Dil bechara trailer breakdown

Starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Sanjana Sanghi in the lead role of the movie Dil Bechara. The cast also involves Saif Ali khan but his role was not revealed in the trailer. Director Mukesh Chhabra has got his inspiration for Dil Bechara from the book “The fault in our stars” written by John Green. This film is produced by Fox star studios.

So let’s get into the film..

The trailer starts with Kizie (Sanjana) depicting her grandmother’s story which she used to tell her when she was young. The story always had a sad ending where the Prince and Princess both died. Kizie hates these kinds of stories and believes they should have a better ENDING. Also, the Dil Bechara trailer reveals that she is suffering from cancer.

As college students, Kizie and Manny (Sushant Singh Rajput) meet each other. Manny gets interested in Kizie in the first sight itself. Being a stereotypical Indian girl Kizie remains pretty stern and flat-faced to Manny’sjokes and flirt lines. But Manny doesn’t seem to leave hope and goes on his saga of chasing Kizie. Slowly Kizie also starts to take a liking for Manny and they fall in a good friendship.

dil bechara Sanjana sanghi the fault in our stars

The trailer introduces Sushant Singh Rajput as Immanuel Rajkumar junior and he is accompanied by a friend of his. Also, Manny might be from South-India since there are Tamil words which he is fond of “Seri”.

Kizie being a person who has already lost hope in life finds meaning and peace in Manny and forgets all her grief. They slowly fall in love with each other. As life was beautiful one-day news comes that Kizies cancer has got severe. The doctor might have said her days are numbered. The beautiful world of kizie is shattered and she remembers her fate. She wants to live the final days of her life with Manny in a beautiful place.

The couple has a beautiful romance clipping in the trailer in Paris with AR Rahman’s music-making it totally out of the world.

After the event, Kizie starts avoiding manny so that he doesn’t suffer because of her. But Manny hates the fact she is avoiding him.. And says the words which are going to be etched in Bollywood history “we don’t get to decide when we are born or die… But we have the right to decide how we all live”. With this certain, more happy and romantic clippings are fats woven with beautiful music.

The Dil Bechara trailer has already received a 4.5 million likes and 2.2 crore views.

Dil Bechara is set to release on 24 July 2020

If Sushant you had believed in that beautiful dialogue of yours in Chhichhore. We would have seen you alive. Its never going to be the same while watching the movie without you 🙁

Hum haar jeet, success failure mein itna ulajh gaye hai … ki zindagi jeena bhool gaye hai … zindagi mein agar kuch sabse zyada important hai … toh woh hai khud zindagi

English: We’re so lost in thinking about winning, losing, success, failure … that we’ve forgotten about living life … the most important thing in life is … life itself

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