Apart from what was happening in Ladakh, more actions against the Chinese is that the Modi government has gone ahead and banned around 118 apps including PUBG Mobile following the series of Bans previously

PUBG and 117 other apps Banned

PUBG Mobile is the wildly popular mobile game from China, it has now been banned in India formally after there has been some suspense over whether PUBG Mobile will be banned in India after the country banned TikTok and several other apps.

Indian alternate to all these banned apps is the big focus and as far as Aaatma Nirbhar Bharat to reduce dependence on China as much as we can and these overall are gradually a stepping stone to ultimately putting China out of 5G trials in India and that will be one big signal India takes.

The attacks in Ladakh are even worse given the fact that India is effectively taking very strong countermeasures in Ladakh in the business field in the economic field and also diplomatically from China

India’s Cybercrime Coordination Center under the Home Office also sent a comprehensive recommendation to block these malicious apps, according to the statement. “Similarly, there have been similar bipartisan concerns, raised by various public representatives, both inside and outside the Indian Parliament. There has been a strong chorus in the public space to crack down on applications that harm India’s sovereignty and the privacy of our citizens, “

“Based on this data and upon receipt of recent credible input that the published information, requested permissions, built-in functionality, as well as the data collection practices of the above-mentioned applications, raise serious concerns that these applications collect and surreptitiously share data and jeopardize users’ personal data and information that may pose a serious threat to state security, “

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