Where are Diane Downs Kids

In 1983, the horror stuck as a mother in Oregon took it upon herself to end the lives of her children. Diane Downs became one of the city’s most notorious murderers when she was convicted of shooting her three children, killing one of them on the roadside in Springfield, Oregon. And, given how the emotionally flat blonde responded to the entire experience of the shooting, trial, and conviction, the case was covered.

However, it is interesting to see how different her children are, including the fourth, which she imagined after surviving her survivors – to respond to her feats. If you are here because you are eager to know where the living children are now, then you have come to the right place.

Who are Christy and Danny?

Christie Ann, born in 1974, Downs is the eldest of children, and Stephen Daniels, better known as Danny in 1979, is the youngest. They had other siblings, born in 1976 in the middle of Cheryl Lynn, but she did not survive the shooting. Steve Downs, his father, actually left Diane in 1980 because he thought Danny was the result of an extramarital affair that he had. From Arizona to Oregon, U.S. The family left shortly before the incident for Diane’s job in the postal service.

On May 19, 1983, Diane shot the children – Cheryl, 7, Christie, 8, and Danny, 3 – several times at the close range. And, by the time he took them to the hospital, Cheryl was dead. A year later, when Diane was arrested and put on trial, Christie, just 9 years old, having recovered her ability to speak, testified against her in court. When asked who shot him, he replied, “My mother.”

After all, was said and done, and Diane was convicted, Christie and Danny both went to live with Fred Hughey, the lead prosecutor in the case. He and his wife, Joan, legally adopted children in 1986.

Where are Christy and Danny now?

From his wounds, Christie suffered a stroke that left him with a speech impairment, and Danny was paralyzed from the waist down. Renowned crime writer Ann Rule provided an update on her so far flawed website by writing: “Christie and Danny — who somehow survived their gunfire — have no contact with Diane. He has graduated from both colleges. Christy is married and had a child in 2005. Danny, a computer wizard, is paralyzed partially but is living a happy and normal life. They grew up in a very happy house with Haggis. “

Both individuals opted to live a life away from the headlines — they did not want to be blindfolded to remind themselves of the horrors of their past and to overcome it more than ever. Therefore, they grew up privately and continued to live their adult lives privately. Christie, now in her mid-40s, still lives in Springfield, Oregon, and has a large, loving family. Not just a son, but some other children as well as a daughter, whom she named after her dead sister, Cheryl. Of course, being married, she has also changed her last name.

Where is Steve downs ?

Diane Downs’ coverage of ’20/20′ and the actions she is sentenced to life in prison are a good depiction of what actually happened. But, we cannot help but inform some of the key persons in his “family”, so as not to give those practical interviews, to talk. And, one of them was her ex-husband, the father of the children Diane shot. What’s even more intriguing is that even after Diane became the main suspect and lost custody of her surviving children, or when she was convicted, the children did not live with Steve; He was adopted by the chief prosecutor in Diane’s case.

Who is Steve Downs?

Back in Phoenix, Arizona, at Moon Valley High School, Steve Downs first met Elizabeth Diane. She was one of the few people who saw Diane not as an outsider, but as a beautiful woman, eager to claim her independence. And so, very quickly, they formed a relationship. After graduating high school, Steve left to join the Navy, and Diane was sent to the Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College with a strict religious background. Because she was failing quite badly in remaining pure and sanctified, she was expelled after only one year, and thus, she returned to her parents’ home in Arizona.

diane downs 1983 oregon robert knickerbocker christie

Diane’s parents had high hopes for her future, a future that Steve was not involved in, so they disapproved of their relationship. Nevertheless, when Diane came back to Arizona, the pair reunited, and soon, on November 13, 1973, to be exact, the pair tied the knot. 18-year-old Diane ran away from home to do so. But, their marriage was far from what both of them had expected. It is said that he had a matchless love and Steve was a player who was also quite irresponsible and immature from time to time.

So, to make their marriage work, they started a family, believing that it would fix everything. Their first child, Christy Ann, was born in 1974. Cheryl Lynn was reared in 1976 and Stephen Daniel was born in 1979. However, the two divorced in 1980. Steve was the one who left Diane because she believed that Stephen Daniel, better known as Danny, was the result of an extramarital affair that was Diane’s.

Where is Steve now?

After each of the children were shot multiple times on that fatal day in 1983, Steve fully cooperated with the police. When Diane herself failed to mention it, she also told him that she had purchased a .22 caliber shotgun in Arizona just before she moved to Arizona. Diane’s ex-boyfriend, Robert Knickerbocker, said the same. Since he was in possession of a similar gun, he was also a suspect, but, when the ballistic match did not occur, Diane Downs quickly became the prime suspect.

Within a few weeks, a judge placed the surviving children, Christie and Danny, in protective custody. It is said that they did not go to Steve because he was not a fit father or was well equipped to take care of children who had gone through such a traumatic experience. As far as he is now, we will be honest, we are not completely sure. He has lived a life outside the public eye and never came out to interview the media about his ex-wife. It is possible that he still lives in Arizona, but exactly where or what he does, we do not know.

Where is Robert knickerbocker ?

The Diane Downs case, a case where a woman was convicted of shooting her three children, one of them was killed on the side of a road in Springfield, Oregon, in this episode titled ‘My Mother’s Sin’ Became the subject of ’20/20′. ‘Stephen Daniel (known as Danny), 3, Cheryl Lynn, 7 and Christy Anne, 8, were all shot multiple times in the May 19, 1983 attack. And, while Cheryl died, the other two children survived horrific wounds – Danny was paralyzed from the waist down and Christie suffered a stroke that caused him a speech loss.

Prosecutors in the case said Diane had committed such a heinous act in hopes of getting back together with one of her previous lovers, Robert Knickerbocker, who had known that she did not want children in her life. Diane thought she had three children of her own, which is why they were not together, and thus, decided to take matters into her own hands.

Who is Robert Knickerbocker?

Robert Knickerbocker first came into the eyes of investigators when Diane called him, seeing him extremely calm after he arrived at the hospital to visit his children. Robert was a married man in Arizona with Diane having an affair while she was still living there. After Diane divorced her husband in 1980, she had a job at the US Postal Service office, and it was here that she first met. Although he was married, his homemaker life was on rocky grounds, and therefore, he formed an intimate relationship with her.

Diane had a reputation and Robert assumed that she would be an instant woman. By the time the incident happened, it seemed as if the two had participated, but, Diane became mad with him. Robert told the police the whole truth about the affair and also mentioned that he had scolded him earlier, revealing that he seemed quite willing to kill his wife if it meant that he would give it to him. Can give everything for He further stated that he was relieved when he moved to Oregon because he could then reconcile successfully with his wife.

Investigators find out that Diane wrote to Robert almost every day, but almost all of them left and returned. But, Diane also claimed that Robert had told her that he was planning to leave his wife and move to Oregon. As time passed, Diane became the main suspect, especially after Robert and her ex-husband, Steve Downs, both told officers that he owned a .22 caliber handgun, the same way as shooting children. Was used for. Diane’s motive was simple, she wanted to get her children out of the way so that she could be with Robert.

Where is Robert Knickerbocker now?

Robert Naickerbocker was never a suspect or a person of interest in the case. He was questioned, yes, but the police never had reason to doubt him. After the shooting, Robert also came to clean up the affair with his wife, and then, went on to help the police in their investigation. When he said that he and his wife had reconciled, he was not lying, because, during the investigation and trial – in which Robert testified against Diane – his wife stood by him.

As far as we know, Robert Knickerbocker, now in his 60s, is retired and living a good, simple life, in his hometown, Arizona, away from the prying eyes of the public.

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