The city…

Dubai is generally used as a stopover destination for travelers flying in and out of Emirates. Dubai is not just a stopover city, there are plenty to try and do here for those trying to stay longer. It is a city free of colonies and also of new ones. It is an area where a conservative culture with old-world customs along with the Modren times Prevails. It is the Vegas of the Middle East.

How to get there …

dubai airport only in dubai
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Convenient, fast, and trendy new facilities are just a few of the benefits on offer at the city’s international airfield and Al Maktoum International at Dubai World Central. More than 7000 flights are operated from 260 destinations from 125 airlines every week on every continent (except Antarctica), So you have wide options flying into the city. Finding a carrier that fits any budget or itinerary is easy.

When to visit …

dubai desert hot
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Dubai is HOT! I know, Duh. Throughout the “winter months,” which correlate with ours, temperatures are cooler, with highs in the 1980s and lows in the 1960s. This is often from the Gregorian calendar month to March. These temperatures are acceptable, this is often the commuter season in the city, so expect it to be full and costs to be a bit higher if you intend on your city trip for that time. However, within the summer months from the Gregorian calendar month to August, temperatures average a maximum of 105!

Where to stay…

There is no shortage of hotels in the city, particularly luxury hotels. You will jointly check rental sites similar to Airbnb. In terms of the most effective location, you should initially think of the city as a long strip. I compare it to a metropolis or city if you have been to one of them. We have a tendency to drive continuously back and forth, up and down an equivalent road.

dubai city time
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The most central, and therefore the busiest, location is around the Dubai Mall, where Burj Khalifa is located. At the opposite extreme is Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab. At the entirely opposite end of this, “strip” are the city’s airport and old Dubai with its souks. Most of this strip is Jumeirah Beach, packed with beach resorts, retailers, and restaurants.

Places to visit…

Dubai is well known globally for its expensive taste, but also for its quality to dream and achieve its sky limit goals. One of the best examples is the record-breaking, soaring Burj Khalifa. Burj al Arab, and also the great Palm Jumeirah Island, a testament to the ruling sheiks’ determination to create the city as one of the world’s essential travel destinations for the 21st century.

burj khalifa only in dubai
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Yellow boats can take you to view Palm Jumeirah, Burj al Arab, and also the pier in one trip.
For the visitor, there is much more to Dubai than designer boutiques and five-star hotels, although all you are trying to find is a luxurious dose of sun, sand, and search, the city takes a few hits.

Interspersed with fine ancient and recent Arab houses, to the unforgettable postmodern country-themed horizons of the southern elements of the city. There is also a wide variety of fun for children. Dubai Ice Rink offers a variety of public sessions open to all, the Aquarium is and iFly Dubai allows you to put on a flight suit and enjoy the air.


People who visit Dubai are always amazed at the incredible amount of things to try and do in this city. Dubai is a fascinating and multicultural city that deserves much more than just a stopover.

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