The thing about today’s fashion world is that anyone can access anything at any time. While avant-garde looks could only once be found in the country’s top fashion magazines, now you just have to scroll through an Instagram feed to see the same piece designed in 7 different ways. As great as it is, it can also be really overwhelming for people looking to incorporate these looks into their daily wear, how come they even start to choose?

You could be on the Cover Page too

For example, bicycle shorts. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Gigi Hadid has taken advantage of this spandex-induced fashion, but if you’re not an influencer and want to get involved in this trend, wearing tight-fitting sportswear in an everyday situation can be intimidating.

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However, incorporating this skinny look into your wardrobe is super easy! Do you need a brunch look? Combine bike shorts with a button-down shirt or oversized t-shirt for a crisp redesign of the traditional shirt dress style. Do you want something a little more dressed? Easy. Give 90’s glamour by throwing a knit sweater and blazer over your athletic shorts for Rachel Geller-inspired style.

Strange ball shapes, like hearts, slim ovals, and huge carpet tassels, for all of her accessories are also another flourishing trend that can be difficult to design without a filter. Starting small is the best way to design these looks in the off-camera world. Do you hesitate to incorporate large earrings with tassels of thread in your daily use? Taking a look at those neon heart-shaped sunglasses?

Comfort is the new FASHION

Incorporating these styles is easy if you start small, Using these accessories in a simple set of Jeans and T-shirts or a classic LBD gives even the most uninteresting non-influencers a chance to venture into new styles. The only trend that remains … for a long time is COMFORT.

Fashion wear hack comfort
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There is a reason that sneakers, yoga pants, and sportswear are increasing more and more. Because young and old fashionistas are adopting the attitude that comfort is style. Comfort is king (or queen). I regularly tell my clients that if they are wearing a dress or pants, they spend a lot of time pulling on them or if they have trouble walking gracefully because the heel of a shoe is too high, it immediately subtracts from its excess. Everything elegant

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Fashionistas – 2020

Gone are the days of fashion when women got into a pointy stiletto to look/feel sexy and relevant. Farewell days from sunrise to sunset when men need to wear a three-piece suit to get respect. Pointy shoes and three-piece suits are still important to a carefully selected wardrobe, but they are no longer the only options. Today all fashionistas believe that you can be elegant and cozy.

You can easily combine a sharp, soft blazer with knit pants and crisp new tennis shoes (emphasis on crisp new ones). Or you can wear a great pair of yoga pants with a cashmere sweater, a beautiful scarf, and polished flats. Both sets convey sleek, elegant, and smart.

The fit of your outfit, including your shoes, is paramount. Comfortable clothing should fit properly, otherwise, it may appear sloppy.

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So here are the rules for staying stylish, classy, ​​and modern:

  • If you wear sneakers with something (suit, dress, pants, etc.), they must be new and without handcuffs.
  • When you incorporate yoga pants into a set, please make sure your blouse (sweater, jacket, silk tunic) completely cover your torso. If your crotch shows a change to jeans or soft pants.
  • It is okay to combine gym clothes (also known as athleisure) with custom or stylish items. Keep it in one piece (be it your jacket, your sweatpants or your fitted tank). In this way, you will not be confused with the Bikram yoga class that only lets out two doors.
  • Sweats are great. Hoodies and joggers are incredibly stylish if you keep the proportions correct. Make sure if you are layering the first layer is snug so the overlays feel and look good.
  • Comfort does not mean anything, less than cozy can not be used. A study of which brands fit you best, and works to tailor the habit to your structured pieces to balance your otherwise relaxed clothing.

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Stay Comfy, Stay Classy

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