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India china standoff

As the ongoing aggression with the Chinese in Eastern Ladakh, The CDS General Bipin Rawat said that Military option on the table if talks fail.

Peace Agreements

In the past decades, India and China have signed 5 Bilateral Border Agreements in order to maintain peace and tranquillity along the Indo-China Border. The 5 Peace agreements were signed in the year 1993, 1996, 2005, 2012, and 2013.

After all these peaceful agreements, still there are events of Chinese Aggression on the Indo-China Border. The Military and Diplomatic level talks are being held to resolve these matters and maintain the status quo on the Indo-China Border.

military military times indian military china border tension

The Doklam Standoff

In June 2017, the Chinese extended their road construction to the Doklam Region in the tri-Junction of India, China, and Bhutan and tried the military standoff in the region. After the heavy deployment of the Indian Army in the Doklam region, the Chinese withdrew their troops and the matter was solved.

military military times indian military china border tension

The Eastern Ladakh situation

In early 2020, the Chinese PLA (People Liberation Army) entered the Indian Territory in the region of Gogra, Galwan, Depsang, and Pangong Tso Lake in the Eastern Ladakh. The Indian Army tried to stop this aggression and gave a tough answer to the Chinese PLA. The Galwan clash on June 15, Indian Army’s 16 Bihar gave a courageous answer to the Chinese PLA and outraged the Chinese Troops.

The Bilateral talks

Later the Galwan Clash, Bilateral talks were held between the two countries. Military and Diplomatic talks were done to resolve the situation. The Corps commander level meetings are being held regarding the Disengagement of the Chinese PLA in the Eastern Ladakh. The disengagement from Chinese was swift in the beginning but in later times the movement of PLA troops became slow. Even after the next corps commander level meetings, the matter is remaining unsolved.

The CDS statement

The meeting was held on the 22 August 2020 regarding Chinese Aggression. The Defence minister Rajnath Singh, NSA Ajit Doval, CDS General Bipin Rawat, and the three services chiefs discussed along with this matter. After the meeting, the CDS stated: “Military option on the table if talks fail”.

military military times indian military china border tension

Let’s have a look on India’s Military level Operational Preparedness

Indian Air Force made the Leh Airforce station very active. The Sukhoi 30 MKI, MiG 29 UPG, and Apache Attack Helicopters are being deployed along with the Eastern Ladakh. The Chinook Heavy Lift helicopters are intensely involved in Logistics operations in the region. The Daulat Beg oldie Airstrip is also being upgraded. The Additional troops of the Indian Army are deployed along the LAC. Even the troops are backed with the winter clothing to be deployed in the winter seasons. Surface to Air missiles Batteries are deployed along the Chinese border and the Army is also equipped with the Igla-s Short Air defense Missiles.

In recent times, the HAL LCH ( Light Combat Helicopter ) and ALH ( Advanced Light Helicopters) are also deployed in the operations at high Altitudes in the Leh region to examine the high potential of Helicopters. The Dassault Rafales are expected to add more power to the forces in the region.

If the table talks fail even after the Corps commander level meetings and diplomatic talks. India is ready with the Military option and is capable to do any operations against the Chinese.

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