Class of 83

The Movie Class of 83 has been released on the Netflix platform on 23rd August 2020. Starring Bobby Deol as  Vijay Singh directed by Atul Sabharwal the movie is a much-anticipated release. Coming straight to the movie the story revolves around a particular batch of police cadets( 1983) who serve in an undercover operation.

The movie begins with genuine close perspective shots showing the tough life at a police training facility. The storyline is quick and narrative from the perspective of Aslam( one of the cadets). It goes on with flashback involving the dean(Vijay Singh) and how he had been appointed here. In a dream of creating an indigenous police team that kills big shot criminals without proper warrant and instructions, he creates a team of the five cadets.

The five cadets pass out of their training center and join the police force. The storyline moves forward with further undercover investigations and killings.


Class of 83 movie has a great potential to be the best crime movie of the year. Unfortunately, it couldn’t make the cut as expected. There are some really valid points which highlight this fact. The proper background and storyline of the villains were not revealed and were only shown whenever the cops had a tough situation. Initially, the depths of the characters were well defined but as the movie progressed the hold got diluted and perspective shifted to abruptly on the criminals.

The second half of the movie was more like an episode from a series ( Couldn’t make much out of the characters and hence there was no connection).

If the producers have an idea of making a series based on this movie as a base it would be a good idea.


The character of Bobby Deol was well defined and well-executed until the end of the movie. Fast screenplay and smooth dialogue deliveries. Great BGM and editing work.

Overall the movie is one time watchable .

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