personal purposes. Usually, there are quite a number of third-party applications, which gives you a hand in recording your screen. But most of them are either Paid Applications or free ones with limited flexibility.

But do you know that the Windows 10 Operating System allows you to record screen without any third-party applications?

The Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar allows you to record screen and computer audio up to 60 FPS and 192kbps.

Screen Record – Windows 10

Method 1: Through the Xbox Game Bar

Step 1: Open the Xbox Bar game bar by pressing Windows key + G at the same time.

screen record windows 10 game bar

Step 2: Now select the Second Camera Icon with opens the Capture Widget

screen record windows 10 capture

Step 3: To record Screen, select the Record Screen Icon(Third Icon). In order to capture a Screenshot, select the Capture Icon(First Icon). This will open the Recording Widget as shown below

screen record windows 10 recording

That’s all has to be done. Now you can Stop the screen recording by clicking on the Stop Button(Blue Icon).

Now the Screen recorded Video will be saved in C:\Users\<YourComputerName>\Videos\Captures in mp4 format

Method 2: Using Shortcut

The Only Step: Press Win + Alt + R. This will Start Recording the Screen.

You can change the Screen Record settings by changing the settings in Gaming Settings

This can be done by navigating to Settings>Gaming

screen record windows 10 gaming

We hope that this helped you to screen record video of an app in Windows 10.

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