A designer has earned more than $ 100,000 (£ 77,000) in a week since he posted a tweet showing a collection of his iPhone app icons.

The creator, known online as Traf, claims to have produced “the right content, at the right time” and was inspired by YouTube star Mark Brownlee, who did the technical review.

With the color-integrated icons and widgets, Traf observed the tendency for people to share screen shots of newly customized iPhone home screens.

While this is not uncommon for users of Android smartphones, Apple has never officially allowed its users to customize their iPhones this way.

But since the introduction of iOS 14 in September, users have found a job that allows them to completely redesign their home screens, changing the app icons to their liking.

This prompted Traf to share a screenshot of its own smallest monochrome design on Twitter.

It was an instant hit, with users describing it as “clean”, “slick” and “dream aesthetic”. For many, it is the first taste of smartphone customization. “Right now, people are starting to hear about the icons in the screenshot, so I quickly compiled them,” he said on his blog.

Since he had “no idea what the price should be for an iOS icon set”, he decided to charge $ 28 (£ 22) per set.

Many responded that the icons were too expensive, but a lot of people were not deterred.

“When I woke up the next day after posting my icons for sale I knew they were going to do well because I did some great things in my sleep,” he Stated.

Sales soared after YouTube star Marx Brownlee unveiled the icons, which have more than 12 million subscribers on his Technology Review channel.

Traf has now sold its logos to more than 5,000 customers and earned more than $ 140,000.

The designer, now based in San Francisco, called it an “unimaginable decision”. But he said those who want to follow his success should not try to use online trends.

“If I had done this only to make money, I hope it would not have worked at all,” he explained.

“Continue to work on the things you enjoy, share them with the world, and let the rest do the internet.”

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