With the induction of six Rafale aircraft in the Indian Air Force, its strength has increased significantly. This has not only happened because the number of fighters in our Air Force has increased but because it has not been with Pakistan or China for its combat aircraft. It is equipped not with one but many such features which are not in any fighter aircraft of our two neighboring countries.

Former Indian Air Force Air Marshal Anil Chopra, during an exclusive conversation with Dainik Jagran, not only informed about some special things related to Rafael but also about the Chinese fighter planes which he has been known to be powerful.

Why Rafale ?

Air Marshal Chopra sees Rafael’s presence in the Indian Air Force as a game-changer. According to him, China and Pakistan do not have aircraft at this level. The reason for this is the high-tech radar, which both of these countries do not have.

It can detect any aircraft or missile within a radius of more than 200 km. Even more special is that its radar cannot be jammed. Apart from this, it has Fire Infrared Gem and Trek System. It is typical that this fighter aircraft can see the enemy’s ship at a distance of 100 km without turning on its radar.

This combat aircraft has an electronic warfare system named Spectra. India did not even have this system before. Apart from this, China and Pakistan also do not have this technology. Its biggest feature is that it protects all types of the electromagnetic spectrum in the aircraft by blocking the enemy’s radar.


The aircraft has 14 points for carrying weapons. This aircraft can easily fly with a weight of 9.5 tons and can also hit the target. According to Air Marshal Chopra, Sukhoi 30 is a bigger aircraft than Rafale but Rafale has the capability to carry more weapons.

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India is getting three special wipes with this aircraft. The first of these is the Meteor missile. These missiles can carry unmistakable targets up to a distance of 150 km. Another big feature of this is that if an enemy ship arrives within a radius of 60 km, then it will not be able to escape. The second dream in this is the scalp. It is a cruise missile with a range of 540 km. It can hit 30-meter accuracy.

rafale fighter jets IAF

He said that India is buying Highly Agile Modular Munition Extended Range from France as per its requirement. The decision to buy it has been taken in view of the prevailing circumstances. It is a missile for tactical use to hit a short distance. It is an air-to-ground missile. It can destroy the enemy in a 60 km range.

rafale fighter jets IAF

On the question of comparison of Rafale to China’s fighter jets, retired Air Marshal Chopra says that Rafale has successfully proved its utility and strength in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq. As far as China’s fighters are concerned, their most modern fighter jet J-20 also does not have the same thing that is in Rafale. This aircraft of China has engines of Russian fighter aircraft. It can take a long time to upgrade them. Apart from this, China is trying to make its own engine but to date, it has not got success in it.

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