On the eve of MS Dhoni’s 39th birthday, Dwayne Bravo invited fans of the Indian star to his new song about the former World Cup-winning captain.

  • Bravo released a new song on MS Dhoni on the eve of Captain CSK’s 39th birthday
  • Bravo has titled the song Helicopter 7 and presents a ‘Helicopter Celebration’
  • From mentioning the ticket collector phase to thanking Ganguly, Dwayne Bravo has dedicated the song to Dhoni

Dwayne Bravo’s Helicopter Celebration

MS Dhoni turns 39 on Tuesday, July 7 and the celebrations have already started. While trends are beginning to pick up on social media, Dwayne Bravo, a West Indies off-roader, has gifted Dhoni a special birthday present by releasing his song ‘Helicopter 7’ on the eve of the Chennai’s captain’s birthday. Super Kings.

“So the wait is over !! @ mahi7781 you are truly a great inspiration to many people around the world. As we prepare to celebrate your birthday, on behalf of my team, my fans and your fans, we wish you God bless The helicopter is off, “Bravo wrote on social media

From mentioning his Ranchi roots to thanking Sourav Ganguly for promoting Dhoni to play at No. 3 on ODI, Dwayne Bravo had made sure he had presented a gift for Dhoni fans on the star’s birthday.

‘He started out as a ticket collector’

The song also features the ‘Helicopter Celebration’ in which Bravo can be seen imitating Dhoni’s ‘helicopter shot’.

“This Ranchi guy, they call him Dhoni. He makes India proud, creating history. Let’s say thanks to Ganguly for letting him hit at number 3. That’s where he got his first century and that was the start of the Mahi brand. It started as a ticket collector. Now he’s one of the best in history, “says Bravo’s lyrics in his song for Dhoni.

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For Mahi

“Mahi’s song … I still haven’t completed the entire track. I still want to work on the music and some other lyrics I want to put there. I was thinking … there is no one who has made a song as a tribute to an athlete in I came up with ideas, “Dwayne Bravo told Harsha Bhogle during the chat show ‘Cricbuzz in Conversation.’

“I want to do something for him. He is nearing the end of his career. He had a great career. It had a huge impact on my personal career and also on many other cricketers.”

“You listen to interviews from other cricketers like Rohit Sharma, Hardik (Pandya) and even Virat (Kohli), everyone praises him in regards to their careers. He gave a lot of opportunities for cricketers. He also won titles for the country.”

“I wanted to do something special for him. I called song No. 7. It’s his number. It’s a special number for him.”

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