Similar to Danish’s usual funny videos, his latest film French Biriyani shines a light on the cultural diversity of Bengaluru that very rarely gets acknowledged in mainstream movies. Director Pannaga Bharana has consciously steered off from all swanky features of the town.

The story unfolds within the streets of Shivajinagar. And Pannaga guides the audience along the cramped streets of the realm with the help of the protagonist, Asgar (Danish Sait). Asgar is also a stereotypical poor Muslim youth, who hardly gets a nod in mainstream movies. But, in this movie, he’s the hero of the story.

In a case of mistaken identity and misconceptions, Simon (Sal Yusuf), a French national, gets mixed-up with the business of a section gangster. He finishes up hiring the services of Asgar to want him to his high-end hotel. And after several events of twists and turns, Asgar becomes Simon’s only hope to survive the chaotic and unpredictable streets of the town.

It is very rare in recent times that out-and-out comedies are made in Kannada cinema. The filmmakers have either made commercial cinema with a dose of comedy or mostly stuck to thrillers and horror drama in recent times.

So French Biriyani comes in as a change and surprise from the pattern. Does this manage to face out? It does to an extent. There are some obvious gags and physical comedy in french biriyani that evoke laughs.

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French Biryani – Review

One might feel that the film, which is under two hours long, could are tightened further. The film has some interesting caricatures as characters who augment the ensemble that is all a component of the madness. Films like these are seen in Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi, especially, but it does break the monotony for the Kannada film viewers.

What makes this film sincerely cosmopolitan is each character remains culturally distinct and yet coexist. They speak different dialects and phrases and yet they understand each other so well. And is there a way better due to pay tribute to a city that is as diverse as Bengaluru?
But, how does French Biriyani fare within the humor department? great. 

The first 1/2 the movie is full of improv humor following the terrifying experiences of the French national. And augment that Danish’s flawless Urdu mixed with urban Kannada dialect, you get many funny moments over the course of two hours.

If you are touch aware of Bengaluru’s street talk, then this mindless comedy gets even more relatable.

French Biriyani doesn’t promise any big message to evangelize, nor does it boast star power within the cast. But, if a fun watch to mock some very Bengaluru jokes is what you seek, this will interest you.

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